Thursday, December 13, 2012

Post Falls company loses large government contract

All Seasons Apparel , a veteran owned industrial sewing company that has been operating in the Spokane/ Coeur d' Alene area for quite some time. Their shop,currently located along Primrose Ln. by STCU in Post Falls. But recently some not so good news came in for this small local business.

All Seasons Apparel's primary business is in making flags for US Department of Veteran Affairs , a large government contract that means making thousands of flags each year and nice profits as well. But All Season's has now announced that they have lost that contract.

The contract issue will most likely mean lay-offs and maybe more as the flag's we're almost 100 percent of the companies business. And All Season's owners aren't happy about the issue ether because they lost to a company that is owned by a veteran (something that is required to hold this lucrative contract) but uses a non-vet owned subcontractor for it's manufacturing processes.


  1. Just an opinion: it's quite unfair for All Seasons Apparel's side, because they lost over a non-vet owned subcontractor. All Season's has been there for a long time now, and they deserve that contract.

    - Lilian Baudinet

  2. Businesses, both the old and new ones can learn from this sad change for All Season's Apparel. There is nothing permanent, especially now in this technology-driven generation. Other clients should be sourced out. One should not be complacent with having one big client to manage. With businesses, the many, the merrier.

    Danny McDonald

  3. Maybe All Seasons Apparel can try to manage an online business. At least with this style of business, there would be minimal operation expenses. They could gain leverage for the mean time that they have no big clients to serve.

    Alivia Guo

  4. Seriously? All Season's has been sewing for a long time now, and it's well-trusted by the people. I believe losing the contract with the government wouldn't result to their bankruptcy, because they can still get potential clients. At first I didn't believe this, but it really is true, so thanks for the news. - Cassandra


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