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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

H&M Spokane Valley Mall Follow Up

Earlier this year I reported on the opening of a new H&M Store coming to Spokane at the Spokane Valley Mall ( That story - ) . I am now pleased to announce that the very popular clothing retailer will open to the public on. October 25th at Noon .

Until then for more info on the new store check them out at...
Or the official H&M website at...

Coeur d' Alene New Business Update : Sept 26th 2012

In the Coeur d' Alene area...

The Veith Law Firm has moved from Downtown Coeur d Alene farther out Sherman Ave. to the 900 block of E. Sherman.

Home care business Home Helpers has moved their offices to the former Coeur d' Alene Doughnut House location on Kathleen  just a couple of doors west of Government Way.

Site Solutions Recycling is now open to the north of Coeur d' Alene at 54081 N Old Hwy 95.

I'm unsure as to when but Jennifer's CDA Cars and The Repo Shack have moved out of the 2 businesses joint location along Govenment Way across from Costco in Coeur d' Alene.

Coeur d' Alene Mini Storage along Fruitland Ave just north of Neider and The Texas Roadhouse is closing at the end of the month. The plan is to tear down the older storage buildings for a new strip mall.

The Powder River Saloon in Coeur d' Alene has recived a fresh coat of paint and a new name. The bar which is located on E. Sherman Ave several blocks east of Downtown is now called Gus's Cigar Club.

Spokane New Business Update: Sept 26th 2012

In the Spokane area...

The seasonal Go Calendars and Games have opened in Spokane's malls. The stores can be found by Kitchen Connection on the 2nd floor of Spokane Valley Mall and on the first floor across from DEB in Northtown Mall. Other Go stores are expected.

Edo Japan has closed their food court store at Northtown Mall.

However Edo' space won't be vacant long as signs are already up for a new restaurant called Miso Fresh Japanese .

The Ben Franklin store at 6 Cheney Spokane Rd. in Cheney is going out of business.

Mean Hamster Software which had been at 1 N Main St. in Deer Park has closed.

Coeur d' Alene's popular Fire Artisan Pizza is planning to open a new location in Downtown Spokane. The pizza restaurant will be located by the Davenport Hotel at 816 W. Sprague Ave.

Ramblin' Road Brewery is the latest in a string of recent new Spokane area Microbreweries to open. Ramblin' Road can be found at 730 N Columbus St. not far from Downtown Spokane.

Andrean Accounting has moved into new offices in Liberty Lake. The firm can now be found at 2310 N Molter Rd. in Suite 205

McEuen Park construction begins

McEuen Park in Downtown Coeur d' Alene is perhaps on of the most controversial projects in the entire Inland Northwest . But regardless of where you stand on the issue of the park's reconstruction the work has officially got underway with a ground breaking ceremony occurring earlier in the month.

The first part of the construction will be done by ACI Northwest INC. of Coeur d' Alene . That work has already started and will consist of the new parking lot that is on space 12 on the map in the picture below. ACI will also do excavation work to other area's of the park for future construction . Although some againist the project have claimed the estimated cost to be much higher the city's estimates come in about 14 million dollars.

The plan includes many more features which can be noted below or on the link also below. The city park's department hopes to have the park done and re-opened by the fall of 2013.

For a another view of the McEuen Park plan visit this site-

Also watch for continued construction updates here on Inland Northwest Business Watch and soon on our new Youtube channel-

New school year = New area schools

The 2012 - 2013 school year is now offically in session for all of the schools in the Spokane and Coeur d' Alene area. But some of those students are among the first to attend a few new and newly re-done schools. Those new schools include...

Kootenai Techincal Education Campus or KTEC

This new vocational school opened this year and is located in Rathdrum off of Lancaster Rd. More on KTEC can be found on this previous INBW post-

Westview Elementary School

Westview is a newly built elementary school that opened this year in the Spokane Public School District. Westview  is located at 6104 N Moore St. in Northwest Spokane and it replaces a older and smaller school that was nearby. The old school was built is 1955 so the new building is a welcome addition to the Spokane Public School District. The new school takes up about 55,000 square feet and is capable of accepting 550 students.

Riverpoint Academy

Riverpoint is a new school for the Mead School District, But there is one rather obvious thing to note of this new techincal school that is actually in Downtown Spokane , a few miles south of suburban Mead. The school is within the same building as Inovate Washington (formerly SIRTI ) a business assistance program and business incubator service's building at 665 N. Riverpoint Blvd. .

