Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Business & Development Map!

On this site you'll still find posts about new businesses & developments coming to Spokane / Coeur d' Alene. But, after a short time these posts disappear into the endless pages of " previous posts" , but now if your coming here to find out about a particular construction site you can use this handy dandy Google Map of most everything I've posted about recently....

Note: not all of the construction project or new business locations will be listed on here but I will do my best to keep it up to date and add new projects as I know of them.

And, don't forget new business postings are still on this site, just scroll down!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New businesses & new life may come back to North Idaho Outlets in Post Falls

The North Idaho Outlets mall in Post Falls will likely never be the shopping destination it was when it first opened in 1991. But, unlike many large shopping centers across the country, the North Idaho Outlets ( originally known as Post Falls Factory Outlets ) are showing some hope for a better future.

This is because in January it was announced ( first by this site on our Periscope feed, by the way )that Tedder Properties was acquiring the entire property off of a California based owner and had plans for both buildings, which face each other along Riversbend Ave. in Post Falls. The southern building will soon act as a manufacturing facility and corporate HQ for Tedder who has grown to be a successful company creating the Alien Gear holster brand. Tedder Industries has been actively constructing their operations in this building, but as of today it doesn't look like there has been any actual production done at the site, only remodeling in preparation.

It's the North building of the North Idaho Outlets that's starting to show early signs of new businesses. The two businesses that still remained from the old outlet mall are still in business but two more are now setting up shop, and an additional two more have filed business license's for address in the shopping center.

Here is what we businesses we expect to see at the North Idaho Outlets property soon-

Oriental Food & Gifts  ( an existing business at the Outlets )

Bally / Hanes Factory Outlet ( also existing )

Ace Industrial Supply ( new business, not sure if there open or not yet )

SNR Costume Rental ( new business, moving here from elsewhere in Post Falls, also doesn't appear open just yet)

Riversbend Boutique & Specialties ( just a business license at this point, there is also one for a Rocky Mountain Detailing in with this business )

My Big Fat Greek Deli ( just a business license and there are no signs of construction at their address just yet. Likely the same deli that was in Kellogg,ID until recently )

In addition to these businesses Tedder Industries is using a space near the middle of the shopping center as a leasing office. A sign in the front window advertises pre-leasing of spaces but there doesn't seem to be any online leasing information about the property as of now.

A couple of other spaces look to be setting up for some sort of new businesses as well but they may just be temporary office spaces for Tedder Industries, it's hard to tell at this point. We're also thinking the name may change at some point as well as the property will offer some retail businesses but no actual outlet stores other then the remaining Hanes store.

What would you like to see go into the former North Idaho Outlets? Want to share some stories of what the shopping center was like during it's hay days in the 1990's ? Tell us about it on our Facebook page-

Monday, July 25, 2016

BECU announces new Spokane area branches

BECU ( Boeing Employee Credit Union ) announced late last year that they had plans to open a series of new branch locations in the Spokane area. These will be the credit union's first expansion outside of the Puget Sound region and was deemed necessary as BECU already has over 4500 members in the Spokane area.

Now, we're finding out exactly when and where Spokane will start to see BECU pop up. We've learned both local branches will open to the public on Sept 19th. . Initially BECU had mentioned opening three branches in our area, but for now however, only two will open. And, those two new branches will be located at-

900 Blk of N. Division, Spokane in a end cap space of the Cataldo Square shopping center

615 N. Sullivan Rd. Spokane Valley in a end cap at the same small plaza as Jimmy John's

BECU will also continue to operate it's customer service call center from Spokane ( with over 100 employees ), like it had for sometime before the new branch announcments . BECU is a non-profit credit union, who's profits are turned over the members in the form of fewer fees and better rates on loans. The credit union also, already has realtionships with several local non-profits and schools and plans to continue giving back the community.

At the same time BECU is planning to branch out with new Spokane area locations, they are also branching out to the Boeing plant in South Carolina. While Spokane will be first in line to get a BECU branch, two more are scheduled to open inside Boeing's factory in North Charleston,SC .

Membership with BECU is open to all who attend school , live, work or worship in Washington State. You can also join if or a family member of yours is or was employed by Boeing or it's subsidiaries.

For more information on BECU, visit their web site at-

Large new Rowand Commerce Park proposed on the West Plains

Business owners who need a new location, or those seeking to start a new business will want to make note of a large new commercial / industrial development currently being planned on the West Plains.
The development, which is to be called Rowand Commerce Park will rise on 54 +/- acres just north of the Geiger / I-90 exit, a convenient location to Spokane International Airport.

Rowand Commerce Park is currently a collection of fields surrounding the Rowand Mechine & Washington State Police buildings. But planning is going full force with hopes of actual construction starting this fall. Although they cannot say who, they do mention there already is a small group of tenants already signed onto to sites in the park.

