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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Local Business Profile- Inland Northwest Growlers

Inland Northwest Growlers is a new business in Spokane. The company sells and markets a new kind of beer growler. The product info and how to get in contact with them is all below. If you'd like your business on a profile like this contact me at

Inland Northwest Growlers
5711 West Excell Avenue
Suite 1A
Spokane WA  99208 (currently my residence)

509.710.5331 (in development) (in development)

FlexiGrowler 64oz Advantages:

  • First Flexible Pouch for ALL beverages

  • Convenient fold flat, Lightweight, Efficient design
    • Weight
      • 64oz FG 1.5oz
      • 12oz Aluminum Can 0.5oz
      • Glass Growler 40oz
    • Percentage of Liquid to Packaging
      • FG 97/3
      • PET 95/5
      • Steel 89/13
      • Glass 65/35

  • Freshness!
    • No Light & residual air (O2) in the container

  • No BPA: PET (Plastic Bottles), Aluminum, Nylon, LDPF

  • Green Alternative
    • Manufacturing
    • 20:1 Compared to glass to ship & storage
    • For single-serving packages, the recycled aluminum can and the aseptic package have the lowest environmental costs, while the virgin aluminum can has the highest environmental cost
  • Less breakage & where glass not welcome