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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

West Corp. to hire 200 for it's Downtown Spokane call center

West Corp. a call center operator based in Nebraska has announced plans to hire on an additional 200 new employees to it's call center in Downtown Spokane. The company has already began actively hiring for the newly created positions. Info on how to apply for a job with West Corp. can be found at the end of this post.

Large layoff's planned at local Center Partners call center

" Changing business needs " is the only reason given behind a massive lay off planned for the coming months at the Liberty Lake Center Partners call center. Center Partners, a Fort Collins, Colo. based inbound and outbound call center operator plans to lay off 578 employees at it's center in Liberty Lake.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2 new McDonald's locations coming to Spokane and Coeur d' Alene

While there has been no shortage of success for the McDonald's chain's Inland Northwest locations. It has been awhile since a new local location has opened. But in August that will change as the first of 2 new McDonald's locations will open it's doors. Here's the scoop-

Local Business Profile- Inland Northwest Growlers

Inland Northwest Growlers is a new business in Spokane. The company sells and markets a new kind of beer growler. The product info and how to get in contact with them is all below. If you'd like your business on a profile like this contact me at

Ciao Mambo in Downtown Spokane closes.

Fans of the Ciao Mambo Italian Restaurant chain will now have to travel to find their restaurant's locations as the only remaining Ciao Mambo location in the Inland Northwest has gone out of business. The location which is at 818 W. Riverside Ave. , a block away from both the STA bus plaza and River Park Square made no announcement of the impending closure and only posted a sign on the now closed restaurant today.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Surf Shack brings back Coeur d' Alene's famous Longboard Burgers

For years , tucked away as little more then small shop in the corner of a gas station / convenience store was Longboard Burgers. In many case a small local business like this would attract little attention , but not Longboard Burgers. The small shop became a favorite of many only to eventually close up shop a couple of years ago.

Sears opens new store in Deer Park

Sears is now open in the small town of Deer Park just north of Spokane. The new store is not as large as the other area Sears stores because the new location is part of the Sears chain's Hometown Store concept, where the store uses the Sears name and some of the same merchandise just in a more limited quantity and in stores not near the size of the mainstream Sears stores.

Nutrishop opens up shop in Coeur d' Alene

With over 100 locations throughout the United States and an aggressive plan for future growth , Nutrishop , is rapidly becoming one of the larger health and sports supplement chains in the nation.
And it's that success that has played a part in the chain's recent arrival here in the Inland Northwest. Nutrishop open it's doors on June 19th at a new location in Coeur d' Alene.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kroc Center in Coeur d' Alene to expand

The Kroc Center only opened a few years ago, but the center is already a Coeur d' Alene landmark far outpacing the amount of members that the center was projected to have when it was originally estimated.

And now the Community Center has announced another new expansion to the building which is operated as a non profit venture by Salvation Army.

Auto Vue Drive In turns to the Internet to stay open

In December of 2012 , we here at Inland Northwest Business Watch along with many of the Spokane media outlets had the unfortunate news to report that the regions last Drive In movie theatre was set to close. The Auto Vue Drive In at 444 Auto Vue Rd. in Colville (along US 395, in between Colville and Kettle Falls)  is, as of right now scheduled to close it's doors after the 2013 Labor Day weekend.

For info as to why the Drive In theatre is scheduled to close, etc... visit this prior post about that topic-

But the Auto Vue is not going down without a fight. The businesses owner , Steve Wisner, is turning to the Internet to see if he can raise the funds needed via a popular web site called

So far support for the cause has been positive with over 2,000 dollars raised. However, the requirements to keep the Auto Vue in business past Labor Day are still a way's off. The theater is requesting $ 186,000.

But why $186,000 ? A lot of work will need to be done to keep the business open , including $82,000 to upgrade to a new digital projector. The new projector is a requirement because this year the film industry plans to stop distribution of movies on 35mm film, which is the size the current projector uses.

Also the screen itself will have to be replaced, at a cost of $94,000. The fundraising won't be easy but as Wisner points out on the Auto Vue's campaign page they only need 4600 people donating $40 each.

If you don't have $40, that's OK too as the web site allows the visitor to enter their own donation amount. Many on the site have donated just $5.00 and of course more is welcome.

Also via the Auto Vue's Facebook page ( link to this page below ) the business is exploring the idea of a concert to assist in raising funds. Watch our Facebook page at ( ) for a date and time for a concert should that plan progress.

