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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

New Grocery Outlet and 7-Eleven planned for new commercial development at 41 & Poleline in Post Falls

 Even more development is coming to the rapidly growing Hwy 41 corridor on the east side of Post Falls. Hayden based developer Corhaven Properties is leading a new development project on the northeast side of the intersection at Hwy. 41 and Poleline Rd. that is to be called North Point Plaza.

Rendering of the planned new 7-Eleven store at North Point Plaza in Post Falls

Construction is planned to begin on the site in the Spring of 2024 for the project which is confirmed to contain a new 7-Eleven and Grocery Outlet store, along with several pad sites for even more new businesses that will come in the future. 7-Eleven is planning a new approximately 5,000 SF store directly at the corner of 41 & Poleline that will include a fuel station and Grocery Outlet is planning a new approximately 16,000 SF store on the northeastern side of the parcel acting as the anchor tenant. The project and stores are set to likely open during the 4th quarter of 2024.

Site plan of the North Point Plaza development

Kiemle Hagood is actively marketing the remainder of the North Point Plaza project which according to a site plan has 7 pad sites, which could one day house a number of businesses of many types. We plan to keep an eye on this project as the area is very much in demand so there will likely be more new business announcements here in the near future. The pad sites are available as for lease or build to suit, more information about the project is available thru the Marketing Flyer or by contacting Kiemle Hagood via Chad Carper 509-991-2222 or email .

For more information on the developer Corhaven Properties visit their website at

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Spokane Housing Authority planning on demoing and rebuilding Lower South Hill senior housing complex

 Building permits have yet to be applied for, but a new construction project just southeast of Downtown Spokane for the Spokane Housing Authority is already in the SEPA application process and is coming soon. Their current plan is to demolish the Hifumi-en Apartment complex at 926 E 8th Ave and re-build the complex with a larger and updated apartment community.

They tell me construction is planned to be done in phases so as to minimize disruption to the existing tenants. Hifumi is a apartment project for those 62 and over and those with disabilities, the current complex offers 41 one-bedroom apartments. Plans call for three new buildings to be built on the site with construction to start sometime in the second quarter of 2024.

One apartment building will be built first allowing existing tenants to move to that building then demolishing the older building and replace that with a second new apartment building and a community center building. They plan to have full project complete by the end of 2025. The new Hifumi-en Apartments complex will offer 88 apartments in two three story buildings with a community center for events and shared amenities in the middle of the site. This would more than double the number of apartments on the site from where it is today. 

Although it is still early in the process for this new construction project a rep with Spokane Housing Authority did however confirm that Walker Construction will be the general contractor with Architecture All Forms doing the architectural design work. Renderings of the completed project are not yet available, but a site plan is included in the SEPA application which can be viewed on the Washington Department of Ecology's website at 

For more information on the apartments offered by Spokane Housing Authority, visit their website at

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Recent Real Estate Transactions - December 2023 edition

  Time for another look at some recent real estate transactions in the Spokane area. Thank you to all the commercial real estate brokers/offices who have included us in their transaction releases to make these posts possible. If you are involved in commercial real estate, please send them to us at 

This list is not meant to be a list of all transactions, just highlights of notable sales the we're aware of. They are posted as they we're sent to us.

Spokane/Eastern Washington-

Stephen Barbieri and Katie Boer handled the lease of 1,100 Square feet of office space to Yates-Dulley Counseling & Evaluation. The space is located at 601 W. Maxwell Suite 3 in Spokane.

Byrd Real Estate Group,LLC reports the lease of 2,500 square feet of office space at 12 E. Rowan Suite 200 to New Journeys Support Services,LLC.

Richard Fox with Kiemle Hagood represented the landlord in the lease of 30,165 +/- square feet of office space to United Rentals Realty,LLC at 1520 W. 3rd Ave. Unit 300 in Spokane.

Tim Kestell and Carl Guenzel with Kiemle Hagood represented both the landlord and tenant in the lease of 7,700+/- square feet of industrial space at 3605 & 3623 E. Rowan in Spokane to Crystal Clean.

Colin Conway with Kiemle Hagood represented the landlord and Eric Zuehlsdorff with Real Retail represented the tenant in the lease of 1,400 +/- square feet of retail space at 9211 E. Montgomery Ave Suite 103 in Spokane Valley to AT&T.

Jay Carson with Kiemle Hagood represented the tenant and Drew Ulrick with NAI Black represented the landlord in the lease of 1,600 +/- square feet of retail space at 121 S. Sullivan Rd Suite 121 in Spokane Valley to The Bogey Room,LLC.