Cheney School District's 2 new schools.

Cheney Public Schools are a growing district so to help fill that need the former old middle school has been split into 2 brand new middle schools that opened to faculty and students for the first time this year. The new schools are Cheney Middle School located at 740 Beltz Rd in Cheney and Westwood Middle School also in Cheney at 6120 S. Abbott Rd.

Spokane Public Schools are also involved in several other new school projects which will open in the future,more on those later....

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Video's of McEuen Park construction

Today I decided to break in the Inland Northwest Business Watch's new Youtube channel ( with a video of one of the more controversial local new construction projects , McEuen Field Park in Downtown Coeur d' Alene

A post about the park's redevlopment is coming this week on Wed. but for now here is a peek at what is happening at McEuen....


Tell us what you think of McEuen Park,post to our Facebook page-

P.S I apologize for the kinda shaky camera.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coeur d' Alene new business update: Sept 19th 2012

In the Coeur d' Alene area...

Discount Groceries which is located on Seltice Way,by Les Schwab and near the intersection of Seltice and Spokane St. is closing.

Although no name is posted a new sandwhich food truck has opened near the intersection of Atlas Rd and Seltice Way in Coeur d' Alene.

Marathon Maintenance has opened in Post Falls in the Appleway Center buildings along the 6600 block of E. Seltice Way.

Post Falls Truck and RV has opened in the former auto sales lot next to the Frontier Grocery on Seltice Way on the west end of Post Falls.

Jacote Hair Salon has relocated to Coeur d' Alene and can now be found at 103 S. 4th St. in the Downtown area. 

O'Reilly Auto Parts will open soon in Rathdrum. The new chain auto parts store will be at 6613 W. Commercial Park Ave near Super 1.

Downtown Coeur d' Alene's Cisco's Antiques has branched out and opened a new location called Cisco's Warehouse which sells much of the same antique goods as the orginal downtown store. Cisco's Warehouse can be found on E. Sherman Ave about 4 or 5 blocks east of Downtown.

CdA Homes Auxiliary Thrift Store has moved and is now open at the former NIC Adult Education Center building at the corner of 5th and Lakeside in Downtown Coeur d' Alene. The store moved there from a smaller storefront on Sherman east of Downtown.Not only will the new store be larger but the hours have also been extended.

High Nooner sandwich shop will soon close it's Coeur d' Alene store in the strip mall out front of Costco and by Wholesale Sports. The Spokane High Nooner locations however will remain open.

Great Harvest Bread Company will move north into the space being vacated by High Nooner of Government Way by Costco.Great Harvest moves from it's current store by the intersection of Government and Ironwood in Coeur d' Alene.

Spokane New Business Update: Sept. 19th 2012

In the Spokane area...

Cricket Wireless's retail store in Northtown Mall has moved. Their store can still be found on the first floor of the mall but now on the south end.

Cricket's old space in Northtown Mall at the bottom of the food court esclators will also be full once again soon as Best Buy Mobile is working on opening a new location in that 1st floor unit.

The asian grocery store called The Oriental Store which is on Division near Downtown Spokane will be moving soon to 1403 N Division.

New RV Dealership and RV accessory store Camping World is now open in Liberty Lake. Camping World is at the end of Cataldo Ave. nearby The Hub sports and event facility by the I-90 Barker Rd. exit. 

The Elegant Peasant which is a women's clothing store at 913 W Garland Ave in Spokane is going out of business.

A new food truck that specializes in Jamaican cuisine is now open in Browne's Addition . The business which is called The Jamaican Jerk Pan is currently at the corner of 4th and Cannon.

A new sandwich restaurant is now open in Airway Heights. The business is called Nina Mary's Sandwiches and More can be found inside of the Conoco gas station at 11980 W. Sunset Hwy.

Chinese restaurant Happy Dragon Express is now open at 825 N Monroe St in Spokane.

Horizon Airlines is planning to reopen it's base for it's pilots and flight attendants at Spokane International Airport to allow several flight crews to be based in Spokane.

Lender Homestreet Bank is moving into a new office on the 6th floor of the office building at 201 W. North River Dr. in Spokane. As a result of the new office Homestreet will close it's smaller office in the nearby Rock Pointe Corporate Center.

A new restaurant has opened for business in Browne's Addition, The restaurant which is called EJ'S Garden Bistro is located at 1928 W. Pacific nearby The Elk and Tully's Coffee.

Bulldog Contractors has leased and will move into space at 16024 E. Sprague Ave in Spokane Valley.

