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Monday, December 29, 2014

Syringa Medical Campus coming to Post Falls

The same people as behind the Northwest Speciality Hospital are planning a new major medical office project. This project will someday soon be a three building medical campus with one building site already under construction.

Here is all the details directly from the developers NISHB LLC ...

NISHB, LLC has broken ground on Building A at the new Syringa Medical Campus located on the northeast corner of Mullan Ave. and Syringa Street in Post Falls, Idaho.  The 17,000 square foot two story building is the first of three medical office buildings planned for the site.  The new buildings will complement the existing medical campus located on the south side of Mullan Ave. that includes Northwest Specialty Hospital and two medical office buildings. 

"The new campus will provide us the opportunity to accommodate additional medical service providers as the Post Falls Mullan Medical corridor continues to grow. We are tremendously excited to work with Young Construction on this development and look forward to showcasing our new building next year." said Ron Rock, senior property manager at NISHB, LLC.

The new building structure combines ground face block,  plaster veneer and metal panels to create a modern contemporary look. Suites sizes vary with nearly 7,000 square feet available to a tenant who leases the second floor of one of the buildings.  Young Construction Group of Idaho is providing design/build services for the project with Dzignworks of Hayden leading the design work.  John Young, President, Young Construction Group noted, "We're excited to be part of the team and pleased to continue our relationship with NISHB on this project."

Leasing information is available by contacting NISHB, LLC at (208) 262-2413.

Liberty Lake Safeway to become Haggen Food & Pharmacy

This year Safeway and Albertson's grocery store chains entered into a agreement to merge the two companies together. And as part of that merger, some of those companies stores must be sold to other companies, usually in places where the two chains compete directly with one another.

A buyer has stepped up, and pending approval by regulators those locations will change hands to Haggen Food & Pharmacy. Haggen , who operates their stores as Haggen Northwest Fresh is a Bellingham,Wa based chain of grocery stores with currently under 20 locations. With the new locations Haggen will grow by huge amounts practically overnight. In fact, if all the Safeway / Albertson's stores that are to be shed, do go to Haggen the chain will operate over 160 stores. Most of those also include in store pharmacy's.

While most Safeway's and Albertson's will not change brands, some will, and one locally will make the change to Haggen Northwest Fresh. That location is the Liberty Lake Safeway.

The Liberty Lake Safeway will become a Haggen grocery store after the deal closes sometime in early 2015. The store is located at 1233 N. Liberty Lake Rd. Additionally Haggen will also aquire two other stores in Eastern Washington in Wenatchee and Walla Walla. No North Idaho locations are to be effected.

Employees of the Liberty Lake Safeway will be allowed to transfer their jobs into the new Liberty Lake Haggen store.

Haggen Northwest Fresh stores are full service grocery stores with all departments including bulk foods, floral and a beer and wine department which will feature locally produced microbrews.

For more information on Haggen Northwest Fresh visit them on their website at-

104.5 Hank Fm launches in Spokane

Classic country has arrived to FM radio in Spokane. 104.5 FM has re-launched with a new format and new branding. 104.5 is now Hank FM, and is operated by Alexandria Communications using a branding that is already successful in other parts of the country, including in Walla Walla.

Prior to this new rebranding as 104.5 Hank FM the station was silent, but as many recall the station was also 104.5 Jamz. That station was operated by local business person Jamie Pendleton who caused a stir last year for the controversial drink names, etc... of his other local business the Spokane Downtown Daiquiri Factory.

For more on this new Spokane radio station take a look at this press release-

"(DECEMBER 2014) –Envision Networks® and Kroeger Media Inc. are excited to announce Alexandra Communications’ KNHK-FM/Spokane, WA as the latest affiliate of HANK FM®. With KNHK’s recent launch as 104.5 HANK FM®, the station joins over 200 affiliates on the Envision Country Network. Listen to HANK FM® at

“We’re excited to bring Hank FM to Spokane. We’ve seen in other markets how listeners and advertisers seem to just ‘get’ the Hank concept. We’re looking forward to a prosperous year ahead as more people crank the Hank in this area,” said KNHK General Manager Chris Gilbreth.
From the creator of the Variety Hits Format and BOB FM™, Kroeger Media’s HANK FM® is a turnkey, 24/7 variety-based country radio format that provides unique personality-driven radio for your market that is in touch with the current listening trends and methodology used by your listeners.
Similar to its Adult Hits cousin BOB FM™, HANK FM® doesn’t play by the rules. HANK breaks the mold with a unique mix of over 1000 tested titles spanning from the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and today. This wide and unique music library can be molded into three distinct HANK flavors that can be customized to meet any market’s needs: HANK Plays Everything Country, HANK Classic Hit/Country Legends, and HANK Plays New Country.

