Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Business Openings & Closings - July 31th 2014

Before taking a look at some of the new businesses opening, expanding or closing in the area just one quick reminder-

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And, now some of the highlights of the many new business opening and closing-

Don Juan's Tailoring & Tuxedo Warehouse

Don Juan's has a new home after moving to a new space on N. Monroe. The business can now be found at 1215 N. Monroe St in Spokane.

Jazz Salon

With several years in business in Spokane, Downtown's Jazz Salon is planning to relocate to another new space in Downtown Spokane.

Soon Jazz Salon will move from their current space at 108 N. Washington to ground floor space in the newly renovated Huppin's Building at 421 W. Main.

Anytime Fitness

With many locations around Spokane and Coeur d' Alene already the Anytime Fitness chain is investing more into the Inland Northwest with a new location within the 5 Mile Shopping Center.

The new 5 Mile Anytime Fitness will be just down from Rosauer's in the plaza at 1804 W. Francis. And just like all other Anytime Fitness locations, this club will also offer work-outs " anytime " by being open 24 hours to members.

Thrifty Pet

A new pet supply business has opened up shop in the East Central neighborhood. The retail shop is called Thrifty Pet and can be found at 728 E. Sprague Ave.

In addition to selling merchandise, Thrifty Pet also purchases some gently used pet items.

Northwest Office Technologies,Inc.

Still providing IT and copier sales and service among a group of other services for the business community, Northwest Office, has relocated it's Downtown Spokane office.

The new office can be found just east of Downtown at 1206 E. Sprague .

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

T-Mobile closes River Park Square store

I was alerted to this recent business closure by a reader. I'm always looking for tips and rumors to explore. If you are reading this and have another tip on a business opening or closing locally don't hesitate to contact me , Matt, at  --------

The T-Mobile store that was in the street level space of River Park Square has closed down rather un-expectantly . The store has moved completely out of the space at 211 N. Wall and here is what we we're able to track down as to why...

The Wall St. T-Mobile is actually a T-Mobile dealer location operated by the company Express Locations. Express Locations is a Wenatchee based company that operates many of the T-Mobile stores in our portion of the country, in fact they operate over 100 stores.

I inquired with Express Locations who said the River Park Square location closed down after the lease ran out on the space on Wall St.. They said they are in the "final stages" of securing a new space Downtown or nearby Downtown to replace the old space. They did not say where this new location will be but did say it should be open by the end of the year.

For now however, Express Locations T-Mobile, does still operate a location about a mile north of Downtown. That location is at the corner of Ruby & Mission in the same shopping center as Jimmy John's at 105 E. Mission Ave. To contact the Mission Ave. T-Mobile store call 509-326-0697.

For more info on Express Locations, including job openings, visit-

For more info on T-Mobile, visit -

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lavadog, Hawaiian hot dog joint opens in Hayden

One of the key aspects I look for when looking at new businesses to post about on this site is uniqueness. If a business is new and brings something new to the area it will go to top of the my list.

Such is defiantly the case with the Lavadog , a new fast service restaurant now open in Hayden. The business can be found in the same shopping center as the Hayden Super 1 grocery store at 180 W. Hayden Ave, by Hayden and US 95.

Lavadog is a locally owned and operated Hawaiian themed hot dog restaurant with a menu full of specialty hot dogs topped with a variety of delicious items. All hot dogs served at Lavadog are 1/4 pound and made of 100% beef.

Here is a look at the Lavadog menu via the businesses Facebook page ( )

Sorry the menu pictures are so blurry as they had to be blown up from their original size. A good way to find out parts of the menu that are unable to be read is the check Lavadog out in person.
And there is one more thing that sets Lavadog apart from the other new businesses opening now around area. And that is how much it looked like this place was never actually going to get here....
Lavadog actually began the process of setting up shop in the Super 1 shopping center during the late fall of last year. The space sat, appearing ready to open, with signage and everything for a number of months. Honestly this blogger had even written this one off as probably not going to ever open. So, it is very satisfying to see that they have overcome whatever issue kept them from opening and are now officially open.
Lavadog is open Monday - Saturday from 11am - 7pm
For more information on Lavadog, find them on Facebook at-
There is also a website planned for Lavadog at , , however as of posting time it appears to still be under construction.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Transformation complete at former Spokane Valley Hooters

Over the last winter the Hooters Restaurant chain , kind of unexpectedly, closed down their restaurant in Spokane Valley. At that time we found out and reported that the space would be remodeled and turned into not one but two new restaurants.

