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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

New Grocery Outlet and 7-Eleven planned for new commercial development at 41 & Poleline in Post Falls

 Even more development is coming to the rapidly growing Hwy 41 corridor on the east side of Post Falls. Hayden based developer Corhaven Properties is leading a new development project on the northeast side of the intersection at Hwy. 41 and Poleline Rd. that is to be called North Point Plaza.

Rendering of the planned new 7-Eleven store at North Point Plaza in Post Falls

Construction is planned to begin on the site in the Spring of 2024 for the project which is confirmed to contain a new 7-Eleven and Grocery Outlet store, along with several pad sites for even more new businesses that will come in the future. 7-Eleven is planning a new approximately 5,000 SF store directly at the corner of 41 & Poleline that will include a fuel station and Grocery Outlet is planning a new approximately 16,000 SF store on the northeastern side of the parcel acting as the anchor tenant. The project and stores are set to likely open during the 4th quarter of 2024.

Site plan of the North Point Plaza development

Kiemle Hagood is actively marketing the remainder of the North Point Plaza project which according to a site plan has 7 pad sites, which could one day house a number of businesses of many types. We plan to keep an eye on this project as the area is very much in demand so there will likely be more new business announcements here in the near future. The pad sites are available as for lease or build to suit, more information about the project is available thru the Marketing Flyer or by contacting Kiemle Hagood via Chad Carper 509-991-2222 or email .

For more information on the developer Corhaven Properties visit their website at

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Spokane Housing Authority planning on demoing and rebuilding Lower South Hill senior housing complex

 Building permits have yet to be applied for, but a new construction project just southeast of Downtown Spokane for the Spokane Housing Authority is already in the SEPA application process and is coming soon. Their current plan is to demolish the Hifumi-en Apartment complex at 926 E 8th Ave and re-build the complex with a larger and updated apartment community.

They tell me construction is planned to be done in phases so as to minimize disruption to the existing tenants. Hifumi is a apartment project for those 62 and over and those with disabilities, the current complex offers 41 one-bedroom apartments. Plans call for three new buildings to be built on the site with construction to start sometime in the second quarter of 2024.

One apartment building will be built first allowing existing tenants to move to that building then demolishing the older building and replace that with a second new apartment building and a community center building. They plan to have full project complete by the end of 2025. The new Hifumi-en Apartments complex will offer 88 apartments in two three story buildings with a community center for events and shared amenities in the middle of the site. This would more than double the number of apartments on the site from where it is today. 

Although it is still early in the process for this new construction project a rep with Spokane Housing Authority did however confirm that Walker Construction will be the general contractor with Architecture All Forms doing the architectural design work. Renderings of the completed project are not yet available, but a site plan is included in the SEPA application which can be viewed on the Washington Department of Ecology's website at 

For more information on the apartments offered by Spokane Housing Authority, visit their website at

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Recent Real Estate Transactions - December 2023 edition

  Time for another look at some recent real estate transactions in the Spokane area. Thank you to all the commercial real estate brokers/offices who have included us in their transaction releases to make these posts possible. If you are involved in commercial real estate, please send them to us at 

This list is not meant to be a list of all transactions, just highlights of notable sales the we're aware of. They are posted as they we're sent to us.

Spokane/Eastern Washington-

Stephen Barbieri and Katie Boer handled the lease of 1,100 Square feet of office space to Yates-Dulley Counseling & Evaluation. The space is located at 601 W. Maxwell Suite 3 in Spokane.

Byrd Real Estate Group,LLC reports the lease of 2,500 square feet of office space at 12 E. Rowan Suite 200 to New Journeys Support Services,LLC.

Richard Fox with Kiemle Hagood represented the landlord in the lease of 30,165 +/- square feet of office space to United Rentals Realty,LLC at 1520 W. 3rd Ave. Unit 300 in Spokane.

Tim Kestell and Carl Guenzel with Kiemle Hagood represented both the landlord and tenant in the lease of 7,700+/- square feet of industrial space at 3605 & 3623 E. Rowan in Spokane to Crystal Clean.

Colin Conway with Kiemle Hagood represented the landlord and Eric Zuehlsdorff with Real Retail represented the tenant in the lease of 1,400 +/- square feet of retail space at 9211 E. Montgomery Ave Suite 103 in Spokane Valley to AT&T.

Jay Carson with Kiemle Hagood represented the tenant and Drew Ulrick with NAI Black represented the landlord in the lease of 1,600 +/- square feet of retail space at 121 S. Sullivan Rd Suite 121 in Spokane Valley to The Bogey Room,LLC.

Jay Carson with Kiemle Hagood represented both the tenant and landlord in the lease of 7,040 +/- square feet of retail space at 319 & 321 S. Cedar St. in Spokane to the Blue Door Theater.

Tim Kestell with Kiemle Hagood represented both the tenant and landlord in the lease of 2,512 +/- square feet of office space at 2512 E. Sprague Ave. in Spokane to Burbank Interiors. 

Tim Kestell with Kiemle Hagood represented the buyer, while Mark and Tracy Lucas also with Kiemle Hagood represented the seller in the sale of 14.9 acres at 22654,22600,22450,22555 and 22655 E. Knox Ave in Liberty Lake to Findlay Holdings,LLC.

Coeur d' Alene/North Idaho-

Mary Kienbaum with Kiemle Hagood represented the tenant, Sculped MD, in the lease of 1,000 +/- square feet at 610 W. Hubbard Suite 130 in Coeur d' Alene.

Pat Eberlin and Amber Lunceford with Kiemle Hagood represented the landlord in the lease of 1,500 +/- square feet of office space at 8827 N. Government Way Suite 106 in Hayden. The tenant is Spark Med Spa.

Mary Kienbaum represented the tenant, alongside Pat Eberlin who represented the landlord (both are with Kiemle Hagood) in the lease of 2,348 +/- square feet of retail space to Healing Leaf Apothicary,LLC at 415 N. 2nd St in Coeur d' Alene.

