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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Two new cotton candy shops open locally in time for National Cotton Candy Day

 In case you haven't heard, today (Dec. 7th) we celebrate National Cotton Candy Day. Many kids and adults alike love that fluffy spun candy that's origins are thought to have dated back to the 19th century.

Today it's a bit more mainstream, so much so that two new cotton candy brick & mortar shops have opened recently in the Spokane area and both are open today to get your cotton candy fix. They are...

Spokane Sugar Candy at Spokane Valley Mall

After previously doing pop ups at various events around the area Spokane Sugar Candy opened their new store on Black Friday. Their store is located at the center of Spokane Valley Mall in the space that was last a Sweet Frostings cupcake shop.

Spokane Sugar Candy sells traditional cotton candy on the cone, cotton candy by the tub, cotton candy art and more. They even make cotton candy cakes and have many flavors available. The store is open mall hours, and they are doing a 25% special today for National Cotton Candy Day.

For more information about Spokane Sugar Candy, visit their website at

Lush Cotton Candy at 601 W. Maxwell #4 in Spokane

Doing a "soft open" for today is the new Lush Cotton Candy shop on W. Maxwell. Normally open by appointment only the new shop will be open today for National Cotton Candy Day from 12-8 and they say everyone though the door today gets a free cone of cotton candy.

Lush Cotton Candy offers over 50 flavors of cotton candy and also has been in business doing local events for awhile now.  For more information on their business visit their website at