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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

New housing projects in the works for Spokane's University District

 Housing seems to be a hot topic right now, with prices soaring and bidding wars being prevalent. Even local renters are seeing significant increases as developers build and build to keep with demand. I don't have the answer to this "crisis", but I am glad to see some new infill / urban housing projects popping up as I do my blog topic sleuthing. 

One such area that many more people might call home in the coming years is the Spokane University District, to the East and Northeast of Downtown Spokane. This is because several new apartment projects are in the works for this area, meaning hundreds of new places to live. 

Here's the projects we're watching for this area-

The District 

Located along E. Martin Luther King Dr. and alongside the Hamilton St. Bridge (on either side of the bridge actually) is a new development called The District. This project was originally purposed back in 2020 by developer and current landowner Sagamore Spokane,LLC , which is division of Phoenix based Sagamore Capital. 

While it did take a minute for this project to begin, just in the last couple of months we are now seeing some active site work. With dirt moved around and some equipment/signage on the site from Spokane based Garco Construction. 

Once completed The District will be home 296 apartments in four multi-level buildings. The complex is even included on a couple of apartment rental websites, but no rental rate has been shown as of yet. We're keeping an eye on this project and hope to do another post, just about The District alone after they move more along in their construction process.

Iron Bridge Residences 

Spectrum Development Solutions of Seattle is in the planning phases of a new housing project called Iron Bridge Residences. Plans call for a large four story building with 170 apartments to be built at 811 N. Iron Bridge Way. The project would take up vacant land on the north side of the established Iron Bridge Office Campus development. 

Although things can always change / be modified, paperwork filed with the City of Spokane shows they intend to begin this $25 million dollar construction project as soon as April of 2023. Although signs do point to this project coming to fruition, maybe wait a bit before you start packing if you intend to make Iron Bridge Residences your new home.

We will also likely do a separate post about this project as it progresses.

Boxcar Apartments

Previously mentioned on this site is the Boxcar Apartment complex. The new mid-rise apartment building is now open and leasing, with plans still in the works to add a cafe on the ground floor.

This new building is home to 136 new apartments and is located at 15 N. Grant, just off of E. Sprague Ave.

For more information, visit-

Sherman Flats

Developer Rad Space,LLC is taking the historic building at 131 S. Sherman Ave. and turning it into one "rad space". They plan on re-purposing it's space from commercial uses into 9 apartment units. The 6400 SF building will house 8 one-bedroom units and 1 two-bedroom unit, under the name Sherman Flats. 

For more information, visit-

430 E. Sprague " Peabody on Sherman,LLC"

According to the Spokane University District website, a local development firm recently closed on 430 E. Sprague, at the corner of Sprague and Sherman. The building on the site was last used by automotive shop Downtown Automotive Specialists and Ray's Computers.

Per that brief mention they plan to develop the site into a new construction, mixed use building. Using public tax records, we we're able to figure out the parent behind the new owner ( present property owner is Peabody on Sherman,LLC , which is an cleaver name if you're a fan of older cartoons ). However, that company didn't return my request.

We assume they are very early in the progress of this development and like always we respect our local businesses and hope to find out more on this project in due time. Although it seems like a great location for such a project, so finger crossed.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Native American comfort food restaurant, Indigenous Eats to open in Spokane

 Using her mother's tried and true fry bread recipe, Jenny and Andrew Slagle will realize their dream of serving contemporary Native American comfort food, opening the restaurant Indigenous Eats. The new restaurant is planned to open at Boone & Hamilton in August.

The menu will center on "Indian fry bread", a flat dough bread, fried in oil. Jenny Slagle, a member of the Yakama Nation, and descendant of the Northern Arapaho tribe was raised on the Yakama reservation before moving to Spokane at 21. " I have fond memories of my mom making fry bread for regular meals and family gatherings. Growing up surrounded by five aunts, there was always sisterly completion of who made the 'best' fry bread. Regardless of who made it, those who got to eat it we're the winners " said Slagle in a statement.

Fry bread isn't the only thing that will be on the menu when Indigenous Eats opens in August 2022. The menu will feature Indian tacos, and other dishes using fry bread, including deserts served with huckleberry sauce. Whenever possible, ingredients will be locally sourced and/or from Native American owned businesses and will be prepared with the promise of bring "fresh, fast and filling" .

For more info on Indigenous Eats, check their website at , follow them on Facebook at , or Instagram at . Realty services for the new business we're provided by Jesse Fox of SVN Cornerstone; financing by Craft3; and grant funding by Empire Health Community Advocacy Fund.

Rose & Blossom to open in former Clover Restaurant space in Spokane

Rose & Blossom has purchased the former site of Clover, a popular but now defunct restaurant that had been at 913 E. Sharp in Spokane. The full-service florist will open at the location in July after relocating from their current location at 2010 N. Ruby.