Mary Kienbaum with Kiemle Hagood represented the tenant in the lease of 1,328 +/- square feet of office space at 1110 W. Park Place Suite 202 in Coeur d' Alene to Psych Collective,PLLC.

Mary Kienbaum with Kiemle Hagood represented the landlord in the lease of 1.380 +/- square feet of office space at 841 N. Boulder Ct Suite B in Post Falls to Ponderay Acupuncture & Holistic Healing.

Mary Kienbaum with Kiemle Hagood represented the tenant in the lease of 4,000 +/- square feet of office space at 1590 E. Seltice Way Suite 2 in Post Falls to Sculpt Studios,LLC.

Monday, December 18, 2023

Kitty G's Fine Meats & Cheese coming to Post Falls

 Foodies will want to take note of a new business coming soon to Post Falls. The new locally owned and operated Kitty G's Fine Meats & Cheese is planning on setting up shop in "Downtown" Post Falls with their opening being planned for the sometime in early 2024.

Photo courtesy of Kitty G's Fine Meats & Cheese

Kitty G's will be located at 306 N Spokane St Suite E, just steps off of the Centennial Trail making it an ideal spot to stop off while walking/biking on the trail. The new shops main focus will be on sliced to order cured meats like prosciutto, bresaola, various salamis and more. They also tell me their cheese selection will be "showstopping", bringing in cheeses from all over the world and likely including some local cheese producers.

Many merchandise details are still a work in progress but among other possibilities are pastas by the pound, curated cheese flights, grab n' go options and already assembled personal snack trays, ideal for picnics. There will also be a large variety of hot sauces and wine-cork hot pads and charcuterie boards crafted locally by the owner's husband.

We will hopefully do an update on this new business opening when they open, but for now one can find more information via their website or find them on their social media via Facebook or Instagram

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Two new cotton candy shops open locally in time for National Cotton Candy Day

 In case you haven't heard, today (Dec. 7th) we celebrate National Cotton Candy Day. Many kids and adults alike love that fluffy spun candy that's origins are thought to have dated back to the 19th century.

Today it's a bit more mainstream, so much so that two new cotton candy brick & mortar shops have opened recently in the Spokane area and both are open today to get your cotton candy fix. They are...

Spokane Sugar Candy at Spokane Valley Mall

After previously doing pop ups at various events around the area Spokane Sugar Candy opened their new store on Black Friday. Their store is located at the center of Spokane Valley Mall in the space that was last a Sweet Frostings cupcake shop.

Spokane Sugar Candy sells traditional cotton candy on the cone, cotton candy by the tub, cotton candy art and more. They even make cotton candy cakes and have many flavors available. The store is open mall hours, and they are doing a 25% special today for National Cotton Candy Day.

For more information about Spokane Sugar Candy, visit their website at

Lush Cotton Candy at 601 W. Maxwell #4 in Spokane

Doing a "soft open" for today is the new Lush Cotton Candy shop on W. Maxwell. Normally open by appointment only the new shop will be open today for National Cotton Candy Day from 12-8 and they say everyone though the door today gets a free cone of cotton candy.

Lush Cotton Candy offers over 50 flavors of cotton candy and also has been in business doing local events for awhile now.  For more information on their business visit their website at

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Spokane hit with rash of restaurant closures, but it's not all doom & gloom

 Over the last few weeks, Spokane has lost a few more than normal restaurants. It's hard to say exactly why, some speculate its high food costs, local crime/homelessness issues, the cost of labor, etc. which I'm sure are all factors. In this post we'll look at what's gone and why it's not all bad news as some places look to be being replaced and some new places are still coming up soon.

Up first Zola (22 W. Main, Spokane) is not closing. Rumors have swirled around social media recently that Zola was gone and on short notice too. Although it's not clear of the reason why this started and what issues the business might have going on behind the scenes but they did post to their own social media page that they are not closing and have a number of live music events still planned for this week.

Suki Yaki Inn (119 N. Bernard, Spokane) will close after over 70 years in Spokane. The closure is due to the owner Emiko Collett's retirement.

Lost Boys Garage (6325 N. Wall, Spokane) a northside favorite, Lost Boys closed down near the end of November. It's sister restaurant The Summit Kitchen & Canteen remains open however on the South Hill at 1235 S. Grand Ave.

Red Lion Pub (126 N. Division, Spokane) closed just last weekend. However, a post of the restaurant's social media pages mentions "stay tuned for updates on the new spot coming" implying that a new restaurant might be in store for the Downtown space.

Lucky You Lounge (1801 W. Sunset Blvd, Spokane) closed down a little bit ago, but noteworthy is that a new place called The Chameleon is apparently planning to open in the space. We reached out for more information but have not heard back yet. Watch for separate post on this as we're able to gather info.

BRGR House (411 N. Nettleton, Spokane) although its time was on the shorter side the burger restaurant on the western edge of Kendall Yards had a few fans. It closed down at the end of November with no announced plans for what could replace it.

3 Ninjas (1198 E. Summit Pkwy, Spokane) also in Kendall Yards, 3 Ninjas shut down with their last day being Nov 22nd. Important to note is that the 3 Ninjas location on Indiana in Liberty Lake does remain open for business.

Uno Mas Taco Shop (11205 E. Dishman-Mica Rd, Spokane Valley) has closed down it's Spokane Valley location. The shop's location in the Wonder Building in Downtown Spokane does still remain open for business. It also does look like Uno Mas does plan to replace this location as a post on their Instagram says "we're excited about the new possibilities our new location will bring"

And, while this is quite the list there is some positive news:

After many delays with permitting / equipment backlogs it looks like Weinerschinzel (10220 N. Newport Hwy, Spokane) is nearing the finish line as sign permits for the new restaurant we're applied for this week. 