To donate to keep the Auto Vue Drive In Theatre open visit-

For more info on the Auto Vue Drive In visit their Facebook page at-

Note: Inland Northwest Business Watch and / or the writer of this blog are affiliated with the Auto Vue Drive In Theatre . We are only attempting to assist in the effort to keep this locally owned and operated business open.

3 Downtown Bars ( The Blue Spark, Ugly Betties and the Marquee Lounge) all close.

The Bar and Club scene of Downtown Spokane is changing, and changing fast. Just in the last couple of weeks 3 bars have announced closures. 2 of the 3 however will return as new establishments , here is what's new....

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

After 40 years Mel's Nursery in North Spokane will close.

After 40 years in business , Mel's Nursery , will close it's doors for good this September. Mel's has been somewhat of a fixture in the Spokane area beginning as little more then a small fruit stand out front of a local drive in movie theater in the 1970's. Today Mel's is much larger with a sizable retail store and on site greenhouses.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Former Backroads bar, re opens as Rumrunners Bar & Grill in North Spokane

The Backroads Bar in North Spokane may have closed earlier this year ( February 2013) but like many commercial spaces around Spokane the space did not stay vacant long as today a new bar and restaurant is open and operating daily in the same space after taking over the buildings lease.

Opening shortly after the closure of the Backroads is the new Rumrunners Bar & Grill . Rumrunners is a new neighborhood style bar located at 2436 N. Astor, close by N. Ruby St. in North Spokane. The bar occupies the entire 3,000 square foot space and seats 69.

With 5 employees Rumrunners features a full bar as well a food menu with traditional bar fare such as burgers, sandwiches, fries ,etc...

For more info on the new Rumrunners Bar & Grill visit their Facebook page at-

Friday, July 19, 2013

Gem State Mint opens in Downtown Coeur d' Alene

If your a visitor to Coeur d' Alene or maybe a local that wants a new way to celebrate the beautiful State of Idaho. Then, look to Gem State Mint,  a new business now open in Downtown Coeur d' Alene. Gem State Mint's main stay merchandise is silver medallion's , most of which include designs of well known Idaho icons like wildlife, etc... with the Idaho name placed on the coin.

The silver coins are created by business owner / mint master Randy Kramer who also has an in store engraving machine so customers can see the processes required to create the small and unique medallion's .

Gem State Mint isn't just about the coins either, the store also sells locally produced painting and jewelry. The new business is located in the Coeur d' Alene Resort's Plaza Shops Shopping Mall at 210 E. Sherman Ave , the store occupies Suite 143, which was formerly Watches By Gosh a watch and timepiece retailer.

Gem State Mint is open daily from 9am till 7pm , for more info on the business visit their Facebook page at-

Target confirms new Spokane store with official press release.

If you've been following our site for a while , or seen the mentions in other media outlets, then you probably already know that Target has confirmed it will open a new store in Spokane on the South Hill.

The new South Hill Target was confirmed back in April ( see this post for info on the new store, such as location ,etc... - ) . And now thanks to Target's corporate offices in Minnapolis, Minn. we know more about what exactly is planned with the new store via a press release issued earlier this week.

Here are the details outlined by the Target official press release on the new South Hill Spokane Target:

Opening July 2014

Part of the Regal Plaza shopping center ( exact location in the post mentioned above)

Will have a grocery department , with produce , packaged meat and pre packaged baked goods.

Will have a in store Pharmacy

Will have a Starbucks Coffee Shop in store

The new store will employ about 200, Target will hold job fairs next year to hire the new workers or prospective employees can apply for jobs at the South Hill Target about 3 months before the stores opening via

To view the full press release click here-

To view the last post on Inland Northwest Business Watch about the new store click here-

What do you think about a new Target store opening on the largely residential / mid to upper class South Hill? Tell Inland Northwest Business Watch on-  or by using #inwbusiness on Facebook or Twitter

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hospice of Spokane building new facility in North Spokane

In an effort to better address the growing need for Hospice care in the Inland Northwest, Hospice of Spokane , is now in the process of building a new 2nd Hospice House care facility in North Spokane.

Construction on the new facility is underway and the building's opening is currently scheduled for April of 2014. This will be the second Hospice House for Spokane as Hospice of Spokane opened it's first facility back in 2007 on the south side of the city at 367 E. 7th Ave. That facility has continued to operate near full and at times with a waiting list which is the primary reason behind the new North Spokane facility.

