Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Former Big Al's to become a new country nightclub soon

This past Spring, one the Inland Northwest's most popular nightclub's, Big Al's Country Club of State Line,ID shut it's doors for the final time. We've never heard the official reasoning for the closure but have heard of both health issues and even that the business was losing money due to alcoholism from a owner of the business.

But after a Summer season of the big red bar sitting empty it looks like there soon will be new life for the well positioned club.

Signs are up now confirming that where Big Al's once was, will so be, Jeremy's Nashville North. Nashville North is a new country themed night club that should open sometime in October. The business has been purchased and will be operated by Country music recording artist Jeremy McComb .

McComb , who's own country music career began in the State Line bar, plans to continue much of what Big Al's offered. The new bar also promises to bring performances from " top notch Nashville Talent " . The business will also be hiring an unspecified amount of new staff for a full experience.

Nashville North will be more then just a bar, as the business is planning to also offer some food. The bar will partner with a Coeur d' Alene based BBQ business called Bohica Smoke to bring some food options in addition to the bar.

Nashville North mentions they will announce their official opening day sometime this week via their Facebook page. To follow along, and for more information on this exciting new nightclub find them at-




Monday, September 29, 2014

Something's in store for the Hot Rod Cafe space?!?

Looks like something is finally in store for the building that once housed the Hot Rod Café on Schneidmiller Ave. in Post Falls.

Spokane based design firm, HDG Hissong + Hurtado Design says they are planning a major renovation and a new business is coming to the space. But as of now their exact plans are very vague. All they do say is that the new space will be "badass" and " exactly what we have needed in this town for the last 20 years"

We will continue to watch for any news as this could be one of the biggest new business stories of the year.

You can watch along for news, and all of the other excellent projects from HDG Hissong + Hurtado Design find them via the links below-




Skin Studio Academy , esthetics school opening in Spokane.

Have an interest in skin care? Or looking for a new local skin care clinic? Then take a look at the new Skin Studio Academy opening on E. Wellesley in North Spokane.

Here is all the details direct from the press release-

Spokane Esthetics School to open October 2014
The Skin Studio Academy will specialize in skin care instruction
Dana Ware, owner and Master instructor, is pleased to announce a new training program in esthetics.  The Skin Studio Academy, LLC (Skin Studio) is an Esthetics school and training program that will teach students all phases of skin care. The Skin Studio will offer Basic Esthetics, Master Esthetics and also an Instructor Training program.  The business is located just south of the Northtown Mall at 220 E. Wellesley Street, #201, Spokane. 

The Esthetics and Master Esthetics course of study is designed to prepare students for the state licensing exam and employment in the industry.  The instructor training course of study is designed to prepare students for the state licensing exam and employment in the industry.

The school will be open to the public for esthetics services at a reduced cost.  Students will gain practical experience by providing skin care, dermabrasion, spray tanning, full-body waxing and facials. 
Dana Ware, owner, holds a Master Esthetician and National Instructor certification from The National Coalition of Estheticians (NCEA).  NCEA Certified is the professional status awarded to a skin care professional that has met the competency standards as set-forth by NCEA's 1200 Hour Esthetician Job Task Analysis. It represents the highest skin care credential available in the United States and adherence to the code of ethics of the profession.

Ware has been in the industry since 1995.  “I enjoy teaching and have wanted to open an esthetics-only school for years,” commented Ware.  “With the focus on skin care, we are able to provide smaller classes, more one-on-one instruction and personalized education.”  She has owned and operated Headz N Tailz, a full-body waxing salon for five years.

Skin care is one of the fastest growing sectors within the beauty industry. According to Washington State Employment Security, Hairdressers and Cosmetologists are in demand in all counties in Washington State.  The outlook for jobs in Washington State is in growth mode for both short and long term trends.  Estimated employment in Washington (2011) is 18,805 and average annual openings (2011-2021) is 650, with an estimated annual growth rate of 1.3%.  A graduate that passes the certification can start off making around $16.00 an hour, and average annual wage for 2013 is $34,788 (March 2013). (ESD Reports-Publications, Occupations-in-demand, 4/2014).

Effective January 2014, the Master Esthetics license was implemented by Washington State.  This certification will enable students to look for employment with dermatologists and plastic surgeons, which will draw a higher wage.  Demand is also growing in cosmetic dentistry to employ skin care specialists at the Master level.