Also, we're hearing the new Hot Pot & Pho (11110 E. Sprague, Spokane Valley) is also planning to open in the near future. We'll have more on that soon in a separate post.

After significant delays Emrys Beer & Mead Works (21850 E. Wellington Pkwy, Liberty Lake) has been posting their progress lately to social media, even hinting that they might have launch announcements coming in January.

And, both the new Airway Heights/Spokane Chipotle Mexican Grill and the new Spokane Valley Dutch Bros. Coffee at the corner of Broadway & Sullivan are now open for business.

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Friday, December 1, 2023

Washington Small Business Development Center opens new Spokane Valley office

 A little over a month ago, the Washington Small Business Development Center held a ribbon cutting for their brand-new lead center / state headquarters in Spokane Valley. The new center is located in office space on the Spokane Conservation District's Quarry Campus at 4420 E. 8th Ave in Spokane Valley.

Courtesy photos Washington SBDC- L to R Michael Cathcart Spokane, City Council; Mike Padden, Washington State Senator; Sheryl McGrath, Washington SBDC State Director; Vicki Carter, Spokane Conservation District CEO; Suzanne Schmidt, Washington State Representative; Joel Nania, SBA Spokane Branch manager.

According to their website The Washington Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is a network of more than 30 expert business advisors working in communities across the state to help entrepreneurs or small business owners start, grow or buy/sell a business. The Washington SBDC is an accredited member of America's SBDC, funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the US Small Business Administration, institutions of higher education, economic development organizations and other public and private funding partners.

In addition to their business advising services the SBDC also periodically hosts various workshops, some geared towards specific business groups. For more information on the services of the Washington SBDC visit their website at

Monday, November 27, 2023

The Bearded Ginger to open in Riverfront Park's Skate Ribbon space

A change is in store for the food & beverage option at Riverfront Park's Skate Ribbon / Skyride building in Downtown Spokane. As a Spokane Valley bar and grill is set to take over operations of the building's restaurant space and planning to open as soon as the end of this month.

The Bearded Ginger, which is an eatery located at 8125 E. Sprague in Spokane Valley is planning to open within the Riverfront Park space, taking over from the Liberty Lake based Eat Good Group which has operated the space since its inception in 2020 as the Sky Ribbon Cafe. The Bearded Ginger says they are hoping to begin serving in the space by as soon as later this week but there isn't a set opening date just yet.

Once open The Bearded Ginger will serve their "Mozz Logs", BBQ Crunch wrap, Smokehouse Delight, Walking Tacos, Pretzels, Pizza as well as to go breakfast and coffee on Mon-Fri. . They are also hoping to have beer, wine and cocktails by the can but are currently working with the liquor control board to figure out when that service can begin.

The Numerica Skate Ribbon is already open for the 2023/2024 season having opened on Nov. 18th. The 650' ice skating path with attached 3,500 square foot pond will now be open throughout the winter season with several events planned throughout the season. For more information on the Numerica Skate Ribbon at Riverfront Park visit

And, for more information about The Bearded Ginger visit their website at or follow them on social media via Facebook or Instagram

Friday, November 24, 2023

The Athenaeum to open in Medical Lake

 The Athenaeum, a unique and classy new wine and beer bar is opening in just a few days in Medical Lake. The new business will celebrate its opening night on Tues, Nov 28th from 4-9 at their location in Downtown Medical Lake at 116 N. Lefevre St. The Athenaeum will be within the same building as Roam Coffee House but will have a separate service area and hours from the coffee business. Roam is owned by the same people and moved into this building back in May from another location.

Photos used courtesy of The Athenaeum

The owners of the businesses tell me they named the new bar The Athenaeum to imply being a place of learning, culture, arts and sciences. They go on to say they want it to be a place of connection, conversation and cultural exchange where people can gather and meet. The new place will also offer a learning center to host various painting and pottery classes and likely more as they hope to open up the space to other experts and teachers to lead their own experiences and classes. 

At opening The Athenaeum will offer beer and wine, cider, wine spritz, sangria and non-alcoholic cocktail options. They plan to offer full cocktails later on as the business progresses. There also will be some food offered with paninis and a caramel apple pie dessert for now with the food offerings also growing in the coming months.

As of the 28th The Athenaeum will be open Tues-Thurs 4-9p and Fri & Sat 4-10p. They are also planning a Grand Opening Gatsby Gala in January, watch their pages below for more details on this and the other events to be held there.

For more information on The Athenaeum find them on social media via Facebook or Instagram

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Spokane International Airport opens newly expanded C Concourse parking area

 It's a busy week for Spokane International Airport, rumor has it a major holiday is happening later this week. Some 16,000+ inbound and outbound seats a day are anticipated to be going through the airport all this week. Meaning longer lines at ticketing and TSA, but maybe not as bad for finding a place to park as Spokane International earlier this week opened the newly expanded surface parking lot for the C Concourse.

As part of a $5 million project Spokane International Airport added 460 new parking spaces, with the lot now offering a capacity of 991 total parking spaces or more than double its original capacity. The lot also offers 29 ADA-designated parking stalls along with six planned electric vehicle charging stalls. The lot also now has new pavement and LED lighting. The project was designed by engineering firm Kimley-Horn Associates and constructed by Corridor Contractors,LLC.

The current rate to park in the C Concourse lot is $8 per day. Elsewhere on Airport property are 2,600 garage spaces, 2,150 outside lot spaces and 3,240 economy parking spaces. Spokane International Airport is a major player in the economy of the Spokane region providing employment for over 3,000 and annual direct and indirect economic impact of $3 billion.

The Airport is also continuing on with it's TREX project, a $150 million expansion that will add 144,000 square feet of space to the existing C Concourse, adding new gates and ticketing counters, that project is currently expected to be complete in 2025. They are also always actively seeking out new flight destinations, announcing a new seasonal direct Southwest Airlines to Dallas Love Field just last month. That flight is set to begin in June of 2024.

