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Thursday, September 13, 2012

New business review: The Original P.H.A.T Truck

This my first review here on Inland Northwest Business Watch and for the regular readers don't expect this to be a very common feature here because as I have said before I try to keep my personal thoughts and opinions out of this site but every once and a while a business will provide me with something above and beyond what I expect and this is where I plan to share it.

I'm a sucker for trying new restaurants so as you might have guessed Pig Out in the Park is one of my favorite events of the year,I go every year and every year I try to try something new and this year was no different. I did my usual loop around the entire event taking in the sights and smells of the many, great in their own right, food and craft booths until I decided on a new black food truck near the stage and directly across from city hall. I recognized the name , The PHAT Truck from research I had done earlier on Facebook but hadn't planned on trying it that night until just moments before.

I can now honestly say I am so very glad I ordered from them as The Phat Truck is easily The best new place to eat in Spokane. I ordered a Phat Fidel which is The PHAT Truck's delicious take on the standard Cuban sandwich. The price was maybe a tad bit higher then the other vendors but for what you got it I belive it to be fair. The Phat Fidel was served quickly and hot complete with a side of fries which maybe I wasn't paying attention but I didn't know it came with,making it all the better deal. The sandwich is made up of 3 different meats and cheese with each bite being a different but wonderful flavor.

Even the compact bread was had a great and memorable taste. And the fries we're seasoned,with what however i'm not sure( did I mention i'm not a chef...) . My Phat Fidel was exactly what I wanted and more.

But for those of you who are not fans of Cuban sandwiches The PHAT Truck plans to add more sandwiches and burgers as their business matures. Pig Out in the Park was The PHAT Truck's first official appearance in Spokane but this weekend is their official opening with several stops planned,those stop locations include...

Friday Sept 14th - 10:30am till 6pm at the Northeast Youth Center , 3004 E. Queen in Spokane

Saturday Sept 15th - 9am till 2pm at the Mead Sports Complex at 12509 N Market St in Spokane


Thursday thru Saturday night from 8pm till 2:30 am in Downtown Spokane outside of The Blue Spark at 15 S. Howard St.

I highly recommend trying The P.H.A.T Truck at one of their next stops , Maybe I'll even see you there...

For more info on The P.H.A.T Truck visit them on their website at...
From their site you can also visit them on Facebook or Twitter. Pictures of their food are also available there.

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