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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Local Business Profile- Skyway Cafe

Today's local business profile is of a historic restaurant in East Central Spokane that is not just your ordinary restaurant. That's because today's profile is of the Skyway Cafe that is located on the side of the main building for Spokane's Felts Field, a private city owned airport located on Rutter Ave to the east of Downtown.

The Skyway Cafe serves breakfast  and lunch (dinners however are on the menu) and at the Skyway breakfast is served all day. And of course being in the historic Airport building the cafe features an aircraft theme with airplane art and even model airplanes that hang from the ceilings.

The Skyway Cafe also does host some events and will soon celebrate their 100th anniversary. If you would like more info on The Skyway Cafe visit them online at....