Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Business & Development Map!

On this site you'll still find posts about new businesses & developments coming to Spokane / Coeur d' Alene. But, after a short time these posts disappear into the endless pages of " previous posts" , but now if your coming here to find out about a particular construction site you can use this handy dandy Google Map of most everything I've posted about recently....

Note: not all of the construction project or new business locations will be listed on here but I will do my best to keep it up to date and add new projects as I know of them.

And, don't forget new business postings are still on this site, just scroll down!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Yokes Fresh Market closes deal, Trading Company stores are now Yokes

Recently we announced sale of the remaining Trading Company grocery stores to Yoke's Fresh Market . The growing Spokane Valley based Yoke's grocery chain has now closed on the sale of the stores and has already put up signs and re-named the stores a part of the Yoke's chain, a move that happened quickly.

So far Yoke's has basically only converted the signage , staff uniforms , etc... but each store will be remodeled in the coming months. However unlike when Yoke's acquired the former Haggen grocery store in Liberty Lake the stores will remain open during the remodel. Details of the remodel are still coming as they are working on ironing out details of what each local area's needs are. However the stores will be similar to the other Yoke's Fresh Market stores.

Each remodel will take about 2 months and the Post Falls Yokes will be the first to be remodeled. All locations should be completed by the Spring of 2017 . The sale included 4 stores that we're operated by Trading Company a smaller locally owned and operated grocery store chain who's owners retired from the grocery business.

The stores switching from Trading Company over to Yoke's Fresh Market are-

1501 E. Seltice Way Post Falls,ID

4 Cheney Spokane Rd.  Cheney,WA

13014 E. Sprague Ave.  Spokane Valley,WA

4235 Cheney Spokane Rd.  Spokane,WA

For more information on Yokes Fresh Market, visit their website at-

Thursday, September 22, 2016

What's going in out front of Lowe's on N. Division? It's Panera Bread!

I've been getting several emails asking about what is going in at the new construction site in front of Lowe's and next to Taco Bell on N. Division . Some thinking this might be the new Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen location we confirmed recently. It is not, Popeye's new store will be just north of there, in the same area as Sportsman's Warehouse ( more on that still to come... ) .

Actually this site is being developed for the first location of Panera Bread to fall within the city limits of Spokane. The chain first came to the Inland Northwest in 2015 with the opening of their now successful location at 15716 E. Indiana Ave in Spokane Valley. The chain also just this month wrapped up construction and opened a location in Hayden by the corner of US 95 & Prairie Ave.

The new Panera Bread being constructed on N. Division ( 6550 N. Division to be exact ) has no set opening date as of yet, but will likely be similar to the Spokane Valley location. In fact, the building will be the same size with 5100 square feet of space . It also will have both a dine in area and a drive through lane , like all of the Panera Bread chain locations catering services will also be available upon request. The new restaurant will employ around 65-75 total.

For the time being this is the only not yet open , but announced Panera Bread location to come to the Inland Northwest. There is speculation however that Panera might be a tenant in the now under construction Commons on Regal development on the South Hill but the developer there says he won't release planned tenants names for a while yet so we will just have to wait and see.

For those unfamiliar with Panera Bread, check out their web site at-

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Historic former Wonder Bread Factory sells

It's been called one of the most prime spots for re-development in Spokane, the former Wonder Bread factory building has been sold and might not have to sit vacant too much longer. But don't count on construction workers moving into the building anytime soon as the new owner has not yet decided on their plans for the building and / or land.

The building, which is just a stone's throw south of the Spokane Arena at 803 N. Post is now owned by a group of real estate investors called Wonder Spokane, LLC . The investment group includes Pete Mounsey , who is the same name behind the recent remodel of the Lincoln View Apartments building at 721 S. Lincoln on the Lower South Hill.

Wonder Spokane,LLC says they are beginning to look into what the building could be re-purposed as. The building however will likely be a mixed use development of some kind with 111,000 square feet of space already in the historic brick former factory / warehouse building. The building has not been used since 2000 but has an amazing amount of possibilities for new uses.

The site appears on the outside to still be good condition and the parcel is allowed to house a building up 12 stories which could mean they could build up the existing building or ??? . Some parking is already at the site and one building on the lot ( not included in this sale ) has already been renovated and is now going strong as the home David's Pizza.

The site holds much potential with the proximity to Spokane Arena, Kendall Yards and even Downtown Spokane which is just across Riverfront Park from the Wonder Bread factory building. As mentioned there is no plans for the building yet so as of now any plans at this point are only heresy but the area is in need of residential space. And, would be a perfect home for a public market which Spokane has been lacking. The possibilities are incredible so the sale of the building could be huge for Spokane.