Bekins Moving and Storage which had been along I-90 near Sprague Ave. in Spokane Valley has closed.

Revita Rehab continues to grow by acquiring the assets of Progressive Physical Therapy . Progessive is located at 11915 E. Broadway Ave Suite 101 in Spokane Valley

Northwest Commercial Kitchen Repair  has opened in a home in North Spokane. The business will repair kitchen equipment for businesses.

As previously mentioned the Davenport Hotel's new Davenport Salon and Spa is now open in the basement of the historic Downtown Spokane hotel. The hotel owned spa is in the same space as the previous Spa Paradiso which is moving into the Kendall Yards area north of Downtown.

Arts, crafts and many more items will be sold at the new Simple Kreationz which is opening in Spokane Valley. Simple Kreations is a very small store located inside a chiropractior's office at 500 S. Pines Rd.

Team Pilates has now opened a new Pilates studio in North Spokane. They are located at 521 E. Holland Suite 60.

Subway is planning a new franchised restaurant location to open soon in the Suncrest Shopping Center just northwest of Spokane in Nine Mile Falls.

Cancer Care Northwest is building a new home for their practice. The new office and clinic will be located in Spokane Valley at 1204 N. Vercler.

Local Business Profile- Skyway Cafe

Today's local business profile is of a historic restaurant in East Central Spokane that is not just your ordinary restaurant. That's because today's profile is of the Skyway Cafe that is located on the side of the main building for Spokane's Felts Field, a private city owned airport located on Rutter Ave to the east of Downtown.

The Skyway Cafe serves breakfast  and lunch (dinners however are on the menu) and at the Skyway breakfast is served all day. And of course being in the historic Airport building the cafe features an aircraft theme with airplane art and even model airplanes that hang from the ceilings.

The Skyway Cafe also does host some events and will soon celebrate their 100th anniversary. If you would like more info on The Skyway Cafe visit them online at....

Google Maps' new business photos

If your looking for a new business or just need the number to an established business chances are pretty good your going to check Google Maps. Google Maps are used by people all over the nation and even right here in Spokane. And one new map feature has arrived in Spokane and promises to help Spokane's businesses get more exposure to all those Google Maps users out there.

Google Business Photo is a new program of Google that has a locally based photographer come to your business and take a 360 degree photo. That photo is then added directly to your location on the map itself. Google Business Photo's can be viewed by simply dragging the street view guy over the map and landing on the orange dots.

Google Business Photo's do have a fee for the photo and add to the map but the fee is small and has the potential to be a great promotion tool.For more info on how your business can get itself added to this new map feature visit-

Currently a few Spokane businesses are already listed with photo's on Google Maps. Those businesses are...

-O' Doherty's Irish Grille , Both the Downtown Spokane pub and North Spokane location
-Revival Lighting in Downtown Spokane
-The Marquee Lounge in Downtown Spokane
-Waddell's Pub and Grill on the South Hill in Spokane
-Press on the Lower South Hill in Spokane

Your City Bites Food Tours

Spokane may not be the first place you think of when you think of culinary hot spots. But Spokane is hiding some fine restaurants that are just waiting to be discovered or re-discovered. And that is the goal of a new business that's getting it's name out there by offering a tour of Downtown Spokane that both highlights the storied history of the Downtown area and allows patrons of the tour to stop and taste the many flavors of the restaurants in Downtown Spokane.

The new business is called Your City Bite Favorable Food Tours and is offering the new tour for a small fee of 49 dollar per adult and 39 for children under 12 year old. The tours depart at 1:30pm daily from Riverfront Park and take a 2 mile trek thru the city.Tours however only run from March thru November.

Your City Bites Food Tours plans to expand the tour sometime soon to other cities around the nation but they do believe in the buy local approach and highlight local restaurants for their tour stops.

For more info on Your City Bites including where to book a walking tour and a list of tour stops please visit them online at...

More new apartments coming to Coeur d' Alene

The current local economy is improving ,slowly improving but improving none the less. But the hard times of the last few years have prompted and sadly forced some to downsize and move to new areas for employment and that is one of the main reasons behind the recent rapid expansion of new apartment complexes now under construction in the Coeur d' Alene (and Spokane...) area. Some such projects are already underway like the Affinity at Coeur d' Alene senior citizen housing complex off of Cedarblom St. and next door to Black Sheep Sporting Goods or the now open Riverview at Mill River Apartments off of Seltice Way near the US Bank Call Center.