Now flash forward to present day, all the new business are now complete and open in the building which is at 16208 E. Indiana Ave. , just east of Spokane Valley Mall and the I-90 / Sullivan Rd. exit.

Here are the details, on the two new restaurants and even one new casino in the former Hooters-

50 / Fifty

Open in the middle suite of the building is 50 / Fifty or 50/50 . 50/ Fifty is a bar and restaurant with a variety of normal and out of the ordinary burgers. What sets the burgers apart at 50/ Fifty is the patties are made of a blend  50% bacon / 50 % beef or 50% lamb / 50% beef. No word on if all beef is available.

And, in keeping with the fifty theme 50 / fifty also has 50 beers on tap.

Find 50 / Fifty on Facebook at-

Egg It On

Open daily from 7am till 2pm is a new family friendly breakfast restaurant called Egg It on.

Egg It On is in the space that's furthest west in the building. Egg It On is described as a urban farm fusion style with many unique items on the resturants menu. Including a Fruity Pebbles French Toast or a Crunch Berry French Toast among many others.

Find Egg It On on Facebook at-

Even Stevens Casino

When Hooters still occupied the building they also had the Owl Club Casino on the eastern side of the building.

The casino concept is still open at 16208 E. Indiana, however it is now Even Stevens Casino .

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Get Air Trampoline Park coming to Northtown Mall?

We can't confirm it, nor can we give really any details. However it appears a business called Get Air maybe coming soon to Northtown Mall.

The business has filed building permits for tenant improvements and adding doors to a un-mentioned location within 4750 N. Division, which is Northtown.

A quick Google search shows Get Air is a chain of trampoline jumping businesses with a few locations in business now. Included in their location is a location in the Tri-Cities and one coming soon in Yakima. Making Spokane a logical choice for a new location.

We will continue to watch this. It is also of mention another business of similar industry, Sky High Sports, is already in Spokane, with a location on Front just east of Downtown Spokane.

More new tenants announced at Regal Plaza

If your following along here on Inland Northwest Business Watch, and the local media, you probably already know that the new South Hill Target opened for business this week. But what you may not know is that during the ribbon cutting for the Target store, Regal Plaza developer Dave Black announced a few additional tenants coming soon to the Target anchored shopping center.

Here are those most recently announced tenants-

Mod Pizza
A Seattle based pizza restaurant chain. This will be chain's first Spokane location, watch for more on this in the near future.

Sally Beauty Supply

"A haircutting place"
Perhaps Great clips or Supercuts?

A few others
It was mentioned at least a couple of tenants have signed letters of intend to locate at Regal Plaza. However, these we're not announced as of yet.

So, now in all, here are the confirmed tenants coming to the shopping center which is located on the South Hill at the corner of S. Regal and Palouse Hwy. -

Target ( now open )

Petsmart ( also an anchor store )

Starbucks ( inside Target )

Pizza Hut Express ( inside Target )

Mod Pizza

Sally Beauty Supply

Anthony's Beach Café

Café Rio

Many, additional tenants have been rumored to be opening at the plaza. Also a rumor has been swirling around for a few months of a Winco Foods grocery store at or nearby the Regal Plaza project site. This also has never been confirmed but appears may be true just on one of the other parcels closeby.

Leasing is still ongoing at Regal Plaza. For information on leasing space at the large new shopping center, contact NAI Black at-

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Fabric & Gift Store opening soon on the South Hill

Described as a fabric and gift store that will also be a " Quilter's Quilt Shop , Regal Fabrics and Gifts, will open next month on the South Hill.

Regal Fabrics & Gifts will be located at 5620 S. Regal St #8 and will be owned and operated locally by Irene Fransk who herself has been an avid quilter and seamstress for over 40. Fransk has even operated an online sewing business for a number of years.

The new business will offer high quality quilt fabrics and notions, custom sewing products as well as offering a variety of quilt and sewing workshops. The store will also feature hand crafted gifts and collectables from local artisans.

Regal Fabrics & Crafts is tenitivly scheduled to open on or about Aug. 9th. The store's grand opening will be held August 15th and 16th. In all the business will employ 5-7, all of which will be very knowledgeable and passionate about sewing and the products they sell.

Hours of operation will be Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm , although a wine & sew event night will be held Thurs. evenings and on one Thurs. night a month will be a coffee, tea & dessert night.