For more information on Spokane International Airport, visit 

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Entropy to open Re*Entopy vintage store on 1st in Downtown Spokane

 Entopy, a newer store in Downtown Spokane's historic Parkade building is growing. The original store that sells vintage goods, art and records opened back in March at 101 N. Stevens and has even hosted a handful of artists shows during it's relatively short life. But now the business is growing and planning a new second location.

Interior of the future Re*Entropy store, used courtesy of Entropy.

The new store will operate as Re*Entropy and will be in the Carnagie Square Building at 1403 W. 1st Ave. on the western edge of Downtown Spokane. The new store will be larger with 5000 SF of space and they tell me they hope to open for business by Small Business Saturday on Nov. 25th. Re*Entropy will sell vintage clothing, household goods, collectables and antiques with many vendors also set up in the space. 

For more information on Entropy check out their website at or follow them via social media at Instagram or Facebook .

Friday, November 10, 2023

Golf Island Indoor Golf now open in North Spokane

 Golf Island has come to Spokane, the virtual golf business opened recently at 9956 N. Newport Hwy and is their second location after the original in Coeur d' Alene's Riverstone development. The new Spokane location is in a newly remodeled 11,000 square foot space at North Pointe Shopping Center and offers 12 bays of virtual golf using Trackman technology. This allows golfers to golf virtually on over 260 courses no matter what the weather is locally.

The official Grand Opening at Golf Island we're told is planned for November 18th but the business is already open with an introductory offer of $25 per hour tee times throughout the month of November. Drinks are also now available as after a bit of delay they have been approved for a beer license, a food menu is also in the works for some time next year but in the meantime, customers can bring their own food in if they desire.

Golf lessons as well as league golfing will also be available at the new Spokane Golf Island with sign-up info shown on their website. The new location is currently open Mon-Thurs 10a-10p, Fri-Sat 8a-Midnight and Sun 8a-10p ,the hours will change come May-September with those hours posted on their website.

For more information on Golf Island, including online tee time booking visit . Also, follow them on social media via Instagram or Facebook .

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Several new restaurant openings in the Spokane area this month

 If you like checking out new places to eat, then you'll be happy this month with several new places announcing their openings. Here's a look at the new places and their opening dates-

11/9 Captain's Cod Company- A new seafood food truck from Western Washington that is relocating to the Spokane area. They plan to continue their existing business model of opening at various locations around the area with their first stop being on Thurs. 11/9 from 11a-7p at Riggero's Ace Hardware at 15405 E. Sprague in Spokane Valley. A calendar of where they will be is posted on their social media sites and they also operate another truck with the same name in Central Washington.

11/10 Cali Fast Burrito- Affiliated with the California Mexican Restaurant which already has a location in North Spokane is Cali Fast Burrito which is opening at 6704 E. Sprague in Spokane Valley. Cali Fast Burrito will open for "lunch" that day then stay open mentioning there will be live music and 50% off of everything all day that day.

11/15 Island Style Food - a food truck featuring a menu of foods Asian fusion foods and items from Guam and Philippines is opening their new brick and mortar restaurant on Nov. 15th from 4-9pm at 2931 N. Division.

11/15 Killer Burger- Portland based Killer Burger is opening their first location in the Spokane area (one is already open in Hayden however) officially on 11/15 with the Spokane Valley Chamber hosting a ribbon cutting at 1:30pm at the restaurant which is in the former Sweeto Burrito location at 15705 E. Broadway in Spokane Valley. Of note they are also doing a training week with the restaurant soft open 11/8-11/12 from 11-6 with a portion of sales being donated to Make a Wish of Alaska and Washington.

11/18 Houston Hot Chicken- A growing chain of hot chicken restaurants, Houston Hot Chicken will open their first Spokane location on 11/18 at noon in their location which is also a former Sweeto Burrito at 1839 N. Ruby St. . The opening promises to be quite the event with a few guests receiving a "special gift" in addition to offering 1,000 free chicken sandwiches along with complimentary food and beverages for attendees.

A $1,000 spice challenge and a car meet are also planned for opening day.

Also new and noteworthy are a couple of other new local restaurants that have recently opened. Those are the new Liberty Lake location of TT's Old Iron Brewery & BBQ. This is their second location and now open at 1950 N. Harvest Pkwy , across from Orchard Park in Liberty Lake

Loren a French inspired speakeasy and restaurant officially opened at the beginning of the month nearby the Spokane Arena at 908 N. Howard on the lower level.

Also on the horizon we're hearing rumblings that the new Weinerschnitzel coming soon to 10220 N. Newport Hwy might be nearing completion after what we hear was delays on getting equipment. However, there is no opening date just yet.

A liquor license has been applied for at the planned Emrys Beer & Mead Works location that also has experienced some delays. Still no opening date but this is a good sign that things are getting closer for this new restaurant coming soon to 21850 E. Wellington Pkwy in Liberty Lake.

Speaking of liquor licenses, one has also been applied for at Hot Pot & Pho planned to be coming to 11110 E. Sprague Ave in Spokane Valley. We tried to get some info about this new restaurant but haven't heard back, all we know is they have a coming soon sign and some work is being done on the building.

And, there's always more to come! 

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Monday, November 6, 2023

Recent Real Estate Transactions - November 2023 edition

 Time for another look at some recent real estate transactions in the Spokane area. Thank you to all the commercial real estate brokers/offices who have included us in their transaction releases to make these posts possible. If you are involved in commercial real estate, please send them to us at 

This list is not meant to be a list of all transactions, just highlights of notable sales the we're aware of. They are posted as they we're sent to us.

