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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blackwell Hotel opens in Coeur d' Alene

The name Blackwell is hugely significant in the history of Coeur d' Alene,and many who have lived in the local area for a while know 820 E. Sherman Ave as the Blackwell House,once home to an army general with that name way back when Fort Sherman was still an active army base( Fort Sherman was on the site of North Idaho College,many many many years ago).

The Blackwell House sat vacant for several years but now thanks to the efforts of a new owner, Bill Wendlandt  and a small staff,the huge mansion,located just couple of blocks east of Downtown Coeur d' Alene is officially back in business. This time as the  Blackwell Boutique Hotel . The Blackwell Hotel is a full hotel which specializes in weddings which quite fitting considering Coeur d' Alene is often considered to be the wedding capital of the Northwest.

Hotel wise the Blackwell offers 7 guest rooms each with a private bathroom, Keurig Coffee Maker, iHome music player,flat screen tv's and desks. Hotel amenities include a pool table,media room,shuffleboard table and beautifully landscaped grounds. All while just blocks away from shopping,dining and entertainment.

The Blackwell can also hosts events of any kind and even has a dining room for catered lunches,etc...

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