But as those 2 apartment communities move toward their completion 2 more have now poped up on the horizon for construction soon and opening dates of 2013.Those 2 new recently announced apartment complexes are...

The Residence at Mill River Apartments

The Residence at Mill River is a new rental community to be built by Hayden based development firm  Copper Basin Construction, Copper Basin is also the developer of the rest of the multi-use Mill River subdivision which this new apartment complex will be built near the entrance of. The Residence at Mill River will consist of 12 buildings and 92 new rental units,plans call for the project to be built in phases and to open in the fall of 2013.

New Apartments on Ramsey Rd. in Coeur d' Alene

The name isn't quite available yet on these new apartments that will be built by Hayden based Viking Homes and will be built on the corner of Ramsey Rd. and Lopez Ave. behind Mountain West Bank and less then a block north of Kathleen Ave in North Coeur d' Alene. This new apartment complex will house some 68 apartments and should open in the summer of 2013.

Work will also begin probably in the spring on the new 12 story multi-use apartment tower called One Lakeside to be built at the corner of 2nd and Lakeside in Downtown Coeur d' Alene,This project was announced earlier on this blog and I plan to continue to track it's progress as well as the other 2 new apartment complexes farther north in Coeur d' Alene.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Local developer plans new large hotel in Downtown Spokane

Local developer Walt Worthy has built up quite the legacy for himself by developing and managing a few well known buildings around Spokane. The most notable of which is easily the Davenport Hotel and it's neighboring Davenport Hotel Tower which Mr. Worthy brought back to life thru an expansive restoration and new construction process a few years back. And now Walt Worthy is proposing what would not only be his largest project yet but would also be such a large project it would change the skyline of Downtown Spokane forever.

Mr. Worthy has officially announced plans to build a new 15 story hotel on the site of the current south parking lot of the INB Performing Arts Center. The proposed new hotel would have around 550 guest rooms that would be similar in size to the rooms at the Davenport Hotel Tower. Also on the plans for the new hotel's building would be a spa and several new retail spaces. The new hotel would not eliminate any of the parking spaces that are currently on the site,instead all of those parking spaces would be moved underground and some new spaces would also be added,including in a new above ground parking garage on the east end of the site.

The new hotel will assume a national chain's name and branding such as Hyatt ,Marriott or similar. However management of the hotel would remain local. Mr. Worthy plans to begin construction on this project in early 2013 and opening will most likely be about 1 1/2 to 2 years after that.

The hotel project is being built on land that is currently and will continue to be owned by the Spokane Public Facilities District which is a branch of local government that also owns and oversees the INB Performing Arts Center ,the nearby Spokane Convention Center and the Spokane Arena. The Public Facilities District is allowing and supporting the development because they say it will make them and Spokane more competitive to obtain some larger conferences that with the current hotel room situation Spokane simply cannot host. 

The hotel will also have direct access to the Convention Center and INB Performing Arts Center via a skywalk that would be built across Spokane Falls Blvd. . The main front entrance will also be on the north end of the new hotel facing the Convention Center to allow for easy walking access for Spokane's Convention attendees.

New book shares local businessman's life and history of Silverwood

The Silverwood Theme Park located along US 95 north of Coeur d' Alene draws in thousands of visitors every year. But as many long time locals will tell you the large Theme Park with all the attractions and roller coasters hasn't always been there. In fact Silverwood got it's start a few decades back as a private airport that was known to host air shows.That was until the 1980's when now local businessman and Silverwood owner Gary Norton  purchased the airport and turned the large site into the park you see today.

With all that transition one can only guess that Mr. Norton has a few stories to tell,and he has done just that in a new self-published book called American Theme Park : The Creation of Silverwood . The new book tells the story of how Silverwood came to be and some personal comments on his own life. The book is now on sale at the stores within the theme park. Sales of the book, including an e-book for Kindle users are also available online at this web site...

A new re-development plan for the Ridpath Hotel

The Ridpath Hotel has sat completely vacant in the 500 block of E. Sprague in Downtown Spokane for a few years now,much of the reasoning for that stems from a network of several individual owners who have just been able to keep the high rise hotel and surrounding complex above the Fire Department's rules and regulations much less revive and re-open it.

But a well known local developer has now come forward with a new re-development plan that he hopes to bring before the city very soon. Spokane based developer Ron Wells who has successful renovated several historic buildings around the area say he plans to take on The Ridpath as his next venture.

