Monday, May 22, 2017

De Leon's opening DeLeon's BarTaco in North Spokane

The De Leon family is in growth mode with their businesses with this weekend's announcement that they will be opening a new restaurant in North Spokane. This new restaurant is to be called De Leon's BarTaco.

De Leon's BarTaco will open as soon as June in the Whitworth Square shopping center at 10208 N. Division suite 110. Deleon's BarTaco will be a family friendly restaurant that serves a menu of their most popular tacos, burritos, guisados ( stewed meats ) and on the weekends they will also serve menudo and pozole. They also will have some alcoholic beverage choices.

This new restaurant serves as an addition to De Leon's 2 Hispanic grocery stores which are Spokane's go to spot for Hispanic foods and merchandise. Both of their grocery stores also have in store eateries, bakeries, and of course awesome tamales!

All entities of De Leon Foods is locally owned and operated by the De Leon family themselves. They also produce their own tortillas and tortilla chips which are also sold wholesale to a number of the area's restaurants.

For more info find them online at-

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Green's Fresh Market opening soon in Hillyard

Fresh, local produce and other foods will soon be easier to find in Hillyard with the planned opening of a new store called Green's Fresh Market.

Green's Fresh Market is a locally owned and operated business from owners Jack & Mary Green. They have purchased a 3500 square foot building at 4915 N. Market, at the Market St. & Olympic Ave. and hope to open the new market there next month.

The business will primarily focus on fresh produce but will likely seek to add more grocery items. The even hope to add a limited selection of meats and deli items within the first few months. It will be exciting to see how this business evolves in the coming weeks and months.

Green's Fresh Market can found on Facebook at-

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Monroe Street Grill to take place of former Shari's on Monroe

The former Shari's restaurant location at 1829 N. Monroe has sat empty since Shari's closed down that location about 4 years ago. For a time in 2016 it looked like the site was to be sold and demolished for a new Burger King restaurant. But shortly after that plan was proposed, the franchisee backed out due to the city's rules for pedestrian corridors that would likely have not allowed a new drive thru lane to be constructed.

Fast forward to today and workers are now prepping the building, not to be torn down, but to be saved and turned into a new locally owned and operated restaurant. The owners behind Top of the Line Seafood & Burgers in Cheney are planning on moving their restaurant operations into the building and re-naming it the Monroe Street Grill.

The Monroe Street Grill is planned to open sometime in June and will feature the same breakfast, lunch and dinner menu as Top of the Line did. They also hope to soon add even more sandwiches and dinners and possibly doing more on their smoker. Also the move allows them to hire on a few more employees

Monroe Street Grill doesn't seem to have a separate website set up yet, but more info on the business and their menu can be found on Top of the Line's Facebook page at-

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Advance Auto Parts to kick off new retail project along Ruby

About a year ago we mentioned the purposed plans for a project called the North Gateway Center, off of Ruby north of Downtown Spokane. Many of these proposals come and go and it's sat as little more then a promotional page on SDS Realty's website all this time, until now.

Now it looks like the project is moving forward with a recent city meeting and plans that show an actual tenant in a new building and plans to remodel another building that is already on the site. The site of the development is in-between Ruby & Division , bound by Ermina on the south and Montgomery on the north. The development will someday take up most of the block, except for the northwest corner where " The Bargain Lot " used auto dealership sits today.

The plans now call for-

- The auto repair / tire place at the corner of Ruby & Ermina to be replaced by a 6,912 square foot stand alone Advance Auto Parts store.

- A renovation to the older building that housed Brock's Gunsmithing and a barbershop. It would be leased out but no tenants mentioned for that area just yet.

- The vacant lot to the north , where the shed sales center currently sits is considered a future phase with a new retail building on it and parking space in the rear of the building accessed off of Montgomery. Judging by the site plan I'm guessing that building would also be in the 6 or 7000 square foot range.

Leasing work is ongoing for this project and the project is being marketed by SDS Realty of Spokane. For more information about leasing space here or at their other listings visit-

The Gyro Shack to open location in Coeur d' Alene

A small chain of quick service Greek restaurants from Southern Idaho is coming soon to Northern Idaho. The Gyro Shack, which is based in Boise has secured a location in Coeur d' Alene and hopes to open for business here around the middle of this Summer.