Byrd Real Estate Group,LLC reports the lease of +/- 4,964 SF of space at 1602 S. Williams Ln in Spokane to Dynamic Gaming Solutions,LLC

Byrd Real Estate Group,LLC reports the lease of +/- 2,988 SF of space at 5320 E. Sprague Ave #600 in Spokane Valley to Ambarsariya Best Price,LLC

Mmpire,LLC which does business as Empire Roof Coatings has leased 2,988 SF of office/warehouse space at 12018 E. 1st Ave. Rob Kannapien with Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Real Estate handled both sides of the transaction.

Entregar Seattle,LLC has purchased 11.30 acres of land at 21602 E. George Gee Ave. in Liberty Lake. Erik Nelson, Craig Soehren and Danny Patterson with Kiemle Hagood represented the seller.

Northwest Specialty Hospital has leased 7,689 SF of space at 1611 E. Edmonton Ave in Post Falls. Casey Brazil and Mary Keinbaum represented the landlord.

Stephen Barbieri of Goodale & Barbieri handled the lease of 1224 S. Pines Rd. in Spokane Valley to Blend Outdoor Design,LLC . The space is 1,725 square feet.

Ryan Oberg of Goodale & Barbieri handled the sale of land in Airway Heights to Sapphire Hospitality Airway. The land is located at 1203 S. Centre Way

Stephen Barbieri of Goodale & Barbieri represented the Spokane Velocity, the new USL soccer team, in their lease of 5,035 SF of office space at 530 W. Main Ave. in Downtown Spokane.

Athol Eats bringing new food truck court to Athol

 Already open but planning to grow substantially in the coming months is a new pavilion of food trucks in Athol,ID. The new facility is called Athol Eats Food Truck Pavilion and can host about six food trucks during the winter months and they are aiming to have 10-12 trucks there come spring/summer. Athol Eats can be found at 30440 N. Old Hwy 95 in the Town of Athol immediately to the west of the Hwy 54/US 95 interchange.

Photo courtesy of Athol Eats Food Truck Pavilion

In the spring/summer months they also plan to offer a covered seating area but will always be a good option for grab n' go food options. In the immediate future Athol Eats will feature the following trucks-

Golden Fleece Foods featuring a menu of sandwiches, a couple of sides and desserts.

The Wurst Man in Town

Taco Works a new truck for Taco Works, a truck with a menu of tacos, burritos, chimichangas, etc. they also have other already open trucks in Coeur d' Alene and Post Falls.

Those interested in opening a food truck at Athol Eats Food Truck Pavilion can reach out to the owner Tyler Miller at or 208-620-0924. To follow their progress and for more information about Athol Eats check out their Facebook page

Friday, November 3, 2023

Spokane Braves seeking sponsors! #ad

 The Spokane Braves are seeking sponsors for the rest of the 2023/2024 season.  The Spokane Braves are a “Junior A” hockey club (one step below the Spokane Chiefs) playing out of Eagles Ice Arena. 

The Spokane Braves have a few game night sponsorships available for the rest of the 2023/2024 season, including a special night on Saturday, January 13th that will get repeated exposure for your business leading up to that game.  

The Spokane Braves have other sponsorship opportunities available such as in game announcements, and webcast/video sponsorship. 

If your business would like more information on how to sponsor the Spokane Braves please call or text or Dan Eloe at 208.755.9588 or email him at

The Spokane Braves are a proud member of the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League.  Since our founding in 1971, we have consistently moved up players to higher levels of hockey. We are a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to developing players aged 16-20 on and off the ice. Your donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.  

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Construction continues at River Landing at Mirabeau, with first phase already fully leased

 Evidence that the demand for housing in the Spokane area remains strong, the River Landing at Mirabeau multi-family project in Spokane Valley announced this week that it's first phase is already fully leased. This with construction still ongoing to complete the remainder of the project, which in a recent mention in the Spokesman-Review's The Dirt column could one day include 300-400 apartments.

River Landing at Mirabeau is a new upscale residential apartment community located at 13809 E. Carlisle Ave. , just east of Mirabeau Park in Spokane Valley. The site is nearby several employers, shopping like Spokane Valley Mall and is within a growing area itself. The ICCU Spokane Valley Preforming Arts Center is also already well under construction nearby and a new office building, Homewood Suites hotel and yet to be announced golf project all planned to start construction within 1/2 a mile of the River Landing site within the coming months.

Ryan Lewis, residential director for Cowles Real Estate shared "The reception for River Landing has been truly remarkable, and we're excited to see the area come to life. Our residents are excited about the small community feel, the apartment finishes and the location. We are pet-friendly so that has been of interest as well. Residents love having direct access to the Centennial Trail."

Phase 1 is comprised of 17 units, Phase 2 is now open for pre-leasing and includes 24 one- and two-bedroom apartments with move in dates planned for November 2023. Phase 3 will introduce two- and three-bedroom townhomes featuring rooftop decks, these new townhomes we are told are on track from completion by the end of December 2023. For more information on River Landing at Mirabeau, visit their website at

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Lebanon Deli & Grocery opens on Newport Hwy

 A new Middle Eastern grocery store and deli is now open on Newport Hwy in North Spokane. The owners of the Lebanon Restaurant & Cafe at 5th and Wall, nearby Deaconess Hospital have opened the new business which is called Lebanon Deli & Grocery. 

The store can be found just north of the Y at 9222 N. Newport Hwy and is open every day from 10a-7p. Customers will find a large selection of Middle Eastern grocery items from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt and Iraq. Merchandise includes authentic spices and marinades, Zaatar, Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Falafel mix and more. Halal meats are also available for sale.

All photos courtesy of Lebanon Deli & Grocery

In addition to the selection of grocery items, Lebanon Deli & Grocery will also offer prepared Middle Eastern dishes. With more dishes planned to be available as the business progresses. For more information on the business check them out via their Facebook page .

Friday, October 27, 2023

New D&D / game shop and children's store opening in Hillyard this weekend.

