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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Update- New apartment building rising at Sprague & Madelia

Community Frameworks latest apartment building construction project is now well underway in a neighborhood of Spokane that has been in need of revitalization.

A long E. Sprague at the corner of Sprague & Madelia where a used car lot had operated is now the frame of a 3 story building to be occupied by affordably priced apartments. The building will have 36 rental units and should be ready for occupancy around October of this year.

A second phase of this project is to include a handful of townhomes behind the main building. This portion of the project is on a slightly different schedule and will be done closer to the end of the year. The project will be call 1 South Madelia , a reflection of the building's address and the second major apartment project recently for Community Frameworks who recently completed 315 West, north of Downtown. This project also joins the Sprague Union Terrace building in providing new housing and community spaces for the neighborhood.

Community Frameworks doesn't mention this project as of yet on their website, but they will. And for more information on their many programs / already open apartment developments, visit-

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Renovations coming for The Otis Hotel?

Not much is known as of today about what the future holds for the vacant Otis Hotel building at 110 S. Madison St in Downtown Spokane. But if the documents I've un-covered are any indication we might be seeing a re-birth of the building that today is more famous for being used in the TV show Z Nation then any sort of permanent occupancy.

But just a few days ago a " pre-development conference " application was filed for the Otis showing a renovation plan for the building. Under that plan construction would start in about July of this year to create a new mixed use development. Newly renovated commercial space would occupy the first floor and apartments on floors 2-5.

The plan calls for just over 100 apartments, all studio and one bedroom units, likely using the micro-apartment style as the floor plans show the smallest apartments being in the 250 square foot range.

The Otis has been vacant since 2007 and was last used low income housing but was originally opened as a hotel in 1911 with a restaurant on the bottom floor. That bottom floor space will return to commercial use under the re-development plan but there is no mention of what kind of business would be there.

Keep watching this site as we expect a more formal announcement about this building in the next couple of months.

Region's first Staybridge Suites planned in Coeur d' Alene

A brand of hotel with no locations as of yet in the Inland Northwest is planning on opening a franchise here in the coming months. That brand is Staybridge Suites and they are a part of the much larger Intercontinental Hotel Group ( Holiday Inn is included under this parent company ) . They are still in planning phase for their first location here so no opening date is set yet and construction at the site likely won't start for awhile.

Staybridge Suites will open in Coeur d' Alene near the main entrance to Riverstone, just off of Northwest Blvd. The hotel is expected to occupy the entire lot immediately to the north of McDonald's and will offer 96 suites on five stories.

Plans also call for the hotel to have an indoor pool , fitness center , complimentary breakfast , wifi and more. Staybridge Suites are a more apartment style suite hotel with suites including kitchens , similar to Residence Inn hotels. The chain has been in business since the late 1990's but has really seen more aggressive expansion in the last few years. Currently the brand has over 220 locations and another 114 are in development.

This new hotel would be the second hotel to be purposed with a short stretch of the Northwest Blvd. corridor north of Downtown Coeur d' Alene. A Fairfield Inn & Suites is behind their original schedule but is apparently still planned near the Northwest Blvd. / US 95 junction. These projects will likely help alleviate the high occupancy rates hotels often hit in the resort city during the warmer months.

For more information on Staybridge Suites, visit their website at-

And, keep watching this posting as we hope to have more information like renderings and timelines soon.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spokane / Coeur d' Alene to lose more Radio Shack stores under bankruptcy filing

Radio Shack, a Fort Worth,TX based chain of electronics stores unfortunately filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this month. This is their second time filing after the company entered and successfully exited bankruptcy in 2015 but not before shedding some 2400 stores nationwide.

Expects say Radio Shack may not be able to recover from this filing but so far no news has been officially announced on that front. Currently the chain is planning to close a little under 200 more stores and sadly it looks like 2 of the those closures are stores in our area. These locations include...

Radio Shack- Francis
1910 W. Francis Ave. ,Spokane

Radio Shack- Coeur d' Alene Town Center shopping center
131 E. Best Ave, Coeur d' Alene

Both of these locations will host clearance sales which have already started. And good news is neither will become vacant. This because after Radio Shack's last bankruptcy their existing stores became half Radio Shack and half Sprint cell phone store. In the case of both of these locations they will just become Sprint locations. However it is not mentioned if this means employee lay offs or not.

For the time being Radio Shack will also maintain 2 Spokane locations, even though this round of closures leaves Coeur d' Alene with no locations. The 2 local Radio Shacks not included in the closures ( but, this may change... ) are at Lincoln Heights shopping center ( 2829 E. 29th Ave. ) and 13516 E. Sprague Ave. in Spokane Valley.

For more information on Radio Shack, visit-