The Gyro Shack operates mostly as small to medium sized shack style drive up buildings but here the chain will occupy a space in the Ironwood Square shopping center facing Ironwood Dr, just east of US 95. This is the only planned Gyro Shack in the Inland Northwest however the company is actively franchising their concept and even have 2 locations being planned for Western Washington. Their other locations ( 4 total ) are in the Boise / Meridian area.

The Gyro Shack promotes themselves as " Real Greek, Real Fast " about a dozen different gyro and pita sandwich choices. They offer everything from an original gyro up to less common choices like a spicy bacon avocado gyro , a Philly gyro and something called The Z. Non-meat lovers will also be satisfied with The Gyro Shack as they also offer a veggie gyro and have sides like a Greek salad. And, of course no Greek restaurant would be complete without fresh baklava.

For more information on The Gyro Shack, check out their website at-

Monday, May 15, 2017

Shamus's Sandwich Shoppe to open location at former Buckhorn Inn in Airway Heights

The landmark Buckhorn Inn's building at 13311 W. Sunset Hwy. in Airway Heights won't end up being empty too much longer. The Buckhorn Inn, as you may recall closed their doors at the end of 2016 after being in businesses since the 1970's .

But the building that housed the restaurant and bar has been sold to the people behind Shamus's Sandwich Shoppe and they plan to open a new location of their locally owned and operated deli in the building.

The new Airway Heights Shamus's location will feature identical hours and an identical menu to their other two locations. Both of the existing Shamus's locations in Spokane Valley, one being by Sprague & Havana and the other off of Pines, a bit north of Sprague. These locations will both stay in business as well.

The new Airway Heights location will be the business's largest location at about 3500 square feet. It also will feature a small selection of beer's on tap. Shamus's Sandwich Shoppe promotes that they have " fast service, large portions and fair prices " . Their menu features delicious sounding sandwich choices like Rocky's Italian Stallion, Smokehouse, King of Clubs and many more. Customers can even build their own sandwiches or get soups which includes Ivar's Clam Chowder.

For more information on Shamus's Sandwich Shoppe, visit their web site at-

The Falls, high rise near Spokane Arena, might happen soon

There has been rumblings for quite sometime that a developer was planning to replace the former YWCA campus near Downtown with a huge new high rise project. We hear it mentioned occasionally, sometimes I'll get asked about it, but yet days and days go by and the YWCA buildings sit at N Lincoln & Broadway empty and waiting for someone to do something.

We discovered last year that Spokane based LB Stone Development was hiring for a project manager for the development and while I don't know if that position ever did get filled, it looks like work has moved forward on the plan. We know because plans we're recently revealed along with some other documents submitted for a pre-development meeting with the City of Spokane. And, if The Falls development is built as the plans are now, this will be a game changer for the north bank of the Spokane River.

While this is a HUGE step forward for The Falls it by no means construction will start tomorrow. Actually with a plan of this size I don't expect any construction this year ( I hope I'm wrong though, please prove me wrong LB Stone ) .

So, just what is The Falls. Here is the details-

-Two high rise towers, height and number of floors not shown but once upon a time it was to be 12 stories. Maybe still the same?

- 120 apartments

- 18 condos

- 120 room hotel

- 25,000 square feet of retail / restaurant space

- 25,000 square feet of office space.

The Falls would be built in a similar kind of construction to the newly proposed mixed use buildings next to The Inlander in Kendall Yards. They would be a podium style construction built overtop of a large underground parking garage.

No contractor is shown for The Falls high rise yet but we do know that design work is being done by Collins Woerman Architects of Seattle.

We will keep an eye on this project as it progresses....

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Spokane Construction Project List

Inland NW Business's main site is updated usually several times each week. But, a lot of you come here asking " hey, what's going in there? " to specific projects. Many of these we're posted, just it's been long enough back that they no longer appear on the main page. So, here are some links to projects you may want to know about.