Mr. Wells plans to work with 2 other partners to re-develop the site into small apartments that would be geared towards a younger crowd. The plan calls for 200+ apartments to be built on the first 10 stories of the 13 story building. Also planned are some retail and restaurant spaces along with newly redone underground parking.

The project would not only include the main Ridpath Hotel tower but also the adjoining and also vacant Y Building. The new apartment building would be called The Ridpath Club and those involved with the project hope to begin work in the next couple of months.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New business review: The Original P.H.A.T Truck

This my first review here on Inland Northwest Business Watch and for the regular readers don't expect this to be a very common feature here because as I have said before I try to keep my personal thoughts and opinions out of this site but every once and a while a business will provide me with something above and beyond what I expect and this is where I plan to share it.

I'm a sucker for trying new restaurants so as you might have guessed Pig Out in the Park is one of my favorite events of the year,I go every year and every year I try to try something new and this year was no different. I did my usual loop around the entire event taking in the sights and smells of the many, great in their own right, food and craft booths until I decided on a new black food truck near the stage and directly across from city hall. I recognized the name , The PHAT Truck from research I had done earlier on Facebook but hadn't planned on trying it that night until just moments before.

I can now honestly say I am so very glad I ordered from them as The Phat Truck is easily The best new place to eat in Spokane. I ordered a Phat Fidel which is The PHAT Truck's delicious take on the standard Cuban sandwich. The price was maybe a tad bit higher then the other vendors but for what you got it I belive it to be fair. The Phat Fidel was served quickly and hot complete with a side of fries which maybe I wasn't paying attention but I didn't know it came with,making it all the better deal. The sandwich is made up of 3 different meats and cheese with each bite being a different but wonderful flavor.

Even the compact bread was had a great and memorable taste. And the fries we're seasoned,with what however i'm not sure( did I mention i'm not a chef...) . My Phat Fidel was exactly what I wanted and more.

But for those of you who are not fans of Cuban sandwiches The PHAT Truck plans to add more sandwiches and burgers as their business matures. Pig Out in the Park was The PHAT Truck's first official appearance in Spokane but this weekend is their official opening with several stops planned,those stop locations include...

Friday Sept 14th - 10:30am till 6pm at the Northeast Youth Center , 3004 E. Queen in Spokane

Saturday Sept 15th - 9am till 2pm at the Mead Sports Complex at 12509 N Market St in Spokane


Thursday thru Saturday night from 8pm till 2:30 am in Downtown Spokane outside of The Blue Spark at 15 S. Howard St.

I highly recommend trying The P.H.A.T Truck at one of their next stops , Maybe I'll even see you there...

For more info on The P.H.A.T Truck visit them on their website at...
From their site you can also visit them on Facebook or Twitter. Pictures of their food are also available there.

Phat Truck on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

KTEC is now open to students

It's been several years in the making and now the Kootenai Techincal Education Campus or KTEC for short is now offically open and completely full with students from all of the 3 area districts the newly built Vocational High School represents.

KTEC is a large new school with a convenient location for all of Kootenai County, The school which is located at 6838 W. Lancaster Road near Rathdrum has approximately 500 students although some 900 plus put in applications to attend a vocational program at the new school. The programs offered by KTEC include...

-Automotive Technology
-Computer Repair and Networking
-Construction Trades
-Diesel Technology
-Engineering Design and Automation
-Health Care and CNA
-Industrial Welding and Fabrication
And the Resort Academy program which is a lodging and hospitality management program which works directly with the Coeur d' Alene Resort.

KTEC which was built using funds from a 9 plus million dollar voter approved levy that was approved back in 2010. The school covers about 54,000 square feet of space and serves the Post Falls School District, Coeur d' Alene School District and the Lakeland School District in the northern half of Kootenai County. Plans have already been thought up for some of the land around the new school as well, Those plans include a possible new High School for the Lakeland School District and a future center/campus for North Idaho College.

For more info on KTEC visit their website at...

Spokane/ Coeur d' Alene new business update: Sept 12th 2012

Just a short new business update this week,more coming next time..

In the Spokane area...

The Studio 66 Art Gallery which had been in Downtown Spokane at 104 S. Division has closed.

A new Motorsports shop called STEX has opened in Downtown Spokane. The new shop sells new and used motorcycles as well as doing repair and selling some accesories. Stex can be found at 123 E. Sprague Ave.

A new coffee shop opened recently just north of Downtown Spokane. The new shop which is called Coeur Coffee is located at 701 N Monroe St.