Classes are scheduled to begin in early October and the school will offer services to the public starting in November.  Additional employees are a bookkeeper, office manager and an additional certified instructor.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Terrain seeks permanent home, will launch "The Campaign for Terrain"

Terrain is Spokane's, and the entire Northwest's largest art exhibition. The event began only a few years ago and has now grown to attract thousands each time. The event allows guests to take in the hundreds of pieces of art in a interesting and historic vacant building. Terrain has in fact gotten big enough to spin off a sister event called Bazaar which is more of an arts marketplace.

But the organizers behind Terrain are ready to take their passion for art to the next level. By giving Terrain a permanent home, still in Downtown Spokane. The plans call for a new non-profit art gallery and performing arts space that could be open, even on a daily basis.

And just where will this new Terrain space be? Although I don't have confirmation a recent promo e-mail mentions that space where the Terrain 7 event will be, will also be their new home. The event, and apparently their future home will be at 304 W. Pacific Ave in a historic section of Downtown Spokane that's recently became home to several other creative businesses. The building was once the warehouse for a cracker company but has sat vacant in more recent history.

To accomplish the move from art event to permanent art space, Terrain is launching a new fundraising drive called The Campaign for Terrain . The fundraising drive itself will launch next month, however some info can already be obtained on their web site-


I highly encourage everyone's support of the new drive by Terrain. Spokane's art community is a very passionate group who are growing. Such a local venue would be a huge asset to the community.

Also, as mentioned before the next Terrain event is coming up soon. Terrain 7 will take place at 304 W. Pacific on Friday, October 3rd 2014 from 5pm till Midnight. The Terrain 7 event will feature 255 artworks from 142 artist and with the entertainment of live music from 10 bands.

For more information on Terrain 7 visit the terrainspokane.com web site or this event page on Facebook-


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Finders Keepers closing Downtown jewelry store

After 17 years in business, and earning a reputation as one of Spokane's most popular boutiques, Finders Keepers is closing.

Finders Keepers operates both a jewelry boutique at 309 W. 2nd Ave and a women's clothing / dress boutique, called Finders Keepers II, located at 18 W Main Ave. The closure is for the jewelry store on 2nd only. The location on W. Main will remain open.

The closure is due to slowing sales at this location. A going out of business liquidation sale is on now, merchandise in the store will be all be sold off at 50% off .

 For more information on Finders Keepers Boutiques find them on Facebook or via their web site at-


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

South Hill Petsmart opening date announced

In case you haven't heard, joining the newly opened Target store in the South Hill's Regal Plaza shopping center will be a new Petsmart big box pets store.

Inland Northwest Business Watch first caught wind of this new store back Jan. and it's very exciting to finally be hearing mention of it's opening.

The new South Hill / Regal Plaza store will host an official grand opening on Saturday October 18th with the store opening after a 9am ribbon cutting ceremony. We don't know if the store will do a soft opening before this date however, just that this will be the official grand opening.

Here is what else will be happening during the Petsmart grand opening-

- First 50 customers will receive a mystery Petsmart gift card, valued at up to $50.00

- Trick Training Sessions

- Prize Drawings

- Free Giveaways

- Free T-Shirts when you enroll in Petsmart's PetPerks loyalty program

The new South Hill Petsmart is a full store just like the chain's other Spokane area stores. This new location will offer both grooming and training services in addition to it's retail operations.

The store is located on " Pad D " of the Regal Plaza site which places it just off of S. Regal Ave. The store's address is 4919 S. Regal Ave and their phone number will be 509-481-9339 . For more information on Petsmart find them online at-


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Building Permit Watch: Sept. 23rd 2014 (Is Buffalo Wild Wings coming to Northtown? )

Late last week I was doing research for this blog on the City of Spokane's building permit "citizen portal ". And while I don't usually post by building permit alone ( because these items cannot be confirmed to be actually coming ) there is a LOT happening right now so I just had to mention a few.

Here is what may or may not be the big business news stories based on current building permits and / or "pre-development conferences".

* Rite Aid moving to a stand alone building near by Franklin Park Commons?

 *Another mixed use building at Kendall Yards ?

 *A second Father Bach Haven apartment building? ( Address on this listing is on Short St. )

 *Buffalo Wild Wings at Northtown Mall? ( Just a pre-development conf. . no permit yet. However this has been a long time rumor so I'd almost take this as confirmation)

* Whiz Kids moving within River Park Square?  ( If true what will take Whiz Kids place? )

Also, while not confirmed by the City of Spokane building permits I have confirmed that Northtown Mall will soon be home to a Get Air trampoline park. A chain operation that also has a location in the Tri-Cities. Although the ownership of the Tri-Cities location will not own the Spokane location.

Even though this is confirmed we don't have the exact location within the mall, an opening date or really any info. So keep watching for that....