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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Auto Vue Drive-In by Colville to close

Like most parts of this country drive-in movie theaters we're once scattered all around the Inland Northwest,but that was mostly in the '50's , 60's and 70's and now in 2012,almost 2013 times have clearly changed as it was announced recently that Eastern Washington's last operating drive-in movie theater will show it's last feature film in 2013.

The Auto Vue Drive-In Theater  which has operated along US 395 in-between the towns of Colville and Kettle Falls will close after labor day weekend,also that weekend the theater will celebrate it's 60th anniversary. So why is the Auto Vue closing? The movie industry plans to cease releasing movies for the older style 35mm projectors which the Auto Vue,along with many other indpendant movie houses uses.

To be able to continue airing movies beyond next year would involve a huge investment,which the Auto Vue cannot do. A new digital projector and a new screen which would be required would cost about $176,000. The drive-in originally opened in 1953 and has been the site of many memories for those who grew up in the Northeastern Washington area. Until the closure the theater will continue it's normal business running current feature films on the weekends during the summer months.

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The closure does not effect the Auto Vue's sister theater ,the Alpine Theater, which is located in Colville.