 Earlier this year we reported on the opening of the new businesses on the ground floor of The United Building in the Hillyard neighborhood. After a very impressive restoration of the building at 5014 N. Market the space is now home to a location of Bellwether Brewing, a restaurant called Locos and a coffee shop called Derailer Coffee.

Photo courtesy of Bear Totem

But, this weekend the shops that make up the second floor of the historic former bank building will also open for business. Those businesses are both locally owned and operated by a husband and wife. One being Pigasus Toys & Vintage, which will specialize in kids items that are wooden, handmade, gently used or vintage.

The other space will be home to Bear Totem which will sell painting items, miniatures and Magic the Gathering cards along with allowing customers to rent a table for game play including a selection of many board games. Beer will also be available to Bear Totem patrons with 4 taps (growing to 8 eventually) with locally produced beers from Bellwether and For the Love of God Brewing.

The grand opening event for Bear Totem and Pigasus Toys & Vintage will be Saturday, October 28th from 11a-8p for both businesses. For more information find Bear Totem on Instagram or Pigasus on their Instagram

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Many new commercial & residential projects in the pipeline for Mead

 I'm always watching for new businesses and upcoming construction projects for news story ideas on this site. And it's a sure bet that in the coming months and years a lot of those ideas will be coming from the Mead area with several urban development projects currently already in the pipeline and some prime commercial real estate now on the market. Likely due in part to the upcoming completion of the US 395 / North Spokane Corridor freeway which already traverses the area but will connect all the way south to I-90 by 2030.

A map of the area where a good portion of the new development in Mead is planned. Courtesy of Goodale & Barbieri

Let's take a look at some of what's coming-

Mead Works- a Greenstone led development directly behind the new North Spokane Costco store and on 300+ acres of land that was once part of Kaiser's large Mead facilities (hence the development's name). Some early work has already been started and once fully built out the project will have 1400 living units including single family, multifamily and 55+ housing. Like some of the other Greenstone developed projects, this is planned to an urban mixed-use neighborhood with commercial space also included for new stores, restaurants, etc... Much of the primary construction at Mead Works is planned to occur starting next spring.

Multicare- Just north of the North Spokane Costco at 12115 N Mellon Pkwy is a 30 acre parcel that was purchased earlier this year by Multicare Health System. No official word has been given about what the Multicare's plans are there, but we reached out some time ago and we're told the land will be used for future health care development. And, that this project will support Multicare's work to provide greater access to care in the Spokane community. Many are speculating that this land will one day be home to a new hospital.

Planned development at Newport Hwy & Costco access road- Immediately to the south of the Costco store across the access road (labeled as Renshaw Dr on Spokane County government sites) is a planned new commercial development that is currently being marketed by NAI Black. The 14.7 acre site is planned to be a commerical development with some in-line retail space, smaller strip malls and at least two pad sites which are already shown as pending on the marketing materials. It's not known just yet what will open here but we expect to hear more about this in the coming months.

Prime Northgate Land for sale- Goodale & Barbieri is also marketing over 50 acres of prime land along N. Newport Hwy in the same growing area as the projects shown above. These properties (outlined in red on the map above) surely will be appealing to investors, developers and businesses given the location. We also expect to hear more on land sales, new developments coming to this area as well in the coming months. For more information on these parcels contact Ryan Oberg at 509-990-8423 or Cory Barbieri 509-344-4901

North 40 Center- a bit north of the Costco store area at the northwest side of the intersection of N. Newport Hwy & Highland Rd. is a planned new shopping center nicknamed the North 40 Center as it will be anchored by a new North 40 Outfitters store. Construction is estimated to start in 2024 with a new 109,600 SF North 40 store planned that will replace a smaller existing Mead North 40 store. In addition to the North 40 store, a 29,000 SF commercial building with no tenant(s) listed as of yet and three pad sites along Newport Hwy which are shown on the site plan as being marketed for a bank, fast food restaurant and a convenience store. Exact details are still in the works so expect to see more on this project as well in the coming months.

And, don't forget we always welcome tips on new businesses and construction in this and all of Spokane and Kootenai County. Reach out anytime to

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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Construction starts on new mixed-use building on Appleway in Coeur d' Alene

 Construction is underway for a new building that will bring both new apartments and new businesses to the Appleway Quarter development in Coeur d' Alene. The new building has been nicknamed the Lucielle Building and will be at 295 E. Appleway behind the relatively new development's existing two buildings, located just west of the intersection of Appleway & 4th St. and a couple of blocks north of I-90.

Rendering of the planned new building - courtesy of Chad Oakland, Northwest Realty Group.

Plans call for a three-story building that will offer 11,000 SF of commercial space on the ground floor and 24 apartments of varying floor plans on the upper floors. Some of the commercial space is already leased out as well with 208 Massage & Spa planning on moving there from a smaller facility. The new 208 Massage & Spa location is to feature 6 treatment rooms, traditional / infrared sauna and a relaxation area according to a recent social media post from that business. The developer also confirms that a tap house has also leased space, but no mention yet of a business name for them.

Occupancy for the new building is presently planned for the Fall of 2024. J Meyer Construction of Coeur d' Alene is the general contractor for the project with architectural work done by Momentum Architecture also of Coeur d' Alene. Information about the development is available by contacting Northwest Realty Group


Construction underway for new Multicare clinic in the Indian Trail neighborhood

 Construction is now underway for a new Multicare clinic coming soon to Spokane's Indian Trail neighborhood. Associated Construction of Spokane is the general contractor for the new facility, which will be located at 5238 W. Lowell Ave. south of the Sundance Plaza shopping center and nearby the DiVita Dialysis Clinic.

Rendering of the new Indian Trail Multicare clinic- photo courtesy of Multicare.

