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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Google Maps' new business photos

If your looking for a new business or just need the number to an established business chances are pretty good your going to check Google Maps. Google Maps are used by people all over the nation and even right here in Spokane. And one new map feature has arrived in Spokane and promises to help Spokane's businesses get more exposure to all those Google Maps users out there.

Google Business Photo is a new program of Google that has a locally based photographer come to your business and take a 360 degree photo. That photo is then added directly to your location on the map itself. Google Business Photo's can be viewed by simply dragging the street view guy over the map and landing on the orange dots.

Google Business Photo's do have a fee for the photo and add to the map but the fee is small and has the potential to be a great promotion tool.For more info on how your business can get itself added to this new map feature visit-

Currently a few Spokane businesses are already listed with photo's on Google Maps. Those businesses are...

-O' Doherty's Irish Grille , Both the Downtown Spokane pub and North Spokane location
-Revival Lighting in Downtown Spokane
-The Marquee Lounge in Downtown Spokane
-Waddell's Pub and Grill on the South Hill in Spokane
-Press on the Lower South Hill in Spokane