The Downtown Spokane bar , Revolver will soon move to a new home at 221 N Division St. which was last the Cafe Dolce coffee shop.

Russell Mining & Minerals has moved into a new larger office space in the Chase Financial Center at 601 W. Main in Downtown Spokane. Russell Mining is moving there from their former offices on the Lower South Hill.

Gerardo's Mexican Food will open soon in Spokane at 2706 N Monroe St.

And in other food news, A new Panda Express location opened recently just south of Hillyard at 3907 N Market St.

In the Coeur d' Alene area...

The clothing boutique One More Thing in the 200 block of E. Sherman near the Resort in Downtown Coeur d' Alene is closing as a result of the owner's retirement.

Providence Medical Park coming to Spokane Valley

Commuters and travelers alike travelling down I-90 in between the Sullivan Rd and Barker Rd. exit have probably noticed some site work that is now underway as well as a large sign marking the site that will one day be Providence Health System's new expansion into Spokane Valley.

Providence plans to use this site for a new medical office park,The project sit is actually off of a short street called DeSmet Ct. that connects in with the newly built Indiana Pkwy. . The new center is not a hospital but will be a huge addition to the medical needs of Spokane Valley and the nearby Liberty Lake. The project which is expected to cost upwards of 45 million dollars and employ hundreds. Providence Health expects to open the new medical center sometime in early 2014.

The new Providence Medical Park is being described by Providence as a hybrid facility complete with a large outpatient surgery center as well as numerous family practice, specialty and cancer doctors offices all at one site. Also in the park's plans will be a new urgent care facility. The new medical park will actually be made up of 2 buildings,both 2 stories each directly next to each other and a large parking area all on the 11 acre site.

Keep checking INBW for more on this project as it progresses.

Kootenai Medical Center building new office building

While the announcement of this project came a few months back,site work and foundation work is now finally underway for a new project that will greatly benefit the health care industry in the Coeur d' Alene area. That project i'm speaking of is a new 4 story medical office building that will be located at the corner of Lincoln Way (US 95) and W. Emma St about 1 block south of the main Kootenai Medical Center Hospital.

The new office building will offer a little over 58,000 square feet of brand new offices all being constructed in a partnership between Kootenai Health and Coeur d' Alene based development/ management firm, Parkwood Business Properties. The project is scheduled to open sometime in the fall of 2013 and the new building will offer ease of access for KMC's patients and customers as the new building will attach by skybridge to the Parkwood owned Interlake office building and from there a tunnel is already in place underneath Ironwood Dr. to bring visitors into the main Hospital building.

The new office building will also,beginning in 2014, house a family medicine residency program that was proposed to the public by Kootenai Health earlier in the year. Other clinics will also take up space in the new building, those clinic include Kootenai Neurology , Kootenai Diabetes and Endocrinology , a new lab , a financial consultation office along will much more not yet announced.

Keep watching Inland Northwest Business Watch for periodic updates on this big new office project going up in Coeur d' Alene.

Local business profile- Arius Hyll

Today's Inland Northwest Business Watch local business profile is of a new up and coming custom graphic T-shirt company based right here locally in Spokane. That company is called Arius Hyll , which is a unique name that is deriving from the word hilarious. And with a name like that you can surely expect some funny shirts, Arius Hyll sells unique novelty t-shirts with humorous sayings and logos all of which are available online on there website,which is listed below.

For more info on Arius Hyll and how to order their t-shirts visit-

If you'd like you business mentioned in a local business profile post here on INBW e-mail me at  or by posting to our Facebook page at

Friday, September 7, 2012

It's the weekend of Grand Openings

I know I rarely do posts on days other then Wednesday but this weekend is so chocked full of happenings I had to take a moment to highlight a couple of very cool grand openings happening this weekend,both are on Saturday Sept.8th

Mobius Science Center grand opening street fair in Downtown Spokane-

The grand opening at the Mobius Science Center will take place from 9am till 6pm on Saturday at the new interactive science museum on W. Main St in Downtown Spokane,directly across from River Park Square and the original Mobius Kids Museum. The opening will be commemorated with several speakers that include Spokane Mayor David Condon. Also scheduled to appear will be former NASA Astronaut Dr. Bonnie Dunbar who will give a keynote speech on the importance of this new world class science center. 

But the Mobius Science Center's grand opening isn't just speeches. After the initial opening in the morning free guided tours will be offer till 6pm to everyone who wants to come Downtown and check it out.