Construction at the new clinic site- photo courtesy of the Friends of Indian Trail

The new clinic will be a 5,000+ square foot standalone structure. Multicare will offer both primary care and behavioral health services there when it opens, which is currently planned to happen in the third quarter of 2024.

This is the second new clinic project happening in the Spokane region at the moment as a 8000 SF clinic is also under construction at 9834 W. US 2 on the eastern edge of Airway Heights. That clinic will replace a smaller primary care facility nearby and is planned to open in the spring of 2024.

Friday, October 20, 2023

Swing Lounge golf simulator business to open location in Downtown Spokane

 Swing Lounge, a locally owned and operated golf simulator business that already has a location in Spokane Valley is expanding with a new location now in the works for Downtown Spokane. The Valley location will also remain open and can be found by the Spokane Business & Industrial Park at 3808 N. Sullivan Building N15 Suite 103.

The new Downtown Swing Lounge will be on the ground floor of the Bank of America Building at 601 W. Riverside. This new location is planned to offer six golf bays using Trackman Technology allowing golfer to play even iconic courses no matter what the weather is like locally. Which might be important as the Downtown location is planned to open sometime in January with tenant improvements now getting underway at the Bank of America building.

The new location will also have a full bar and full-service kitchen meaning a food menu will also be offered to golfers. For more info on Swing Lounge, check out their website at

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Chipotle Mexican Grill planning new locations in Post Falls, Spokane Valley and others

 Newport Beach,CA based Chipotle Mexican Grill is making a big push into the Inland Northwest. The well-known chain of quick service restaurants already operates 3 locations in Spokane and 1 in Spokane Valley and are now in various stages of development for 4 more new restaurants to come to the area in the coming months.

Chipotle will open a new location in after renovating a former Banner Bank branch at 8909 E. Trent Ave. in Spokane Valley. Additionally, the chain will be the first tenant to open in a new small strip mall called Spokane Station at 9926 W. Sunset Hwy in front of the North 40 Outfitters store on the edge of Airway Heights. A rep with Chipotle confirms that these two new locations are planned to open "this winter".

Over in North Idaho, Chipotle is also poised to make a return as Kootenai County previously had a location in Coeur d' Alene that closed some time back due to corporate cuts. The Chipotle rep. tells us a Coeur d' Alene location is planned to open during the fall of 2024, but doesn't give an address for that location as of the moment (update- the CdA location will be at 163 W. Neider). Post Falls will also be gaining a Chipotle Mexican Grill location as building permits have been applied for to build a new standalone 2325 SF restaurant at 950 N. ID 41 in-between Car Wash Plaza and Bruchi's. The Chipotle rep confirmed that the Post Falls location is planned to open in late 2024.

The new Chipotle restaurants will offer catering services and will also feature the brands signature Chipotlane, a drive-thru lane that allows customers to pick up digital orders without ever having to leave their cars. As of 2022 Chipotle Mexican Grill operates over 3100 restaurant locations across the US, Canada, UK and France. For more information about the company, including menu info and online ordering visit their website at

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

The Press Pickleball Club to open soon in Downtown Spokane

 Pickleball in Spokane continues to grow and fans of Washington's official state sport will soon have another option for play space. The Press Pickleball Club will be a new 6-court indoor pickleball planned to open soon in Downtown Spokane at 1 N. Monroe, the former Spokesman Review production facility.

The name is a homage to the club's location - the former longtime home of the Spokesman Review's printing press. The Press Pickleball Club will be owned and managed by Cowles Real Estate, who also own the One North Monroe building and many other holdings around the area. John Gavin, commercial asset manager for Cowles Real Estate says "The transformation of the facility is underway, and we anticpate the space to be ready for play at the end of November. Over the past three months, we've engaged with members of the local pickleball community to listen to their needs and ensure that this facility becomes a vibrant hub for the sport"

Pickleball players of all levels are invited to provide feedback and shape the future of The Press Pickleball Club via a community survey that can currently be found at Those who complete the survey before October 26th will have a chance to win a $100 Nike gift card. Details of league play and tiered membership structure will be finalized soon.

The Press Pickleball Club will feature six dedicated indoor courts, expansive operating hours, easy reservations through Court Reserve, secure building, convenient parking options, locker room facilities, league play and tournments. 

For more information follow their website at or via social media Instagram or Facebook

Lego Store will open at River Park Square in November

 We we're the first to mention the likelihood of a LEGO corporate retail store coming to Spokane some time ago. And, we have now received confirmation that LEGO is coming and will open in November, just in time for the Holiday shopping season. The new 3,003 SF store will be on to ground floor of River Park Square in Downtown Spokane. The store will have a street level entry facing W. Main. 

Photo courtesy of River Park Square

"The LEGO store at River Park Square will deliver an immersive LEGO Brand experience with a wide product assortment, hands on building experiences for our customers, exclusive promotions and fun events held in store with our amazing staff" said Travis Blue, vice president of Americas brand retail stores, the LEGO group. John Gavin, commercial asset manager for Cowles Real Estate adds "This new LEGO store is an excellent addition to our combination of local shops and primer national brands. LEGO has fans across all ages and does a superior job of of making stores fun, innovative and engaging"

The new Spokane LEGO store will offer a LEGO Pick and Build wall and an expert staff called brick specialists. The new store will feature a wide range of LEGO products including exclusive items sold only at LEGO.COM and in LEGO stores. For more follow for info and updates on the store.

Of note, the store planned for River Park Square is a corporate owned retail store. Earlier this year a locally owned and operated LEGO resale shop opened in the Garland District buy the name of Brick Buy Brick. They are already open, plan to stay open and are not affiliated with the new Downtown store. They can be found at 3915 N. Monroe or online at

Thursday, October 12, 2023

New mobile women's clothing boutique opens in Spokane Valley

 Rebel Hart Co. has announced the grand opening of their new mobile boutique. The mobile boutique grand opening celebration will be Sat. Oct 14th from 11a-5p at 6630 E. Sprague in Spokane Valley. 10% of profits will be donated to Stop The Silence, a local non-profit organization that helps women escaping from domestic violence.

