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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Work underway for Blockhouse - Life coming to the South Perry area

New apartment construction is happening in every corner of Spokane, a product of a historically low vacancy rate. I usually skip a lot of these projects for posts on here because they are common place and don't really stand out. But one project, just getting underway is quite interesting and leading the way to bring a more environmentally conscious approach to urban dwellings.

Ground was broken last month for Blockhouse Life a new " smart " housing project in the South Perry neighborhood. The complex of 14 rental units will be located on the presently vacant lot at 1410 E. 10th, steps away from South Perry's restaurants and shops, and of course public transit.

The buildings will be built using cross-laminated timber or CLT, a new construction material that is made by gluing several layers of wood together in a lightweight but still strong manner. Each unit will also be equipped with a voice activated " smart wall " , with plumbing, mechanical systems, data/wifi and the majority of electrical systems all built into the wall at the factory before delivery. Solar panels will also be added to the site to produce energy for Blockhouse's tenants.

As construction is just getting started rental rates have not been released just yet, but we'll try to follow up on the Blockhouse project in the future. They also are already planning to replicate the same type of housing elsewhere in Spokane with a recent pre-development filing for a second Blockhouse development. That project will be build 16 units at 1757 N West Point Rd. at the top of Doomsday Hill on Spokane's northwest side. That project is still in planning phase but construction at the site might begin as early as the Summer of 2020.

For more info on Blockhouse Life, visit their website at-