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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Update: Firehouse Subs IS coming to Spokane

Last week on this site I shared that a building permit had made it obvious Spokane would soon get a location of the growing Firehouse Subs chain. And, now thanks to the franchise owner who saw that post and promptly reached out to me, I can now confirm that indeed, Firehouse Subs is coming to Spokane.

The Jacksonville,FL based sandwich chain is working on a new location in the recently renovated former Apollo Spas building at 7808 N. Division. The new restaurant will occupy just over 2000 square feet in one of the four newly created bays of the building. The opening date isn't officially set but will be before June 1st and it will create jobs for 18-20 people.

At this time the N. Division St. site is the only one officially underway in the Spokane area. But, it likely won't be the only Firehouse Subs location we'll see here as the same franchisee holds the rights for the entire Spokane area up to the Idaho state line. He says there will likely be a second location coming sometime in 2018 and upwards of 4 Spokane area locations might even be possible.

Firehouse Subs has over 1300 locations under it's branding in 44 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. The chain is all about firefighters and other first responders . So much so that Firehouse Subs locations are decorated with a firefighter theme that includes fire fighting equipment and history / photos of the local fire departments in the communities they serve.

Firehouse Subs does have a good menu of both hot and cold subs, salads, kids meals and much more. But in addition to their food, Firehouse Subs is also committed to giving back to fire fighters by way of the companies Public Safety Foundation called the Firehouse Subs Foundation. The foundation has given out over $24 million dollars of fire station equipment, training and support. In fact they won't open in Spokane for some time yet and they have already started donating locally with the donation of an AED ( Automatic External Difribulator ) to the Spokane Police Department .

Catering service will be available upon request as will be some healthier options with some sandwiches and salads on the menu coming in under 500 calories. Online ordering will also be available on the site shown below, once the local location opens for business of course.

It should be noted that another sub sandwich restaurant did once operate in Spokane using a similar name. That business was Sparky's Firehouse Subs which had at one time 2 locations but was not a part of this chain, instead was a locally owned & operated business. Today they are still open near SCC but appear to have dropped the Firehouse part of their name and are now just Sparky's Subs.

For more information on Firehouse Subs, visit their web site at-

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New La Quinta Inn planned on the West Plains

Several new hotel and hotel remodeling projects are proposed all around the Inland Northwest, but a section of land off Geiger Blvd. south of Spokane International Airport is now home to two big hotel developments. One being the future Sleep Inn / Mainstay Suites in development on the same site as the current Airway Express Inn ( that hotel would be demolished ).

But just southeast of the their in a newer industrial park type area another new hotel will soon rise at 4523 S. Dowdy Rd. just off of Geiger Blvd. . The new hotel will a franchise branded as a La Quinta Inn, a Irving,TX based hotel chain which already a few other locations around the region. The chain which was founded in the late 1960's has well over 800 locations in the United States and a couple of other countries.

There is no estimated opening date for this new La Quinta Inn on the West Plains but construction will likely start next month. The hotel will be a 4 story property with 55,000 square feet and 87 rooms , a few being suites. A yet to be named bar & restaurant will be on the same site as will meeting spaces , a continental breakfast area , indoor pool & spa , airport shuttle and a guest laundry.

This new hotel project is in a good spot, visible from I-90 and a short drive to the Airport. It's also in a good spot to attract business travelers with several employers in close proximity, including a couple rumored new manufacturing facility's nearby like the possible Spike Aerospace facility which Spokane is confirmed to be in the running for.

We'll keep an eye on when this new hotel might open. For more information the La Quinta Inn chain visit their website at-

Monday, February 20, 2017

Urban Nirvana , a unique tea & coffee house opens in Downtown Spokane

Spokane has it's fair share of coffee house's and even a few tea shop's but none quite like Urban Nirvana which opened just recently in Downtown Spokane. Urban Nirvana is a small locally owned and operated business at 108 N. Washington just a couple of blocks south of the INB. And, with just 1180 Sq. feet it's not the biggest such business in the Lilac City but it is amongst the most unique.

Urban Nirvana sells over 40 award winning loose leaf teas, all of which are fair trade, in addition to a good variety of fair trade coffees which can be consumed on site with some seating in the business. Some of the coffees and teas at Urban Nirvana are even world renowned and some so prized in the coffee world that they are only sold at auction ( these are while supplies last ) . They even have a white tea available that is picked by monkeys.

Customers of Urban Nirvana can also enjoy an assortment of baked goods. They also offer a full afternoon tea service as well as pour over service. They are open six days a week, Mon-Fri 7a-5p and Sat. 9a - 2p . Urban Nirvana is the new spot for Spokane's tea & coffee aficionados , but is a place really anyone will enjoy...

Urban Nirvana's website is still in the works but is coming soon at-

They also can be found on social media.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Firehouse Subs looks to be coming to Spokane

While we have yet to confirm it with their corporate offices it looks like the Firehouse Subs chain is about to enter the Spokane market. The Florida based chain of sandwich restaurants was named on a electrical permit for " suite 1 " of the newly renovated building at 7808 N. Division ( Division & Lincoln) this is the former Apollo Spas store that will be a small 4 bay shopping center. Two of the spaces have no tenants names yet , and other then Firehouse Subs a new Sprint store is also named on the permits.

Firehouse Subs is based in Jacksonville,FL that continues to grow with the recent recorded, over 1300 locations in 44 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. The chain's motto of sorts is " founded by fireman " making note of the businesses roots of being founded by brother firefighter in the early 1990's . Even today their restaurants are usually firefighter themed with fire fighting equipment and well as photos / history information about local firefighters.

They serve hot subs and cold subs with some healthier options like salads and sandwiches fewer calories . They also have kids meal options and they also offer catering services upon request.

We do have an information request into Firehouse Sub's corporate, most if not all of their locations are franchise locations so we assume the Spokane is also already owned by an operator. There is no known opening date yet or amount of employees, size of store, etc... but we expect all of this soon.

For more information on Firehouse Subs visit their website at-