For more info on the all new Mobius Science Center and it's grand opening visit their website at...


Frontier Ice Arena's grand opening in Coeur d' Alene-

Hockey and Ice Skating have returned to Coeur d' Alene! The new arena has been completely rebuilt after a snow storm caused large damage to the original ice rink. The arena will continue to be the home of Coeur d' Alene's youth hockey orginization KYRO.

The Frontier Ice Arena grand opening will happen all day from 9am to 9pm at the arena which is located 3525 W. Seltice Way across from the Mill River development and near the tiny suburb of Huetter. A free BBQ lunch will be served from 11am to 3pm and several free skate times and demonstrations will be offered.

For more info on the grand opening at the new Frontier Ice Arena please visit their website at...

Many more big grand openings yet to come....

Several other projects are now opening as well some of those include...
The new KTEC Professional-Techincal High School in Rathdrum, this new school is now open in fact. Watch for more on this on Wednesday the 12th here on Inland Northwest Business Watch.

The new Hobby Lobby on N. Division in North Spokane which opened back on Aug 31st and continues their grand opening sales this weekend.

The new Wal-Mart on Sprague Ave next to Costco in Spokane Valley will open pretty soon. I'm working hard on pin pointing the exact date and will let you know when I know. I had heard an opening in October but do know their liquor licence is already in place which might suggest sooner.

The new North Spokane Lowe's on N. Division will also open in the future,still working on when for this one too.

Plus many more....

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Coeur d' Alene New Business Update: Sept 5th 2012

In the Coeur d' Alene and North Idaho region...

Major improvements are planned at the Triple Play Family Fun Park at the corner of Hwy 95 and Orchard Ave in Hayden. Triple Play will soon add a new large water slide called The Constrictor to it's indoor water park, Raptor Reef. Also the center will soon bring in a year round outdoor ice skating rink that uses synthetic ice, that new attraction will be called the Polar Bear Pond.

Sweet B's Cupcakes which has been behind the Scratch Resturant at 5th and Sherman in Downtown Coeur d' Alene's has closed their store.

The Blackwell House at 820 E. Sherman in Coeur d' Alene as long been a local landmark but in recent years it's been vacant. Those times are ending as the Blackwell House has been sold and will re-open soon as the Blackwell Boutique Hotel . The new hotel will also offer events such as weddings. 

Another new food truck opened recently in Coeur d' Alene. The truck which is called Twisted Sisterz Biscuits is located in the parking lot of Kootenai Truck and Auto Repair on Ramsey Rd across from the Kroc Center. 

New gift and home decor store Rustic Romance  is now open in Midtown Coeur d' Alene at 901 N 4th St.

Kootenai Kids Pediatrics recently opened a new office in Post Falls. The new Doctor's office is located in the Cornerstone Center at 761 N Thornton St Suite A.

Spokane New Business Update Sept 5th 2012

In the Spokane and Eastern Washington region...

Manic Moon Studios is a new art studio opening soon at 1625 N Monroe St in Spokane.

A new subdivision by Hayden Homes called Centre Court is now open.

The Spokane Republican Party is gearing up for the elections in November with the recent grand opening of a new office nicknamed the Spokane Victory Center. The Victory Center is located next to the Downtown Spokane Pier 1 Imports store at 111 W. North River Dr. Suite 201

A new Dutch Bros. Coffee Stand is under construction in North Spokane by the corner of Magnesium and Division.

Pure Salon and Spa is now open in Spokane at 423 W. 1st Ave Suite 250

Spokane based online business Green Cupboards is moving their Headquarters office into the new McKinistry Innovation Center at 850 W. Spokane Falls Blvd nearby Downtown Spokane. The McKinstry Innovation Center itself is also a new business and they expect to announce more new tenants soon.

Eastern Washington University is finalizing a sale of their long vacant former Downtown Spokane campus building at Sprague and Wall St. The new tenant of the building would be Pyrotec .  It's unclear at this time what Pyrotec will do with the large building and when,stay tuned for more as I know more.

Eastern Washington University has also recently opened a new Veterans Service Center. The center is located on campus in the 1st floor of Showalter Hall in Cheney.

Map and travel book retailer Northwest Maps has closed their retail store which had been in the 15000 block of E. Sprague in Spokane Valley. Northwest Maps however plans to stay in business selling their own brand of local maps and atlases on their website.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories of Pullman is expanding and will open a new office primarily for research and development in Spokane Valley. The Schweitzer office will be in the Spokane Business and Industrial Park at 3808 N. Sullivan Rd.