The new North Spokane Hospice House will be located at 102 W. Rhodes Ave , by the corner of Rhodes and Atlantic St, just a couple of blocks off of N. Division.

The new building will be 13,000 square feet with 12 private bedrooms for patients as well common areas, gardens and a kitchen. Once completed the new building will carry an approximately 3.3 million dollar price tag.

Hospice of Spokane is a full service hospice serving the Spokane area since 1977 .  Hospice care is geared towards those who are terminally ill and addresses both the physical and emotional needs a patient and the patients family may come upon.

For more info on Hospice of Spokane visit their web site at-

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Carmax to open a new location in Spokane Valley

CarMax , a nationwide chain of used car dealerships , billed as the nation's largest auto dealer with over 120 dealership locations, is planning a new location Spokane Valley.

Grading and site work are already well underway and full construction should start in the near future for the new Spokane Valley CarMax that will be located nearby Dishman Dodge at 7814 E. Sprague Ave. . The new dealership will occupy an approximately 9 acre site and is currently scheduled to open during the spring of 2014.

The new Spokane Valley CarMax will be the companies first location in Washington State however the company admits to looking into opening in the Seattle market in the future. The new local facility will be 44,000 square feet and employ between 50 and 100 in various positions.

CarMax is a Richmond,Va. based company that was founded in 1993 by then executives of the Circuit City electronics chain. CarMax is a Fortune 500 company and has also been on Fortune Magazine's "best companies to work for" list's every year since 2005.

For more info on CarMax and once it get closer to opening , the new Spokane Valley location visit their web site at-

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Coeur d' Alene Massage School moves to new home

Ever been curious about a career as a masseuse ? Massage continues to be a big business and as the local economy improves more new spa's and medical offices are opening up and looking to hire trained massage therapists.

And one local Coeur d' Alene business is getting those interested in the massage industry the training that they need. That business is the Coeur d' Alene Massage School and the school recently relocated to a new larger space in midtown Coeur d' Alene.

The Coeur d' Alene Massage School is now located on the 2nd floor of the professional building at 1625 N. 4th St just north of the middle of Midtown. Classes are current underway now and the next class group begins September 4th. The training is offered in a 625 hour program with classes in Swedish massage for new students and for more experienced students, classes in Eastern & Energetic Theory and Massage Sciences are also offered.

Coeur d' Alene Massage School also offers massages to the general public done by the school's students. For more info on this visit their web site which is listed at the end of this article.

Coeur d' Alene Massage School opened in Coeur d' Alene in 2010 and moved to Midtown from Riverstone. The school boasts small class sizes , affordable tuition and an emphasis on hands on training.

For more info on the Coeur d' Alene Massage School visit their web site at -

Or find them on Facebook at-

Monday, July 15, 2013

Wallace District Mining Museum to be featured on Travel Channel TV show

The small town of Wallace, Idaho , about 45 min. east of Coeur d' Alene along I-90, is probably the last spot on earth you'd expect to run into a television film crew, but just a little over a month ago, you might have. That's because crew's from the Travel Channel we're in Wallace to film for an upcoming episode of the TV show , Mysteries at the Museum.

Mysteries at the Museum is an newer TV show for the Travel Channel where each episode goes to various museum's around the United States and looks into the history of a particular item of interest in that museum. In the case of Wallace that museum was the Wallace District Mining Museum, located at 509 Bank St. in Downtown Wallace.

The Wallace District Mining Museum is small storefront museum that takes a look at rich silver mining history of the town of Wallace and Silver Valley area. Also the museum highlights local history with such items as a stoplight, that was the only stoplight on I-90 when I-90 still came directly thru the middle of the small town.

While there is plenty in the mining museum to keep a history buff fascinated , the Mysteries at the Museum crew focused on the museum's original Pulaski firefighting tool. The tool was developed in the early 1900's by Ed Pulaski and was instrumental in helping save the town during the Great Fire of 1910.

The episode will also feature scenes from around the Wallace area to help build a back story on the tool. As of the time of this post an air date for the episode featuring the museum has not yet been announced but it is expected to air sometime in August. Keep watching this page for an air date...

The Wallace District Mining Museum was founded in 1956 and is still open today. The museum is open 10am till 5pm daily and admission prices are $3 adult, $1 children and $7 family. The museum also has a store that is open to the public that sells various Idaho souvenirs , local books and maps.

