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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another big change for Downtown Coeur d' Alene: Plaza on Sherman

Back in August big news broke about an Aspen,Colo. based development firm's plans to build a 12 story luxury apartment complex with ground floor retail on Lakeside Ave in Downtown Coeur d' Alene (That story was previously reported on by INBW for more info search One Lakeside in the search bar on this site). And that on top of the major work in store soon for Downtown's McEwen Field Park, But those 2 projects aren't the only developments that will change the look of the Downtown core area as a new retail development is now proposed for the corner of Sherman and 7th Ave across from the Zip Stop gas station and the Resort City Inn Hotel.

The new retail project is a 4 unit retail structure planned for the abandoned lot space on the Southeast side of that intersection. The project which is to be called the Plaza on Sherman will be a about 6,000 square feet entirely retail all on 1 floor with a new small parking lot located directly behind the new building.

The Plaza on Sherman project will be leased thru the Coeur d' Alene office of Kiemle & Hargood Company Real Estate. The developer of the project is VIQ Development LLC of Boise who is no stranger to this Downtown parcel as before the economic issues began VIQ had proposed building a 6 story office building on the same site,those plans never moved forward however.

The plans for the Plaza on Sherman are moving forward already with 2 tenants proposed in the marketing materials. The document calls for a new Subway directly on the corner of 7th and Sherman and a Thomas Hammer Coffee location occupying the other end of the building and located directly next door to the famous Flamingo Motel.

This along with several new businesses and business upgrades in the Downtown Coeur d' Alene area are always a welcome sign and a sign that the economy of the Inland Northwest is on the rebound.

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A photo of the corner where the Plaza on Sherman project is proposed...


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