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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Auto Vue Drive In turns to the Internet to stay open

In December of 2012 , we here at Inland Northwest Business Watch along with many of the Spokane media outlets had the unfortunate news to report that the regions last Drive In movie theatre was set to close. The Auto Vue Drive In at 444 Auto Vue Rd. in Colville (along US 395, in between Colville and Kettle Falls)  is, as of right now scheduled to close it's doors after the 2013 Labor Day weekend.

For info as to why the Drive In theatre is scheduled to close, etc... visit this prior post about that topic-

But the Auto Vue is not going down without a fight. The businesses owner , Steve Wisner, is turning to the Internet to see if he can raise the funds needed via a popular web site called

So far support for the cause has been positive with over 2,000 dollars raised. However, the requirements to keep the Auto Vue in business past Labor Day are still a way's off. The theater is requesting $ 186,000.

But why $186,000 ? A lot of work will need to be done to keep the business open , including $82,000 to upgrade to a new digital projector. The new projector is a requirement because this year the film industry plans to stop distribution of movies on 35mm film, which is the size the current projector uses.

Also the screen itself will have to be replaced, at a cost of $94,000. The fundraising won't be easy but as Wisner points out on the Auto Vue's campaign page they only need 4600 people donating $40 each.

If you don't have $40, that's OK too as the web site allows the visitor to enter their own donation amount. Many on the site have donated just $5.00 and of course more is welcome.

Also via the Auto Vue's Facebook page ( link to this page below ) the business is exploring the idea of a concert to assist in raising funds. Watch our Facebook page at ( ) for a date and time for a concert should that plan progress.

To donate to keep the Auto Vue Drive In Theatre open visit-

For more info on the Auto Vue Drive In visit their Facebook page at-

Note: Inland Northwest Business Watch and / or the writer of this blog are affiliated with the Auto Vue Drive In Theatre . We are only attempting to assist in the effort to keep this locally owned and operated business open.