Image via the Rose & Blossom Facebook page

Jesse Fox and Guy D. Byrd of SVN Cornerstone represented the seller in the transaction and, Kelly Stravens of Century 21 Commerical represented the buyer. Rose & Blossom began their history in the early 90's operating as Just Roses, then changing to the current name in 2014. The business also operates a location on N. Pines in Spokane Valley, that they plan to keep open.

With the new location the owners plan to expand their gift options featuring local artists and begin teaching hands on floral arrangement classes. For more information, including to place an order for pick up or delivery, visit

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Western Washington based developer still planning 259-unit mid-rise apartment building on the Lower South Hill

 Back in November of 2021, Koz Development of Snohomish, WA put in a pre-development conference with the City of Spokane to construct a multi-story apartment building at 307 W. 4th, or nearby the intersection of 4th and Bernard. The site is presently a vacant lot, located on the lower south hill but with a pretty good view into Downtown Spokane.

Projects in pre-development can easily get shelved or even never built as this is an early step in the process. But given the need for housing in Spokane, and Koz Development's positive track record of similar urban living developments built elsewhere in the Northwest we decided to reach out to see what was happening. 

Koz Development confirms they are still planning the build the project, which will be their first in the Spokane area. The rep which we spoke to via email tells us they are actually hard at work on the project, and they do intend to break ground around the 4th quarter of this year or maybe early in 2023. 

A preliminary rendering of the planned " Koz on West 4th" development in Spokane. Changes are possible.

Exact looks and dimensions are not final as of yet, but the project, which is labeled as "Koz on West 4th" will include about 259 new apartments, mentioned as workforce housing and 196 onsite parking spaces. Originally the site was to also include an underground vehicle elevator type system due to the small lot footprint. It's not clear if this is also still a part of project or not. 

The future build site as taken by us, from a few different angles.

We will continue to keep an eye on this project as we honestly hope it gets built. For more info on Koz Development and their projects in Western Washington and the Portland area visit

Monday, May 23, 2022

Millworx, a new mixed-use development under construction in Post Falls (New bookstore and new hotel to be among the tenants!)

 Located along 4th St. south of I-90 and near the junction of Seltice Way in Post Falls is a very active construction site. That's where crews are working hard on a new development that's a bit unique to the City of Post Falls, called Millworx.

The project was given the Millworx name largely because the project is re-developing land that was the formerly the home of the Idaho Veneer mill. While the project brings on a new chapter of life for the site, it still holds on to some of the site's history. A former warehouse will be kept and re-purposed into a restaurant and the former Idaho Veneer offices, have already been leased out to new office tenants including Truss Hot Yoga and Dragonfly Support Services, a mental health clinic.

Additionally, under construction now at the 50+ acre Millworx site is a 61-unit single family townhome style neighborhood. And a 60-unit mixed use apartment building ( seen in the photos above ) with 4,421 SF of commercial space on the ground floor in three bays that are presently available for lease. 

To the west of the new construction mixed-use building, is the aforementioned warehouse that is being kept from the former mill. The current plan is shown to give the structure significant renovations and a small addition to be added. It would then be leased out by a yet to be determent restaurant or brewery tenant. 

The current construction work at Millworx is presently to the south of 4th St. But some of the project site's most exciting elements will be to the north of 4th St, in-between 4th and I-90. Some of this land remains for sale, but two new businesses are already committed to sites there.

One being a large new construction " duel-branded " hotel. There hasn't been official comment on the hotel to date, so we don't know the exact brands involved. Nor do we have much information about it at all just yet. However we're told it's about +/- two years out from opening. Which means construction would be likely this year, so we will keep an eye on it and as always we do appreciate news tips.

Another business to be built on the site will be Kindred & Co. Bookstore & Bistro. They are also still developing their future building but plan to open there around the Summer / fall of 2023. The store will be two stories with a rooftop space, open for the public to enjoy. The bistro section, they say won't be a full service restaurant but will likely have a menu of small bites, charcuterie boards, coffee, teas and eventually beer and wine. The menu is also still being developed.

We hope to have more information in the coming months on both of these two projects as well and intend to do separate posts about them as we are able.

For additional information about the new Millworx project as a whole, check out the development's website at

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Apartments and hotel rooms coming in the next phase of renovations at Downtown Spokane's Symons Block

 In 2021 Downtown Spokane's Symons Block building was acquired by new owners. The building, which is located along S. Howard in-between Sprague and First Ave, was never fully empty but did struggle with vacancies. 

But big things we're put forth to bring new life back to the historic structure after the $2.6 Millon sale to new owners Symons Block,LLC, which is governed by local business owner Alyssa Agee and others. Soon after the sale the new owners relocated their popular People's Waffle food truck into a brick-and-mortar space previously occupied as part of defunct Observatory Bar. They also shortly after took the remaining bar space and opened Emma Rue's, which on their website is described as a luxe cafe offering cocktails, artisanal coffee & French inspired deserts and savory bites. Both businesses continue to operate with a quite strong following.