The grand opening is free to attend and will include a selection of bites and beverages and unveil new fall styles. The first 15 people will receive swag bags of accessories and self-care items. There will also be a raffle with over $300 worth of prizes from local small businesses such as Anam Cara Center, 444 Esthetics, Daily Dose, Posted Consulting and Morgan Laine Photography.

The Rebel Hart mobile boutique will bring the excitement and customer service of boutique shopping to local community events and private parties. "We live in an era with an ever-changing shopping experience" explained Kodie Hartin, owner of Rebel Hart Co. "Our mobile boutique is a cool way to enjoy the in-person shopping experience" . 

Coincidentally, the one year anniversary of Rebel Hart Co. first brick and mortar location in Spokane Valley is also this weekend. Their first location opened in Oct 2022 at 6630 E. Sprague Ave. and their second location was co-launched with Small Town Rootz in August of this year in Downtown Spokane at 525 W. Sprague. Rebel Hart Co. offer size-inclusive bohemian-style clothing and accessories, as well as items from other local businesses. 

For more information, visit Rebel Hart Co's website at

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Insomnia Cookies opening first Spokane location this weekend

 Insomnia Cookies, a rapidly growing Pennsylvania based late night bakery concept is opening their first Spokane area location this weekend. In celebration of the new Spokane location, Insomnia Cookies will be holding an all-day in-store grand opening event and late-night celebration baked full of freebies, treats and more. They will be donating a portion of their retail sales from the grand opening to 2nd Harvest.

On Sat. October 14th from 12p-3a "insomniacs" who visit the store will receive 1 free classic cookie (no purchase required) in-store, or 1 free classic cookie with their delivery order (minimum purchase required). Customers will also be able to celebrate late into the night with sweet giveaways, a prize wheel, milk pong and more.

The new Spokane Insomnia Cookies is located at 922 N. Division, at the corner of N. Division and E. Cataldo. The new store will deliver to Gonzaga University, WSU Spokane, Spokane Community College, Spokane Falls Community College and throughout the surrounding neighborhoods. The Spokane location is the third location to open in Washington and their 254th location nationwide.

Insomnia Cookies offers multiple cookie flavors, cookies in ice cream flavors, brookies, brownies and blondies. Additionally, there will be a full slate of vegan options, and a frequently rotating limited edition menu. The local location will be open Mon-Wed 11a-1a, Thurs-Fri 11a-3a, Sat 12p-3a and Sun 12p-1a. They are also still hiring for the new store with info available at

And, for more information and online ordering visit

Monday, October 9, 2023

The Mill, mixed use project nears completion in Coeur d' Alene

 Located at 1705 N. Government Way in Coeur d Alene, a new mixed use development called The Mill is now nearing completion. The development is a project of the Coeur d' Alene based Widmyer Corporation with Yost Gallager Construction acting as the general contractor and architectural design done by Momentum Architecture.

Once fully opened The Mill will offer 43 apartments over top of commercial spaces on the ground floor. The apartments are already being marketed for lease with one- and two-bedroom floor plans available and a rental rate of $1650-$2400 a month as per the development's website.

We're also learning that all of the commercial spaces on the ground floor of the new building are already fully leased. Coeur d' Alene Press columnist Nils Rosdahl shared in a recent report of his that the new businesses joining the building will be-

Ten/6  -- An Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant that had previously been located on 4th St. in Midtown Coeur d' Alene before being replaced by another restaurant. They have been closed since while working on the new location.

Copal Salon

Heart City Barber

Fiore Beauty & Wellness

Lia at the Lake

No info however on exactly when each business will be opening, however. Among the amenities offer to new apartment tenants will be covered parking, fitness center and a rooftop common area patio. For more information on leasing an apartment at The Mill check out their website

Sunday, October 8, 2023

De Leon's Tex Mex Grill opens in Coeur d' Alene

 A Spokane favorite has found its way across state lines with De Leon's first location in North Idaho opening last week in Coeur d' Alene.

The new De Leon's Tex Mex Grill is located in the former Cosmic Cowboy Grill space at 412 W. Haycraft Ave., just north of the I-90 / US 95 interchange. Owners Sergio and Mayra De Leon also operate 3 locations of De Leon's Taco & Bar in the Spokane area and the Hispanic grocery / restaurant combo De Leon Foods with locations and North Spokane and Spokane Valley.

Photos- Chicken enchiladas w/ green sauce above, Horchata below

The new Coeur d' Alene location is restaurant only and features a menu of entrees, burritos, tacos and desserts. Options are even available for breakfast, lunch and dinner with indoor dining and a patio on site. They are open 11-8 Sun-Thurs and 11-9 on Fri & Sat.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Iconic Parkade to celebrate grand re-opening after extensive updates

 The Parkade, a Downtown Spokane landmark is back and better than ever. The facility which calls itself "Spokane's original parking garage" has stood at 511 E. Main since 1967 when it was built for $3.5 million as part of a private renewal project to service the Downtown core of Spokane.

The facility was acquired by a group of investors with local ties in late 2020 and has since underwent extensive repairs, renovations and upgrades to the entire building and its operating systems. The management is partnering with local businesses on a validation program for reduced parking during dining, attending events or working at local restaurants and bars in the evenings and weekends.

A ribbon cutting ceremony is planned to celebrate the grand re-opening of The Parkade on Friday, October 6th with a ribbon cutting ceremony planned for 1pm. Among many individuals planned to be in attendance is Ann Martin, daughter of Warren C. Heylman who was the original architect of The Parkade. Food trucks will also be serving at the site that day from 11a-2p.

The Parkade offers daily and monthly parking with 11 stories and 800 parking spaces. For more info visit their website or find them on social media via Instagram