For more info on the Wallace District Mining Museum visit their web site at-

Or find them on Facebook at-

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gonzaga breaks ground on it's new University Center

Tonight , July 11th 2013 , Gonzaga University will hold a official ground breaking for one of the largest, and most talked about construction projects in the school's 125 years of existence. That new project is the construction of a new building to be called the University Center.

The Gonzaga University Center project has been in the works for sometime now. In fact, Inland Northwest Business Watch even mentioned the project back in April of 2012. At that time nothing was set in stone, but now it is and construction is scheduled to start in the very near future.

The University Center will replace another on campus structure called The COG . The COG was a student union type building that had been a part of the campus at Gonzaga since the mid 1950's. The COG has since been demolished to make way for the massive new University Center which will occupy to same site by the corner of DeSmet Ave. and Dakota St. directly on campus.

Student Dining , offices and some of the transplanted parking spaces that we're a part of The COG have been relocated to another new building that opened on campus only a few months ago called the BARC or Boone Ave. Retail Center. Those services will move back into the University Center once it is completed. Also the Zag Shop retail store has also set up shop at the BARC . However, The Zag Shop's move is to be permanent.

The University Center is currently scheduled to be completed by the Summer of 2015. The building will be massive with 3 floors and over 167,000 square feet of new space included. In all the new building is expected to cost around $60 Million.

Services / shops/ offices to be in the new University Center include....

  • Various student clubs and organizations
  • Gonzaga's Student Body Association
  • Dining services, restaurants and a pub
  • Retail space
  • University Ministry
  • Center for Community Action and Service Learning
  • Center for Experiential Leadership
  • Center for Global Engagement and global initiatives workspace for international students
  • Unity Multicultural Education Center
  • An 800-plus seat multipurpose gathering space
  •  Many lounge and common area's

  • Also , INBW has heard that the new building will have an on site Starbucks location as well as an Einstein Bros. Bagels eatery . This would be the first location for the Einstein Bros. Bagel chain in the Spokane market if and when it opens along with the University Center in 2015.

    Photos and more info on the University Center at Gonzaga project are available from this web site-

    Gonzaga is also taking donations to go towards this project. Naming rights for the building and various portions of the building are available. Info on naming rights is also available at the link above.

    Flavor Cafe opens in Spokane

    Spokane chef Jamie Lombardi has branched out and opened a new café style restaurant in East Spokane's Tapio Office Center complex at 104 S. Freya St. nearby the intersection of Freya and E. Sprague Ave.

    Lombardi , has worked in several restaurants around Spokane, including the 9th St. Bistro inside of Huckleberry's Natural Market on S. Monroe St. The new café opened in May and goes by the name Flavor Café. Flavor Café is easy to find located in Suite 109 of the Tapio Office Center.

    Flavor Café features coffees from Roast House Coffee and has selection of breakfast items on the menu as well as sandwiches, soups and salads for the lunch crowd. Flavor Café also has space for groups up to 35 people with advanced notice.

    Flavor Café is open Monday thru Friday 7am - 3pm . For more info visit their web site at-

    Or find them on Facebook at-

    Wednesday, July 10, 2013

    Changes to the Montvale Hotel in Downtown Spokane

    Most likely due in part to the struggles of the Montvale Hotel's former owner and former Spokane based developer Rob Brewster the small but classy Montvale Hotel in Downtown Spokane fell into chapter 11 bankruptcy in February of this year. However thru out the hotel's money struggles the property never closed it's doors and now to assure it doesn't a trustee with the Spokane law firm of Winston & Cashatt have transferred the hotel to a new management firm.

    Hotel Market Solutions , also of Downtown Spokane, have assumed management responsibilities  of the boutique hotel and it has yet to be determined if the company will take over the property permanently. Hotel Market Solutions operates a few other lodging properties around the Greater Spokane area, including the Howard Johnson on the Division St. Hill.

    Along with the management changes,  changes have also come to the hotel's 2 restaurants, which in turn also greatly affects the Downtown Spokane dining scene. Upon the takeover by the new management firm Catacombs Pub which had been located in basement of the hotel's building was closed due to licensing issues. The new firm however is seeking a new owner for the former Catacombs Pub space but as of this post no new owner's have re-opened the restaurant.