The development, as seen in the picture above could one day house several large buildings, likely meaning lots of new jobs . Also noteworthy is that while the bulk of the project would be Industrial, Warehouses and similar however a portion of the project falls near the actual I-90 interchange. Making lots in that area prime for all kinds of retail / restaurant or even hotel development. This commerce park could be the start of some big changes for this area, as the Airway Express Inn site is also for sale for development land similar to this project.

Around 35 lots will be available in the Rowand Commerce Park and buildings are build to suit. The existing Rowand Rd. will be extended through the property and will provide the lots a link to Geiger Rd. and I-90. . Leasing work is already underway for the development, with this work being done by Doug Byrd of Byrd Real Estate Group. For more information , Mr. Byrd can be reached at 509-326-8080 or via e-mail at 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hastings to close all stores, including 4 in Spokane / Coeur d' Alene

I think we all hoped it wouldn't come to this when Hastings announced it's bankruptcy filing a couple of months back. But, sadly it is now official that all Hastings Entertainment stores will soon shutter. The Amarillo,TX based chain of mid box entrainment stores went up for auction this week in a Delaware bankruptcy court and was acquired under a joint agreement by Hilco Merchant Resources,LLC & Gordon Brothers Retail Partners who will oversee the going out business sales, turning over sales back to the company's creditors.

Hastings, which sells movies, video games, books and much more in it's stores has operated 2 stores in Spokane, 1 in Spokane Valley and another in Coeur d' Alene. Under the sale agreement all stores must be closed by Oct. 31st 2016, although some may close prior to that date as long the company provides the store's employees 7 days notice.

Our local Hastings store locations include-

15312 E. Sprague Ave .  Spokane Valley,WA

1704 W. Wellesley Ave.   Spokane,WA

2512 E. 29th Ave.   Spokane,WA

101 E. Best Ave. Coeur d' Alene,ID

Hastings has been in business since 1968 and operated 126 total locations through-out the Western and Mid-western United States. The company also employed just shy of 3900 employees chain-wide , all of which will be laid off. As this announcement is still new there has yet to be any news as to who might re-fill the store sites left behind by the company.

For more information on Hastings, their website appears to still be functional and can be found at-

Spokane Tribe's new casino could open sooner then expected

A couple of weeks have now passed since the good news broke that Gov. Jay Inslee gave his final approval to the Spokane Tribe of Indians to open there long time planned hotel & casino in Airway Heights. And, when the approval announcement came in the Tribe mentioned the planned to move forward as soon as possible, now we're learning they we're telling the truth...

The Spokane Tribe announced this week they plan to have construction crews at the site beginning this fall, with construction of the entire development to be done in phases ( 10 phases in all ). If all plans hold out the first phase ( which includes part of the Casino itself ) would open to the public sometime in 2017.

The first phase of the planned development would include-

- Casino initially with 450 slot machines and 12 table games.

- Outdoor activity area

- Two new restaurants , one of which will be able to seat 190 and offer value priced fine dining.

The Spokane Tribe is working with Warner Hospitality , a Las Vegas based casino developer and has previously announced the casino will likely align itself with the Hard Rock branding. A hotel is included in the project but appears to be in an upcoming phase and not for the initial opening. Phases after the first will likely follow quickly after completion.

The project will rise on the west side of Airway Heights by the corner of US 2 & Craig Rd on land already owned by the Tribe. The Casino will be the centerpiece of the project but should also include hotel rooms, new restaurants & shopping , event facilities and much more. In all the Spokane Tribe estimates 5000 new jobs will be created by the project with no set completion date for it's full build out.

For more information on the project, visit their website at-

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Follow up: Burger King backs out of Monroe St. plans, Denny's on Division now open

Burger King a no go on NoMo

Recently broke the news that a Burger King franchise, complete with indoor dining area & a drive through was eyeing the former Shari's restaurant location at the corner of N. Monroe & W. Indiana.

Well, plans have changed as the plan did not meet city's " centers and corridors " regulations which largely regulates drive though in pedestrian areas allowing them to not be in-between the building & the street as was the case with Burger King's plans.

This news caused Burger King to back out of property sale, the abandoned former restaurant will remain on the market with no plans yet as to wither it will in fact stay or be demolished.

Denny's new location opens on N. Division

Spokane's newest Denny's restaurant location officially opened for business at dinner time this past Monday. Like all other Denny's locations it is open 24 hours and is operated by California based franchisee Feast Properties,LLC .

It is located at 3525 N. Division by the Division St hill and is the 3rd Denny's in the Spokane area. It is also unique as it is this area's first location using the chain's new " heritage prototype " design style. The location is 4400 square feet and has seating for about 150.