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Friday, July 5, 2013

NoEpi Wellness Center opens at Northtown Mall , brings NuCalm to Spokane

A new business has opened in Northtown Mall that promotes reducing stress as well as overall wellness . That new business is called NoEpi Wellness Center and it's now open on the 1st floor of Northtown Mall ( 4750 N. Division St. , Spokane ) .

NoEpi Wellness Center's primary product is a system called NuCalm that is designed to interrupt stress at mid brain level. NuCalm is actually a 4 step process that involves the following steps, that we're provided to Inland Northwest Business Watch by NoEpi .

The 4 steps are as follows:

Step 1- Chew All Natural dietary supplements containing a proprietary formulation of amino acids. They will NOT counteract or interfere with any medications or dietary restrictions

Step 2-FDA Cleared micro-current stimulation to rapidly facilitate the relaxation process.

Step 3-Headphones with soothing music. Layered in the soothing music is proprietary neurocoustic software to facilitate deep relaxation

Step 4-Light blocking glasses to block visual stimuli.

The NuCalm system is said to promote better sleep and better health. Along with the stress relieving system NoEpi Wellness Center as offers a variety of Natural Supplements, heat packs , Imagery Cd's, Isagenix products, and much more.
NoEpi Wellness Center is already looking forward to future expansions and new locations. Also they plan to give 5% back each quarter to uninsured dental recipients and 5% back to charity of the center's choosing.
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