    Also in the Montvale's building was Scout . A restaurant owned by hotel owner Rob Brewster. Scout was open upon the management firm's take over but went out of business shortly there after. At the current time a new restaurant operator is now being sought out for this space as well. Scout had been in space that was long time Downtown business , Far West Billiards . Far West closed a couple of years ago.

    The Montvale Hotel continues to operate and despite  the legal battles the hotel shows no sign of closing. The Montvale is a 36 room boutique style hotel located at 1005 W. 1st Ave in Downtown Spokane. The hotel itself is a fully renovated 19th century hotel listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings. It is also conveniently located within the Downtown Spokane theater district.

    For more info on the Montvale Hotel visit their web site at-

    Tuesday, July 9, 2013

    Freedom RV undergoing expansion, recently opened second RV dealership

    Freedom RV & Marine in Liberty Lake / Spokane Valley is continuing to grow, and grow rapidly. Freedom RV is located on a currently 5 acre site at 19605 E. Cataldo Ave in Liberty Lake ( by the I-90 Barker Rd. exit) . And to remain competitive and provide a positive customer service experience Freedom RV is undergoing a major expansion directly next door.

    The dealer is adding a additional 4 more acres to the current site on land direct to the north. The new expansion will bring 7 new RV service bays , an additional acre of space for service department parking and even 6 on site outdoor camping sites. The new expansion area is expected to be done before the end of July.

    Only a couple of months ago the owners of Freedom RV also opened a new second dealership called Spokane RV Liquidators . The RV liquidation dealership is located on the opposite side of I-90 from Freedom's main lot. The address of the new location is 19117 E. Broadway Ave in Spokane Valley. The new dealership site was last a manufactured housing sales center that had closed some time back.

    For more info on Freedom RV in Liberty Lake visit-

    For more info on Spokane RV Liquidators in Spokane Valley visit-

    CONFIRMED- Harbor Freight Tools to open a store in Coeur d' Alene

    Because we just confirmed it we haven't gotten all the details as of yet but Inland Northwest Business Watch has learned that Harbor Fright Tools will open a new store location in Coeur d' Alene . The new store location was confirmed by a post on the chain's Facebook page.

    The new store will be located in the Mountain View Shopping Center at the corner of US 95 and Neider Rd. behind the Texas Roadhouse restaurant ( the plaza with Dollar Tree ). Work is being done on the store already however we don't have a opening date as of yet. We are also looking into the size of the new store and how many it will employ, we hope to have more on that soon and will update this post once we do.

    Harbor Freight Tools is a national chain of hardware / tool stores that operates about 400 locations with each location selling around 7,000 different related products. The company was founded in 1977 and the headquarters is located in Calabasas, California. The Coeur d' Alene Harbor Freight is just one of many recent openings for the rapidly expanding company.

    Locally Harbor Freight is already a well known store with 2 Spokane area locations. One in Spokane Valley at 15312 E. Sprague Ave Suite A and in Spokane at 6506 N. Nevada St. Suite 300.

    For more info on Harbor Freight Tools visit their web site at-

    Featured local business - All Bright Cleaning Services

    Business Name: All Bright Cleaning Services

    Address: 4925 E Handy Rd Colbert, WA 99005

    Phone: (509) 238-2148

    Web site: &

    Social Media: (FACEBOOK)

    Info about your business, anything you want people to know about you: 

    If you are looking for a company that provides quality work, at an affordable rate, look no further! We pride our selves on going above and beyond what other cleaning services often overlook or miss.

    We customize our services to fit your needs. Providing Janitorial, Housekeeping & services to accommodate the special events happening in your life. We also provide a discount for residential clients that are living on a fixed income.

    First impressions are everything ! We want to provide you with one of the most important impressions you can leave with your friends, family, and clientele, cleanliness! All Bright Cleaning Services provides cleaning services for home owners / renters, local businesses, building contractors, and apartment communities. We provide you the services that you want, and leave out all of the things you don't. We will tailor our services to fit your needs. Serving the Spokane, King, and Snohomish counties.
    Any special deals, etc...?
    We have a very popular package right now called "The Quick & Clean" package. You get 2 hours of cleaning service 1x per week, and we are able to alternate services that you request, each visit! 