The remaining empty commercial spaces we're also renovated and today a wide verity of businesses call the Symons Block building home. From Empower Aesthetics, who took advantage of the buildings new lease on life by moving here from the South Hill to The Adam Cara Healing Center, who opened a new meditation and mindfulness studio on the buildings second floor. And several more, a full list can be found on the Symons Block website which is listed at the bottom of this article.

Now the owners will soon move onto the next chapter in the transformation of the Symons Block, which is perhaps going to be the most exciting. Plans call for a full renovation of the third and fourth floors, with new apartments, mostly on the fourth floor with what we're told will be about 12-15 one- and two-bedroom units.

On the third floor a new "micro-hotel" will open for business with 10 units, hip modern looks, shared baths and a lounge and reception area. 

They hope to open the hotel in the early months of 2023, with apartments ready to begin leasing sometime around the Summer of 2023. For more info on the Symons Block, or to add your name to the apartment wait list, visit

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The Mango Tree restaurant to open in North Spokane

 SA Group Restaurants is planning to bring its popular The Mango Tree brand of Indian restaurants to a new location in North Spokane, very soon. Plans call for closing down the existing The Pizza Co restaurant at 9225 N Nevada in early June and making a quick conversion into a new The Mango Tree restaurant location.

The new North Spokane Mango Tree is planned to re-open also in early June with a more set opening date to be announced. This will be the third location of The Mango Tree as one is already located on W. Main in Downtown Spokane, and another can be found near the intersection of Kathleen and Ramsey Rd in Coeur d' Alene. Both of which will remain open for business as is.

The menu of The Mango Tree restaurants features "curries, biryani & grilled specials" in addition to a full bar menu. For a full look at the menu and information on the business, check out

Monday, May 16, 2022

New businesses coming to new spaces at Kendall Yards

 Recently two more mixed use buildings we're completed in the Kendall Yards neighborhood. The upper floors are now a new urban living apartment community called Jefferson Alley with studio, 1 bed and 2 bed floor plans and awesome views of Downtown Spokane. For info on leasing apartments there visit

The ground floor bays of the buildings we're set aside for commercial uses and those spaces are now fully leased out. One space is now occupied as the new home of Prairie Dog Pet Mercantile who is already open, having relocated from another Kendall Yards storefront to the new larger store space. Spark, a non-profit will take over the former pet store's space.

But more is on the horizon and a recent review of building permits, along with a healthy dose of research has uncovered what else will be opening soon in Kendall Yards....


A new restaurant called Sorella is planning to take about 2000 SF of space at 1122 W. Summit Pkwy. We contacted an individual with the new eatery for more info, but it's too early for them to comment. 

The Great PNW

Locally based The Great PNW is a Northwest themed apparel company that is planning a retail store in about 975 SF of space at 1098 W. Summit Pkwy. The photo above is not marked with any address but is about the only place this space could be constructed.

Tamale Box

Tamale Box is a local business that has become known for online and farmer market sales of tamales and salsas. They will evidently now be opening a new brick and mortar establishment as they have applied for a permit to convert 548 SF of space at 1102 W. Summit Pkwy #101 into a new restaurant. In the photo above the suites of this building haven't been divided yet but logistically speaking this should be suite 101.

New Love Coffee

Local coffee roaster New Love Coffee recently launched their first coffee shop in Liberty Lake's NoLL development. But they also have their sights set on Kendall Yards as a second location of the business as another New Love Coffee is planned for 1102 W. Summit Pkwy #102 .

What's next at Kendall Yards?

Construction will likely start as early as this Summer for a new office complex for Premera Blue Cross, who is planning to move from a site east of Downtown to a large new construction building on the south side of Summit Pkwy near the entrance to Kendall Yards. We are constantly keeping an eye out for more news on this project.

Also, developers have proposed a new apartment building at the corner of Broadway & Walnut in the West Central neighborhood. just a couple blocks outside of Kendall Yards proper. If built as it is currently presented the 4-story apartment building will offer 37 apartments, parking below the units and a possible name of Harrington Apartments. This project is only in the " pre-development conference " phase meaning it's not officially underway as of yet and could be shelved.

And, as always, stay tuned to this site as we intend to keep an eye on all new construction projects, not just in Kendall Yards but all of Spokane and Kootenai Counties.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Indoor golf simulator chain, X Golf, planning location near Spokane Valley Mall

 X Golf, is a California based chain of indoor golf simulator establishments that describes themselves as " The Home of Indoor Golf " with what they say is" the most innovative and accurate golf simulator experience in the world ". The company has been growing rapidly and now has over 60 locations around the US and Canada and soon they will be opening a new location in Spokane Valley.

X Golf Spokane Valley will be open around Sept. of this year at 15110 E. Indiana , in the former Carpet One store space, just east of the Spokane Valley Mall. Once open, guests can book tee times on one of seven simulators and play on courses from all over the world. Customers will also be able to take advantage of golf lessons, weekly leagues and golf tournaments.

Like other X Golf locations, the Spokane Valley location will have a full bar and food menu. For more information on X Golf visit the company website at, additionally another X Golf location is presently in development in Kennewick.