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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

McEuen Park construction begins

McEuen Park in Downtown Coeur d' Alene is perhaps on of the most controversial projects in the entire Inland Northwest . But regardless of where you stand on the issue of the park's reconstruction the work has officially got underway with a ground breaking ceremony occurring earlier in the month.

The first part of the construction will be done by ACI Northwest INC. of Coeur d' Alene . That work has already started and will consist of the new parking lot that is on space 12 on the map in the picture below. ACI will also do excavation work to other area's of the park for future construction . Although some againist the project have claimed the estimated cost to be much higher the city's estimates come in about 14 million dollars.

The plan includes many more features which can be noted below or on the link also below. The city park's department hopes to have the park done and re-opened by the fall of 2013.

For a another view of the McEuen Park plan visit this site-

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