    Monday, July 8, 2013

    Appleway dealerships become Autonation

    Appleway Chevrolet and the other Appleway automotive dealerships along E. Sprague Ave. in Spokane Valley are some of the most well known places to buy a vehicle in the Greater Spokane Area. But in case you haven't heard via a large marketing campaign , Appleway has transformed into Autonation and all former Appleway dealerships are now operating under the new Autonation name.

    Appleway has actually been a part of the Autonation network for some time even though the company choose now to change the name, Autonation is a national automotive retailer headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida . The company operates a total of 263 dealerships around the nation. The affiliation with Autonation also allows dealerships better buying power and in some cases a lower price then competitors.

    Little or no impact is expected other then the name change as all former Appleway dealerships remain open, no new locations are planned and no layoffs have been reported as of this time.

    The new Autonation Spokane car dealerships are-

    Autonation Chevrolet 8500 E. Sprague Ave. Spokane Valley

    Autonation Scion  8600 E. Sprague Ave. Spokane Valley

    Autonation Audi 10006 E. Sprague Ave. Spokane Valley

    Autonation Mazda 10000 E. Sprague Ave. Spokane Valley

    Autonation Subaru 10000 E. Sprague Ave. Spokane Valley

    Autonation VW 10006 E. Sprague Ave. Spokane Valley

    Autonation Toyota 8600 E. Sprague Ave. Spokane Valley

    Autonation Mitsubishi 8400 E. Sprague Ave. Spokane Valley.

    For more info on the new Autonation Spokane visit their web site at-

    Friday, July 5, 2013

    NoEpi Wellness Center opens at Northtown Mall , brings NuCalm to Spokane

    A new business has opened in Northtown Mall that promotes reducing stress as well as overall wellness . That new business is called NoEpi Wellness Center and it's now open on the 1st floor of Northtown Mall ( 4750 N. Division St. , Spokane ) .

    NoEpi Wellness Center's primary product is a system called NuCalm that is designed to interrupt stress at mid brain level. NuCalm is actually a 4 step process that involves the following steps, that we're provided to Inland Northwest Business Watch by NoEpi .

    The 4 steps are as follows:

    Step 1- Chew All Natural dietary supplements containing a proprietary formulation of amino acids. They will NOT counteract or interfere with any medications or dietary restrictions

    Step 2-FDA Cleared micro-current stimulation to rapidly facilitate the relaxation process.

    Step 3-Headphones with soothing music. Layered in the soothing music is proprietary neurocoustic software to facilitate deep relaxation

    Step 4-Light blocking glasses to block visual stimuli.

    The NuCalm system is said to promote better sleep and better health. Along with the stress relieving system NoEpi Wellness Center as offers a variety of Natural Supplements, heat packs , Imagery Cd's, Isagenix products, and much more.
    NoEpi Wellness Center is already looking forward to future expansions and new locations. Also they plan to give 5% back each quarter to uninsured dental recipients and 5% back to charity of the center's choosing.
    For more info on NoEpi Wellness Center and their new location now open at Northtown Mall visit their website at-
    Or find them on Facebook at-


    Wednesday, July 3, 2013

    Inland Northwest Booze News - July 3rd 2013

    So much is going on business wise with the Spokane / Coeur d' Alene area's beer / wine / spirit industry that the only way to keep up is the put it all in one post, so here it is, the first ( and hopefully not the last ) Inland Northwest Booze News.


    Quite a while ago I asked the Inland Northwest Business Watch Facebook followers what their favorite local restaurant was, and one of the responses that came up more then once was Sante. So it only makes cents that this mid size restaurant in Downtown Spokane would expand and add to it's menu.

    Sante plans to open a bar in the restaurant called Sante Lounge , the new lounge will feature occupy a presently unused portion of the space and will sell primarily locally sourced drinks. A deli counter for a new lunch pick up option is also planned. The new offerings at Sante are expected to be complete by mid - summer.

    Sante is located at 404 W. Main St. in the Liberty Building which is also home to the well known Auntie's Bookstore.

    Golden Hills / Orilson Brewing

    Craft brewery Golden Hills Brewing Co. , which is based at 12921 W. 17th Ave. in Airway Heights has changed it's name and re branded as Orilson Brewing Company.

    The company also plans to ramp up it's beer production and is looking for new locations to place their beers on tap. Although the name and some marketing changes have occurred the beers at Orilson will remain the same.

    MarQuee Lounge

    With a 5 year run as a Downtown Spokane nightclub has now closed. The club's owners site the ending of the businesses lease as a reason for the closure.