Jay Carson with Kiemle Hagood represented both the tenant and landlord in the lease of 7,040 +/- square feet of retail space at 319 & 321 S. Cedar St. in Spokane to the Blue Door Theater.

Tim Kestell with Kiemle Hagood represented both the tenant and landlord in the lease of 2,512 +/- square feet of office space at 2512 E. Sprague Ave. in Spokane to Burbank Interiors. 

Tim Kestell with Kiemle Hagood represented the buyer, while Mark and Tracy Lucas also with Kiemle Hagood represented the seller in the sale of 14.9 acres at 22654,22600,22450,22555 and 22655 E. Knox Ave in Liberty Lake to Findlay Holdings,LLC.

Coeur d' Alene/North Idaho-

Mary Kienbaum with Kiemle Hagood represented the tenant, Sculped MD, in the lease of 1,000 +/- square feet at 610 W. Hubbard Suite 130 in Coeur d' Alene.

Pat Eberlin and Amber Lunceford with Kiemle Hagood represented the landlord in the lease of 1,500 +/- square feet of office space at 8827 N. Government Way Suite 106 in Hayden. The tenant is Spark Med Spa.

Mary Kienbaum represented the tenant, alongside Pat Eberlin who represented the landlord (both are with Kiemle Hagood) in the lease of 2,348 +/- square feet of retail space to Healing Leaf Apothicary,LLC at 415 N. 2nd St in Coeur d' Alene.

Mary Kienbaum with Kiemle Hagood represented the tenant in the lease of 1,328 +/- square feet of office space at 1110 W. Park Place Suite 202 in Coeur d' Alene to Psych Collective,PLLC.

Mary Kienbaum with Kiemle Hagood represented the landlord in the lease of 1.380 +/- square feet of office space at 841 N. Boulder Ct Suite B in Post Falls to Ponderay Acupuncture & Holistic Healing.

Mary Kienbaum with Kiemle Hagood represented the tenant in the lease of 4,000 +/- square feet of office space at 1590 E. Seltice Way Suite 2 in Post Falls to Sculpt Studios,LLC.

Monday, December 18, 2023

Kitty G's Fine Meats & Cheese coming to Post Falls

 Foodies will want to take note of a new business coming soon to Post Falls. The new locally owned and operated Kitty G's Fine Meats & Cheese is planning on setting up shop in "Downtown" Post Falls with their opening being planned for the sometime in early 2024.

Photo courtesy of Kitty G's Fine Meats & Cheese

Kitty G's will be located at 306 N Spokane St Suite E, just steps off of the Centennial Trail making it an ideal spot to stop off while walking/biking on the trail. The new shops main focus will be on sliced to order cured meats like prosciutto, bresaola, various salamis and more. They also tell me their cheese selection will be "showstopping", bringing in cheeses from all over the world and likely including some local cheese producers.

Many merchandise details are still a work in progress but among other possibilities are pastas by the pound, curated cheese flights, grab n' go options and already assembled personal snack trays, ideal for picnics. There will also be a large variety of hot sauces and wine-cork hot pads and charcuterie boards crafted locally by the owner's husband.

We will hopefully do an update on this new business opening when they open, but for now one can find more information via their website or find them on their social media via Facebook or Instagram

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Two new cotton candy shops open locally in time for National Cotton Candy Day

 In case you haven't heard, today (Dec. 7th) we celebrate National Cotton Candy Day. Many kids and adults alike love that fluffy spun candy that's origins are thought to have dated back to the 19th century.

Today it's a bit more mainstream, so much so that two new cotton candy brick & mortar shops have opened recently in the Spokane area and both are open today to get your cotton candy fix. They are...

Spokane Sugar Candy at Spokane Valley Mall

After previously doing pop ups at various events around the area Spokane Sugar Candy opened their new store on Black Friday. Their store is located at the center of Spokane Valley Mall in the space that was last a Sweet Frostings cupcake shop.

Spokane Sugar Candy sells traditional cotton candy on the cone, cotton candy by the tub, cotton candy art and more. They even make cotton candy cakes and have many flavors available. The store is open mall hours, and they are doing a 25% special today for National Cotton Candy Day.

For more information about Spokane Sugar Candy, visit their website at

Lush Cotton Candy at 601 W. Maxwell #4 in Spokane

Doing a "soft open" for today is the new Lush Cotton Candy shop on W. Maxwell. Normally open by appointment only the new shop will be open today for National Cotton Candy Day from 12-8 and they say everyone though the door today gets a free cone of cotton candy.