If you don't see what your looking for, e-mail me at . I may just have missed posting a link to it or maybe it's something I haven't worked into posting on the main site yet and would love to know what you want to know about!

This will remain as the " featured post" from now on so you can reference it at anytime.

New North Spokane Costco

Project at Newport & Holland
*project will also include a small retail center which for some reason I didn't mention in the article.

Popeyes Chicken Post Falls

Watch for more on Popeyes planned location in Spokane. Yes it's coming and yes it's been mentioned on the site but not current enough to share here. I can say however it will be on N. Division on a out lot of the Sportsman's Warehouse store.

Large planned expansion at Northern Quest Resort & Casino

The M (aka the old Macy's)
Still no official word on who the commercial tenants will be.

West End Lofts

The Otis possible re-development

The Ridpath re-development
This article is about 2 years old but looks up to date as far as the plan goes. Just legal issues have stalled this project more than once. Looks to actually be happening now though.

Abandoned Tradewinds Hotel being renovated into a Howard Johnson
The opening date mentioned in the article is clearly wrong but it should open sometime soon and I'll re-post about this project then.

New six story Hampton Inn on the Lower South Hill, near Sacred Heart
The opening date has been pushed back to the fall of this year but still coming.

Renovations ( which include a public market ) coming to the former Wonder Bread factory

Jensen Byrd Warehouse to become the "Jensen Byrd District" shops, restaurants, offices,etc..

1400 Tower
Still waiting for this development to get started, no news on it to recently.

North 40 Outfitters coming to Airway

Kendall Yards is finally getting a grocery store, now called My Fresh Basket.

Halletts Chocolates to open a store in Downtown Spokane

We are learning that, Halletts Chocolates , a North Spokane staple and maker of delicious sweet treats is working on a expanding and opening an all new store in Downtown Spokane.

Halletts recently filed for a business license to open a place called " Halletts Chocolates & Coffee " at 1025 W. 1st Ave. This space appears to be the former home of Vintage Angel which is on ground floor of the New Madison Hotel building.

We've reached out to Halletts and they acknowledge they are planning to open a location there, but say they don't have an opening date for it just yet so I will likely be updating this posting at some point, keep checking in.

Halletts Chocolate also has there main " factory store " in a shopping center at the corner of Nevada & Lyons at 6704 N. Nevada. This location will stay in business as the Downtown location will be their second store. Halletts Chocolates offers many, many different chocolate choices from small servings up to boxes that are perfect for gifts. The company is locally owned and operated and they have been in business for around 30 years.

For more information about Halletts, or to browse their online store, check out their website at-

16 Cents, 3 Shoes & 5 Socks opens new store in formerly abandoned building on Division

Local business owner Jason McSteen like to tell the story about how in 2012 he walked in to the Union Gospel Mission with nothing to his name but 16 Cents, 3 Shoes & 5 Socks . So much so that a few years later, after turning his life around, Jason McSteen now operates a fast growing small chain of furniture stores in Spokane called none other then 16 Cents, 3 Shoes & 5 Socks. Which the business itself even has been a success story as it was originally started as just a mattress shop in a garage.

Today that once tiny business made the announcement that they are growing once more. 16 Cents announced that they will be opening a new third location at 1233 N. Division ( Division & Sharp ) in a building that has sat vacant for the last several years, except for a couple of seasonal stints as Spirit Halloween stores ( last permanent use was a Mattress Outlet if I recall ).

The new store will occupy the entire 22,000+ square foot building and will be a full furniture store, not just mattresses, but everything for most any room of your home. The new 16 Cents location is actually already open for business now and they already have filled a good chunk of the space with truckloads of furniture with more to come. While they are now open, the business plans to do some remodeling to the space and will convert the back room area of the building into a distribution center to also serve 16 Cents' two other locations.

The two other locations of 16 Cents, 3 Shoes & 5 Socks will also remain open for business as usual. Those stores can be found at 6821 N. Division and 2006 N. Ash. The stores also pride themselves on offering credit for furniture purchases, at zero down in some cases, even to people with less then perfect credit.

To see some of what they have for sale and even more information on 16 Cents, 3 Shoes & 5 Socks, visit their website at-

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