We will continue to watch for news on any future plans so stay tuned!

Park n' Jet going out of business, property to be converted

One of only two off site airport parking facilities at Spokane International Airport , Park n' Jet, has announced they are going out of business. The facility is closing largely due to stiff competition of the Airports own parking lots, which includes the promoted North Shuttle Lot which features parking with shuttle to the terminal for only $4 a day.

Park n' Jet ( 5602 W. Sunset Hwy. ) offered competitive ( yet higher ) parking rates with extra touches like bottled waters and newspapers included in the cost of parking. But the additional price, distance to the Airport and increased fees charged by Airport to Park n' Jet have taken a hard hit on the company's business. The facility is operated as a division of Diamond Parking Service who also owns the neighboring self storage facility.

In the coming months the self storage business will expand onto the land used for parking . That business, which is called Diamond Storage also recently built a group of new storage units on the west side of the site. With the new business direction they also claim to be hoping to include new storage options.

Park n' Jet has stopped taking in cars for parking effective immediately but will continue in some operation till the end of September. Employees of Park n' Jet will be laid off, at closing the business employed about 25. This closure effects only the Park n' Jet Airport Parking site and airport parking is still available on multiple on lots owned by Spokane International Airport surrounding the Terminal .

Also there is still an off site parking option at Spotted Road Parking Express at 1610 S. Spotted Rd. Their facility, while smaller then Park n' Ride's has many positive reviews online and offers low rates and shuttle service to and from the Terminal. For more information on Spotted Road Parking Express visit their website at

And, for more information on the storage options at Diamond Storage visit-

Monday, September 19, 2016

Kalispel Linen Services new facility in Airway Heights going full steam ahead

About five years ago the Kalispel Tribe of Indians built a new warehouse on property just southwest of their popular Northern Quest Resort & Casino in Airway Heights. A small section of the warehouse was a laundry operation called K-Wash which mostly only did the laundry services for the for the Casino and it's 250 hotel rooms.

But seeing an opportunity the Kalispel Tribe has branched out the laundry operation with this Summer's opening a Kalispel Linen Services. This new business is located in a newly constructed 32,000 square foot industrial building immediately south of the warehouse at 202 S. Industry Dr . .The laundry operations inside the warehouse have now ceased ,although other Tribal departments continue to use that building.

The new Kalispel Linen Services building will allow for millions of pounds of laundry to be cleaned and dryed each year. In fact, with the additional space Kalispel Linen Services has also secured a contract with Providence Health System to provide laundry services for their area hospitals and health care facilities. The center will also continue doing the laundry service for Northern Quest and likely they will seek out more laundry contracts in the future to keep growing this new business venture.

The addition of this new business has also meant more new local jobs. At full staffing the Kalispel Linen Services plant employs 70, which is 50 more jobs then what they had at the small K-Wash operation next door. The new business is actually still hiring for some of these jobs and some have been filled by employees of Providence who came over with the move of their laundry operations to this plant.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Large mixed use building purposed at Division & Spokane Falls in Downtown Spokane

The abandoned auto repair shop on the southeast side of the intersection of Division & Spokane Falls Blvd. has attracted a couple of prior development plans. Two in fact, and to date the abandoned building still sits there waiting. Perhaps because both plans involved converting the lot into a large high rise, an ambitious plan.  

But, now a third plan has been purposed and is going to a pre-development conference with the city ( a common first step for projects like this ). And, while nothing will happen overnight this plan seems the most realistic to date. On top of that the developer , University Housing Partners of San Clamente,CA is the same people who recently opened to the new 940 North student apartment building only a few blocks to the north of this site.

The plans for the building, which is un-named but would have an address of 230 N. Division, are for it to be mixed use. The building would be only six stories ( significantly lower then the previously purposed skyscrapers ) with floors 2 - 6 being apartments , likely similar to the apartments at 940 North which are designed for the students of the close by University's . The location of these apartments would also likely be a selling point also as the blocks immediately surrounding the site have become quite hip in the last few years with several bar's, trendy shops and more all within a easy walk.

The ground level would be mostly space for retail or restaurants with no tenants names mentioned. There would be 12,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor in possibly 4 storefronts. A lobby for the apartment levels would also be located here and the all important parking area would also be on the ground level located out of sight behind the commercial area's

We reached out to University Housing Partners who said it was " too early to comment " on the plan. However it seems like the project would mostly be a perfect fit for the area and urban area housing projects are proving to be successful at this point in time . We will just have to wait and see if the building plan can get off the ground and bring new life to the presently life-less corner in Downtown Spokane