Thursday, October 16, 2014

Real Estate Corner: The big hole Downtown

I haven't posted a real estate corner posting for sometime because for some reason it brings a lot of spam messages / e-mails. But to help get the big hole at the corner of Third and Division I figured I'd try once more.

So, if your looking to relocate your business or invest in prime Downtown commercial real estate please take a look...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New business openings & closings - Oct. 15th 2014

Here's a few of the new businesses coming and going from the Spokane / Coeur d' Alene area-


With one location already open in Spokane, the Farmgirlfit fitness center business has expanded to Coeur d' Alene. The Farmgirlfit CdA location is in the 2900 block of N. Government Way in a small shopping center just a north of the Les Schwab tire center.

Urban Apothecaries Spokane

Supplement and sports retailer Sound Body has rebranded and is now open, still in their original location at Five Mile in North Spokane. The shop is open with some new products, etc... at 1902 W. Francis Ave. Suite 125 .

Spokane Bicycle Co.

A new bicycle sales and bicycle accessory shop opened over the summer in Downtown Spokane. The new business is called Spokane Bicycle Co. and can be found at 125 S. Stevens Ave.

Lucky Detour

Looking vintage and other home d├ęcor items? Then take a "detour" over to Lucky Detour, a new vintage business in Spokane's Vinegar Flats neighborhood. The shop is owned Celeste Shaw who also owns Chaps Restaurant, not far from where Lucky Detour is located.

Lucky Detour is at 1930 S. Inland Empire Way.

And, over at Silver Lake Mall in Coeur d' Alene....

A couple of new business have set up shop recently at Silver Lake Mall. They include...

Lost & Found Antiques and Treasures

Scarlett Golf Experience - an HD style golf simulator business.

Hickory Farms - Seasonal shop, Opening soon. Additional locations will also be likely in Spokane's malls

Wake Up Call Coffee to open new location in Spokane

Often recognized as of the best coffee shops in Spokane, The Wake Up Call is expanding it's reach. The company already operates a few locations locally, all of which fall within Spokane Valley. But, that will soon change as the Wake Up Call is planning to open a shop inside the city limits of Spokane.

Above, is a rendering of the new Spokane Wake Up Call which is now scheduled to open sometime in early 2015. The location will be at 3526 E. 5th Ave. which falls within the Freya / Thor couplet just a couple of blocks east of the Thor Fred Meyer.

The new Wake Up Call on 5th Ave will be similar most of the locations with the shop featuring a small walk in coffee shop and dual drive thru lanes. Also this new location will offer the long daily business hours which start at 4am during the week.

Wake Up Call already operates four locations, all of which will remain open. Those locations can be found at-

1106 N. Pines Rd.

112 N. Evergreen Rd.

210 N. Sullivan Rd.

1703 S. Dishman Mica Rd. ( Drive-thru only )

For more information on Wake Up Call find them via these links-

Thursday, October 9, 2014

New life and tenants coming to 304 W. Pacific, Downtown Spokane

I mentioned the large brick warehouse building at 304 W. Pacific in Downtown Spokane not too long ago as the place where the Terrain art exhibition was hoping to set up their first year round art gallery / performing arts center. And while that effort, nicknamed The Campaign for Terrain, is now underway, it looks like even more then just that effort is also underway for 304 W. Pacific.

304 W. Pacific is more commonly known for being the former Washington Cracker Co. .
The building is located on the southern edge of Downtown Spokane on the end of Pacific Ave., which has also been nicknamed Spokane's Creative Alley for it's already numerous creative business, making Terrain a perfect fit. The street has also been the site of several of Spokane's most exciting building renovation projects, that even includes the now under construction project over at the former Cold Storage building in the 100 block.

Plans call for Terrain to take 4,000 squrare feet of the building for their new gallery. But also included for the building are the following-

- A new tasting room for the local winery Overbluff Cellars.

- A un-named coffee shop

- Fellow Co-Working , a co-working business, that's currently over on Howard, also in Downtown Spokane. Fellow was started and is operated by Luke Baumgarten who is one of several people who are behind Terrain.

The building, despite it's size, has sat largely empty in recent history. Because of this the building will need major construction to bring it back into use. Construction will start soon, with the building to be completed sometime early next year.

Some additional uses may also become of the left over space within the building. These spaces will likely be for office uses and possibly even a residential use.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Red Tail at the Arena opens inside the Spokane Arena

The Coeur d' Alene Casino is expanding the reach of it's Red Tail Sports Bar with a new location, this time in Spokane.

The Casino recently partnered with the Spokane Public Facilities District to bring Red Tail to a new space within the Spokane Arena. The new bar is called Red Tail at the Arena and is smaller then the original but has an impressive view.

Red Tail at the Arena is on what the Arena called Spotlight Landing and is the only space with a landing looking out into the main arena for prime viewing of all events including Spokane Chiefs games which is where this picture was taken from-

But, Because my cell phone takes really poor photo's here is a picture directly from the Spokane Arena Facebook page ( ) -

Red Tail at the Arena is the third bar to open for business within the Arena. The first was Absolut Grill which is on the concourse nearby the northwest entrance. Absolut has a full bar and a food menu.

The Arena's other full bar is the Jameson Pub, a Irish bar also on the concourse. Centerplate has operates several concession stands and a couple of other vendors also sell within the Arena.

For more info on Spokane Arena, and the many upcoming events visit their web site-

Chipotle Mexican Grill is coming to Coeur d' Alene

I'm calling it, the long running rumor of the Chipotle Mexican Grill chain opening in Coeur d' Alene is true. I now have multiple reliable resources saying that the company has signed a letter of intent locally with building permits and official announcements coming in the near future.

The new Coeur d' Alene Chipotle Mexican Grill will be built along Appleway near the intersection of Appleway and US 95. Design work on this new location is already underway, but there is no opening date yet. The building will actually be a new construction raising from what is currently a parking lot by the existing Tomato Street Restaurant.

As of now no construction has started, so no hiring has started. We will keep checking for news on the job front including how many jobs this new business will create.

Chipotle Mexican Grill already has a location in Spokane, which will also remain open. That location is at 930 N. Division in the University District.

For more information on Chipotle visit them at-

Monday, October 6, 2014

Washington Trust Bank to renovate / move into Ridpath Annex

Earlier today I posted about the recently uncovered plans to renovate the large building at 119 S. Stevens into retail and office space after sitting largely un-used for sometime.

But also coming soon to the exact same neighborhood is another renovation project affecting another long time vacant building. I, unfortunately have very little about the exact plans on this one.

Washington Trust Bank has acquired the former Ridpath Annex, which was historically a "motor inn" style addition to the Ridpath Hotel located across First Ave. from the main hotel building. The building has been empty for sometime although there was once a plan to turn the building into condo's , all plans for that have since fallen through however.

Washington Trust Bank will renovate the entire building for their own office space. The bank has filled all it's available office space it uses in the Washington Trust Financial Center at 717 W. Sprague, a skyscraper on the Western side of Downtown Spokane an continued growth within the bank has prompted their need for the new building.

There is no word as of now about what departments of the bank will be located within the Ridpath Annex or how many new jobs this new office space will create.

Also, the Ridpath Annex is attached via a skybridge to the main Ridpath Hotel. I have no news on wither or not it will stay or be removed. The main Ridpath Hotel is planned to also be renovated into a large new apartment complex. That project is still planned, although is running late due to excessive and unexpected water damage when a pipe burst earlier this year.