Body Harmony Massage opened recently at 1708 1st St. in Cheney.

Fans of Spokane's Viking Tavern will be happy to know that the landmark bar at 1221 N. Stevens in Spokane is re-opening and will now be called the Viking Bar and Grill. The new Viking will also have a full liquor licence.

A new event center has opened in the bottom floor of Spokane's Flour Mill. The new center is called Chateau Rive. The center also opens up to a grassy area directly along the Spokane River.

The Saunders Cheese Market is under new ownership and has moved into the same location as Chocolate Apothecary on the main floor of the Flour Mill on Mallon Ave. just north of Downtown Spokane.

Providence Health has acquired Physician Clinics and will continue to operate the clinic under the Providence name at 910 W. 5th Ave and 820 S. McClellan both in Spokane.

A new bar called The Phat House opened recently at 417 S. Browne in Spokane.

Best Buy Mobile also recently opened on the second floor of Spokane Valley Mall.

Atilano's Mexican Food's new location in North Spokane's Wandermere area is now open. The restaurant made famous for burrito's is located by the corner of Division and Hastings Rd.

St. Luke's Outpatient Therapy recently opened a new office at North Spokane's Holy Family Hospital campus. The new St. Luke's is located at 5901 N Mayfair Rd Suite 101.

Mass Hysteria Tattoo's  opened in June at 1221 N Northwest Blvd. in Spokane.

Work is underway for a new apartment complex called The Homestead in Spokane Valley. The Homestead will offer 248 new apartments and will be located at 15720 E. 4th.

Mechine shop Romney Motion is looking to expand it's business and has confirmed they plan to build a new facility at 25414 E. Kildea Rd. in Newman Lake.

Axia Home Loans is expanding their presence in the Spokane area and has opened a new office in Spokane Valley at 11917 E. Broadway 2nd floor.

Wise Guys Men's Fine Grooming is now open in Downtown Spokane at 827 W. 1st Ave Suite 121.

New apartment complex proposed for Kendall Yards

Downtown Spokane's new Kendall Yards development is turning out to be quite the hit as the development firm, Liberty Lake based Greenstone , is reporting brisk sales and high interest on the homes and condo's already at the site off of Maple St. along the scenic north banks of the Spokane River directly across from the Downtown Spokane core area.

Kendall Yards will also soon be home to some new commercial projects which include but are not limited too , a new restaurant , a new spa , several new offices including a new home for the Inlander and even some very active rumors of a grocery store to be built all in the next few months.

And now a new addition to the list of things coming soon to the new development... A new apartment complex. Work is expected to begin before winter on a new 84 unit apartment complex to be called The Highline . The Highline Apartments are planned to open to the public in the spring and will offer 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with on site parking,no rent price or official opening date has been set as of this post.

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Another big change for Downtown Coeur d' Alene: Plaza on Sherman

Back in August big news broke about an Aspen,Colo. based development firm's plans to build a 12 story luxury apartment complex with ground floor retail on Lakeside Ave in Downtown Coeur d' Alene (That story was previously reported on by INBW for more info search One Lakeside in the search bar on this site). And that on top of the major work in store soon for Downtown's McEwen Field Park, But those 2 projects aren't the only developments that will change the look of the Downtown core area as a new retail development is now proposed for the corner of Sherman and 7th Ave across from the Zip Stop gas station and the Resort City Inn Hotel.

The new retail project is a 4 unit retail structure planned for the abandoned lot space on the Southeast side of that intersection. The project which is to be called the Plaza on Sherman will be a about 6,000 square feet entirely retail all on 1 floor with a new small parking lot located directly behind the new building.

The Plaza on Sherman project will be leased thru the Coeur d' Alene office of Kiemle & Hargood Company Real Estate. The developer of the project is VIQ Development LLC of Boise who is no stranger to this Downtown parcel as before the economic issues began VIQ had proposed building a 6 story office building on the same site,those plans never moved forward however.

The plans for the Plaza on Sherman are moving forward already with 2 tenants proposed in the marketing materials. The document calls for a new Subway directly on the corner of 7th and Sherman and a Thomas Hammer Coffee location occupying the other end of the building and located directly next door to the famous Flamingo Motel.

This along with several new businesses and business upgrades in the Downtown Coeur d' Alene area are always a welcome sign and a sign that the economy of the Inland Northwest is on the rebound.

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A photo of the corner where the Plaza on Sherman project is proposed...


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