Lush Cotton Candy offers over 50 flavors of cotton candy and also has been in business doing local events for awhile now.  For more information on their business visit their website at

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Spokane hit with rash of restaurant closures, but it's not all doom & gloom

 Over the last few weeks, Spokane has lost a few more than normal restaurants. It's hard to say exactly why, some speculate its high food costs, local crime/homelessness issues, the cost of labor, etc. which I'm sure are all factors. In this post we'll look at what's gone and why it's not all bad news as some places look to be being replaced and some new places are still coming up soon.

Up first Zola (22 W. Main, Spokane) is not closing. Rumors have swirled around social media recently that Zola was gone and on short notice too. Although it's not clear of the reason why this started and what issues the business might have going on behind the scenes but they did post to their own social media page that they are not closing and have a number of live music events still planned for this week.

Suki Yaki Inn (119 N. Bernard, Spokane) will close after over 70 years in Spokane. The closure is due to the owner Emiko Collett's retirement.

Lost Boys Garage (6325 N. Wall, Spokane) a northside favorite, Lost Boys closed down near the end of November. It's sister restaurant The Summit Kitchen & Canteen remains open however on the South Hill at 1235 S. Grand Ave.

Red Lion Pub (126 N. Division, Spokane) closed just last weekend. However, a post of the restaurant's social media pages mentions "stay tuned for updates on the new spot coming" implying that a new restaurant might be in store for the Downtown space.

Lucky You Lounge (1801 W. Sunset Blvd, Spokane) closed down a little bit ago, but noteworthy is that a new place called The Chameleon is apparently planning to open in the space. We reached out for more information but have not heard back yet. Watch for separate post on this as we're able to gather info.

BRGR House (411 N. Nettleton, Spokane) although its time was on the shorter side the burger restaurant on the western edge of Kendall Yards had a few fans. It closed down at the end of November with no announced plans for what could replace it.

3 Ninjas (1198 E. Summit Pkwy, Spokane) also in Kendall Yards, 3 Ninjas shut down with their last day being Nov 22nd. Important to note is that the 3 Ninjas location on Indiana in Liberty Lake does remain open for business.

Uno Mas Taco Shop (11205 E. Dishman-Mica Rd, Spokane Valley) has closed down it's Spokane Valley location. The shop's location in the Wonder Building in Downtown Spokane does still remain open for business. It also does look like Uno Mas does plan to replace this location as a post on their Instagram says "we're excited about the new possibilities our new location will bring"

And, while this is quite the list there is some positive news:

After many delays with permitting / equipment backlogs it looks like Weinerschinzel (10220 N. Newport Hwy, Spokane) is nearing the finish line as sign permits for the new restaurant we're applied for this week. 

Also, we're hearing the new Hot Pot & Pho (11110 E. Sprague, Spokane Valley) is also planning to open in the near future. We'll have more on that soon in a separate post.

After significant delays Emrys Beer & Mead Works (21850 E. Wellington Pkwy, Liberty Lake) has been posting their progress lately to social media, even hinting that they might have launch announcements coming in January.

And, both the new Airway Heights/Spokane Chipotle Mexican Grill and the new Spokane Valley Dutch Bros. Coffee at the corner of Broadway & Sullivan are now open for business.

Keep an eye on our site for even more Spokane restaurant news, if you like what we do consider a tip of any amount via our secure Donorbox page - Click here

Friday, December 1, 2023

Washington Small Business Development Center opens new Spokane Valley office

 A little over a month ago, the Washington Small Business Development Center held a ribbon cutting for their brand-new lead center / state headquarters in Spokane Valley. The new center is located in office space on the Spokane Conservation District's Quarry Campus at 4420 E. 8th Ave in Spokane Valley.

Courtesy photos Washington SBDC- L to R Michael Cathcart Spokane, City Council; Mike Padden, Washington State Senator; Sheryl McGrath, Washington SBDC State Director; Vicki Carter, Spokane Conservation District CEO; Suzanne Schmidt, Washington State Representative; Joel Nania, SBA Spokane Branch manager.

According to their website The Washington Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is a network of more than 30 expert business advisors working in communities across the state to help entrepreneurs or small business owners start, grow or buy/sell a business. The Washington SBDC is an accredited member of America's SBDC, funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the US Small Business Administration, institutions of higher education, economic development organizations and other public and private funding partners.

In addition to their business advising services the SBDC also periodically hosts various workshops, some geared towards specific business groups. For more information on the services of the Washington SBDC visit their website at