    The Marquee Lounge was located at 522 W. Riverside Ave.

    Idaho Pour Authority

    Idaho Pour Authority officially opened in Downtown Sandpoint in the spring and has been getting noticed ever since. Idaho Pour Authority is a full service beer store of sorts. The business features beer on tap as well as growlers and growler filling.

    But the tap is not the only business at Idaho Pour Authority as the business features a large retail beer selection with craft beers from around the local region to around the world.

    Idaho Pour Authority is located in Downtown Sandpoint at 203 Cedar St.

    Twilight Cider Works

    Beer is everywhere in Spokane and Coeur d' Alene with new microbreweries popping up almost as fast as coffee drive ups these day's. But the hard cider scene in Spokane , while not non existent , is not near as big. So it's big news that a new cidery , called Twilight Cider Works , is now open at Green Bluff just north of Spokane.

    The new hard cider business plans to sell it's cider's bottled at stores around the Inland Northwest but also features a new tasting room at Green Bluff, the tasting room is located at Twilight's facilities at 18102 N. Day Mt. Spokane Rd.


    As mentioned on the Inland Northwest Business Watch Facebook page, a large fire ripped thru the back end of the popular Gonzaga area restaurant and bar , Geno's.

    The fire has closed the restaurant , but owners now say they hope to re-open in about 1 month.

    Geno's is located at 1414 N. Hamiliton Ave. in Spokane.

    Perry St. Brewing Co.

    Perhaps the biggest news on this post is the official announcement of the new Perry St. Brewing Co. which is expected to open sometime this fall in Spokane's booming South Perry District.

    The Perry St. Brewing Co. is opening a new building that is now under construction at the corner of S. Perry St. and 11th St. . The building and the brewery are relatively small, coming in with around 5,000 square feet , but are one of the most talked about new craft breweries opening in the area.

    The brewery is owned by Ben and Christy Lukes and Ben once worked for the Missoula,Montana based Big Sky Brewing Co. .

    The new building that Perry St. Brewing Co. will occupy also has some additional office space, that is currently still available and will not be used by the brewery. Completion of the building itself is planned for September.

    Hopped Up Brewing Co.

    Hopped Up Brewing Co. will soon be the newest microbrewery to open in Spokane. Well, actually Spokane Valley. Hopped Up Brewing is located in the former IHOP restaurant space at 10421 E. Sprague Ave.

    The craft brewery features an on site tap room, according to the Washington Beer Blog , Hopped Up uses much of the same equipment that Northern Lights ( now No-Li Brewing Co. ) once used when they we're located in Airway Heights ( No-Li is now located nearby Downtown Spokane).

    Hopped Up Brewing Co. will officially open to the public on June 12th.

    Nu Home Brew & Bottles

    Nu Home Brew & Bottles is a new retail beer store that will sell both bottles of beer and growlers.

    As of last check Nu Home is remodeling their store space for a opening in the near future. Nu Home Brew & Bottles is located in Spokane Valley at 14109 E. Sprague Ave Suite 8.

    The XP Bar & Grill

    We know only a little of the plan for this new Spokane bar. However XP Bar & Grill is planned to be a gamer themed bar.

    As of the time of this post we are working on getting info on this proposed bar.

    Know of a new bar, brewery, winery, etc... opening,closing or expanding in the Spokane and Coeur d' Alene area? We want to know, e-mail us anytime at

    Tuesday, July 2, 2013

    INBW is looking for local businesses to feature on our homepage.

    Over the last almost 2 years since I founded Inland Northwest Business Watch, I've wrote several features on local business in the Spokane and Coeur d' Alene area. But I want more, the Inland Northwest is great place for local businesses and I want to help yours. If you own a business in the area simply fill in this new form below and e-mail it back to

    I can't promise I will be able to get all businesses that e-mail me on the site but I will do my absolute best! I do ask too that if I post your info that you share the post on your businesses social media pages. But that is all and it's 100% free and your info will not be sold.

    Business Name:



    Web site:

    Social Media:

    Info about your business, anything you want people to know about you:

    Any special deals, etc...? (Optional)

    Note: New businesses get top priority, if your business is new I encourage you to mention this in the profile.

    E-mail to-

    Spokane Valley icon, Halpin's Pharmacy & Treasure Room to close.

