Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Business & Development Map!

On this site you'll still find posts about new businesses & developments coming to Spokane / Coeur d' Alene. But, after a short time these posts disappear into the endless pages of " previous posts" , but now if your coming here to find out about a particular construction site you can use this handy dandy Google Map of most everything I've posted about recently....

Note: not all of the construction project or new business locations will be listed on here but I will do my best to keep it up to date and add new projects as I know of them.

And, don't forget new business postings are still on this site, just scroll down!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mixed use building purposed in CdA near Sherman Ave.

An exciting new five story building is about to become a reality in a somewhat distressed part of the City of Coeur d' Alene. The building will rise along Coeur d' Alene Lake Dr. just a couple of blocks south of Sherman adjacent to the O'Shay's Irish Pub.

The building will be modern with mostly apartments. All upper floors will be divided into rental residences , 30 apartments in all. The ground floor of the building will be commercial with 2500 square feet total of space, currently being marketed for lease geared towards coffee shops / quick service restaurants. The commercial space is divisible and a drive though and patio dining area is available. This space leases for $18.00 per square foot.

Details on the apartments, including their rental rates are not yet available. The location, while near some less then ideal properties is still great. The new building will have direct access onto the Centennial Trail and is only an couple of blocks from I-90 for commuters. It is also thought that this new development may spark other projects in the area with several other vacant parcels up for sale along the same roadway.

The project is being developed by local business person Ben Widmyer who is also acting as the leasing agent for the project. More information can be found on or by contacting Mr. Widmyer directly at 208-292-3770 . If construction goes as planned groundbreaking will be in the next few months and a completion date of next Jan or before.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Papa John's Pizza adding new Inland Northwest locations

The well known Kentucky based Papa John's Pizza chain is expanding it's presence in the Inland Northwest. One of the chain's franchisees for this area has brought the pizza place back to North Idaho and another location is in the works for North Spokane. Here is the details-

Papa John's is now open in Hayden,ID

One of your more common email questions of me lately has been when is the new Papa John's in Hayden going to open? And, unfortunately the wait was a bit longer then we all expected but I am happy to report the Papa John's Pizza in Hayden has opened for business.

The location offers both carry out and delivery and can be found in the same shopping center as Super 1 Foods . Their address is 240 W. Hayden Ave Suite A , near the Hayden Ave. / US 95 intersection. To place and order call 208-772-5341

A new Papa John's coming soon to North Spokane

As one franchise location finishes and opens their doors the next new location is announced. Ryan Towner and Dallas Lightner of the commercial brokerage NAI Black have secured a lease for a new Papa John's in the Northpointe Plaza area.

We don't know exactly when this location will open, although it will be a bit since they just leased the space. But it is said to be at 9600 N. Newport Hwy. which is somewhere either in or around the Northpointe Plaza itself. We'll likely have more on this soon...

As of today Papa John's operates 6 locations in the Spokane area and the new one in Hayden. This comes after a franchisee who owned all of the area locations folded in 2011 leaving the Inland Northwest without any open locations.

The company is the third largest take out and delivery chain in the world being in operation since 1984. The company however has been highly controversial with CEO John Schanatter being a vocal opponent of the Affordable Care Act. Also, the company has been in legal trouble at times including for a class action lawsuit for underpaying some 19,000 delivery drivers.

For more information or to begin an online order, visit their website at- 

North 40 Outfitters looks to be nearing construction for a new Airway Heights store

It's been a rumor for years, but in fact it is actually true that North 40 Outfitters ( formerly known as Big R Stores ) is planning on opening a store in Airway Heights. The plans have been on hold and the location has been moved around but there is a plan.

And, now finally it looks like 2017 will be the year North 40 finally builds their store. Actually there is a chance we'll see dirt being turned within the next 3 or 4 months.

This is because the land owners have filed to do a pre-development conference with the City of Spokane ( site technically falls in Spokane city limits, but near Airway ) . The conference is for a new big box store at the northeast corner of US 2 and Deer Heights Rd. near where the new Dairy Queen just opened. In the application it mentions actual construction starting in the Spring.

The only thing about this is that the included site plan never actually mentions what business this plan is for. However everything about the plan matches North 40 Outfitters store plans, in fact the contractor ( Young Construction Group ) and architect ( h2a Architects, PA ) are the exact same two who we're involved with the recent expansion of the North 40's major remodel / expansion of their store in Coeur d' Alene.

The plan, as it stands today calls for a store of 85,000 square feet " ag and outdoor retailer " with a garden center and areas designated in the new surface parking lot for outdoor stock / display , much like North 40 Outfitters stores usually have. The store would face US 2 but be set back a bit with lots of parking in the front.

Along the front of the property, right along US 2's right of way it shows 3 pad sites likely to be sold / leased to other businesses. Although example buildings are shown, no business names or exact plans are included.

We'll keep an eye on this project as it's clearly not a done deal, but it's looks extremely positive that this is North 40 and that they will be building this new Airway Heights store soon. Orginaly North 40 Outfitters had mentioned using some land nearby this site for a new distribution center also to serve their other stores in our region, this seems to not be part of the plan just yet.

Stay tuned...