    In business since then 1940's and locally owned & operated the entire time , Halpin's Pharmacy & Treasure Room has announced it will go out of business before the end of this Summer. The store which is located at 11406 E. Sprague Ave in Spokane Valley, by the intersection of Sprague and Bowdish ,opened it's doors at the current location back in 1949 and will now close those same doors sometime in August.

    Halpin's owners have already started to sell off the remaining merchandise and the pharmacy portion of the business has already closed after Rite Aid approached Halpin's to take over the pharmacy's customers. The store will remain open until August with it's selection of gifts and other general merchandise items.

    The store had employed 22 but due to the relocation of the pharmacy the store now only employs about 10, all of which will be laid off. No word as to what business make take over the space later this year once Halpin's leaves but the building owner is said to be looking for new tenants.

    Halpin's officially opened in 1940 and is one of the last remaining independent local pharmacies in Spokane area.

    For more info on Halpin's Pharmacy & Treasure Room , including hours and contact info visit their web site at-

    Tree of Life Organic Deli & Bakery opening in Post Falls

    Due to it's highly visible location along I-90 just before the Hwy 41 ( Exit 7 ) exit in Post Falls chances are you've probably noticed this new business. But what Tree of Life Organic Bakery & Deli is , is sure to get it a lot of attention itself. Tree of Life is an all organic cafe , set to open sometime around July 7th. All menu items at the new eatery are to organic with no GMO ingredients.

    Tree of Life will feature a wide menu that includes burgers, hot and cold sandwiches , salads , soups , desserts and even breakfast items. An keeping true to remaining organic ,even the beverage menu is organic with soda's from Blue Sky Soda ,lemonade , tea , drip coffee, etc.

    Side dishes are also health conscious with kale chips and steamed vegetables joining the traditional regular potato chips on the menu. A small dessert menu is also available the features an organic cheesecake.

    Tree of Life Organic Bakery & Deli is located at 565 Vest St. in Post Falls , 1 block north of Seltice Way and directly across the street from the former Hot Rod Cafe. The cafe is the first new tenant it was last the Post Falls branch of Horizon Credit Union.

    For more info on Tree of Life visit their web site at-

    Or find them on Facebook at-

    Monday, July 1, 2013

    Changes coming for a few area manufacturing plants.

    Major factory expansions and a factory that's planning a move are among the biggest news from the manufacturing sector in the area right now, here is the latest....


    In late 2011 Outotec acquired the Coeur d' Alene based Energy Products of Idaho and now Outotec finds itself investing in Coeur d' Alene once again with a major expansion by adding a new manufacturing / fabrication facility .

    The company, which does business locally as Outotec Energy Products will build the new facility by it's current operations in the Coeur d' Alene Industial Park off of Atlas Rd in the northwestern section of the city.

    No notice as too how many people the new expansion will employ but Outotec does plan on hiring additional staff. Currently the company employs around 70 locally. The company builds products used for the renewable energy field.

    Romney Motion

    Romney Motion , a contract manufacturing that designs, tools and creates metal parts and molds for other manufacturing companies, is on the move. Romney Motion has operated on Wellesley in Otis Orchards from some time and will move to a new factory, in Post Falls.

    Romney Motion expects to make the move in August after purchasing an existing building at 1111 N. Innovation Way in Post Falls' Expo development on the cities far west side.

    No immediate hiring of additional employees is expected but could happen in the near future.

    Spokane Industries

    Spokane Industries , a castings and metal fabricated product manufacturer , has expanded into formerly vacant space next to the companies large facilities at the Spokane Business & Industrial Park in Spokane Valley ( 3808 N Sullivan Rd ).

    The company now occupies about 250,000 square feet in 3 separate buildings at the Industrial Park. Spokane Industries is said to employ about 300 total and growing.

    Ground Force / Underground Force

    Construction is expected in the next few months on another expansion at the Underground Force side of the large Post Falls based company that manufactures heavy equipment from the mining industry.

    Two new buildings are planned to be built, the first of which will be a new 8,200 square foot building to house the companies corporate offices, work on that building is expected to be first. And the second building will be a new 45,000 manufacturing facility to be built directly next door to the current Underground Force building at 6001 E. Seltice Way in between Post Falls and Coeur d' Alene.

    With the new expansion the company says they will hire 100+ new employees.

    Know of another local manufacturing facility expanding ,moving or maybe even closing. We want to know, e-mail