HANK FM® offers different levels of programming packages available for both cash and barter. In addition to the rights to use the HANK name and logo, affiliates have access to a constantly updated music library, creative on-air copy and cutting-edge station imaging including voice, sweeper, promos and jingles. HANK also offers off-air support with promotional ideas, daily music logs and programming guidance. "

104.5 Hank FM is already setting up shop in Spokane. The station has ad's on Craigslist looking for advertising sales staff and a web site and social media pages are now set up.

For more information on 104.5 Hank FM visit-

Or, on Facebook at...

Friday, December 26, 2014

Frontier Airlines to pull out of Spokane International Airport

Early this week the announcement was made that Frontier Airlines will soon end all flight service to Spokane International Airport.

Frontier, is a lower fare airline based out of Denver,Co. that has struggled financially in the last couple of years. Spokane is not the only city Frontier Airlines has recently left with service being pulled from Fresno and Bakersfield,Ca.  Locally service will end on Jan. 6th 2015.

Frontier Airlines was not a major player for Spokane International with only one morning departure and one evening arrival both coming and going to Denver. Direct flight service to Denver from Spokane will still continue with a couple of other airlines providing daily service.

The departure of Frontier Airlines from Spokane will leave the airport with service six passenger airlines.  Frontier had only a limited amount of locally based staff meaning layoffs will happen but will be minimal.

For more information on Spokane International Airport, visit-

New(ish) restaurant review- Barlow's at Liberty Lake

Thanks to a reminder from Urbanspoon that I haven't logged in, in awhile. I was reminded that I also haven't done a review of any new Spokane area restaurants for quite sometime. So here it goes... Today's review is of what I would call a newish restaurant because Barlow's has actually been in business locally for a little more then five years.

But, a few months ago Barlow's moved out their original small restaurant to a new, much bigger location that is free standing and new construction built just for use by Barlow's. With the move to the new building Barlow's also changed their name to Barlow's at Liberty Lake. The "at Liberty Lake " portion was added to allow the business to expand and open elsewhere in the future. However, there are no immediate plans to create any additional restaurants. Although Barlow's is a great ,locally owned and operated business that I hope does manage to work it's way into more location in our area soon.

Barlow's at Liberty Lake is a calm, clean restaurant with very friendly staff that is well worth a visit. The menu is made up of a little of everything you'd expect from an American cuisine restaurant like the photo below. The menu is made up burgers, sandwiches and appetizers along the left page with fair pricing and a right page of entree's which admittedly are a bit higher priced but also fairly priced and on par with the big chain restaurants that dot the landscape.

During my visit the Barlow's at Liberty Lake, I chose from the sandwich side only. As a huge fan of Philly cheesesteaks I ordered one. And it showed up looking just as delicious as I had hoped...

 The Philly showed up after a basket of bread, a delicious soft bread that was sliced and interestingly enough what appeared to be the same bread as was used for the sandwich . As you can see above the sandwich was a bit heavier on the meat then the peppers and cheese. But rest assured these are not absent and on a personal level it was welcomed.

Temperature was good and delivery time to our table was also as expected. After the sandwich and accompanying fries I was too full to divulge in dessert but there are dessert menu options. In addition to dessert Barlow's at Liberty Lake also has full bar menu. I think the prices are slightly higher then some local establishments but are still fair. Here is a look at Barlow's signature drink menu. The other side of this menu card highlight more drinks, created specifically for the winter season....

Drinks are also available in the on site " Alicia's Market Side Lounge " which is immediately to the left upon entering the restaurant. The restaurant itself is pleasant but not overly decorated. There is some basic art of vehicles , etc... . On one wall however is a large mural that features the history of Liberty Lake, a city with a very interesting history.
I do plan to go back to Barlow's and is worth the drive out the Liberty Lake for a nice night out or maybe even quick breakfast / lunch.
Barlow's at Liberty Lake is located in, of course Liberty Lake. Here is their info and a link to the their Facebook page-
Barlow's at Liberty Lake
1428 N. Liberty Lake Rd.
Liberty Lake,WA 99019
PH: 509-924-1446
Like Barlow's on Facebook at-
 Barlow's at Liberty Lake on Urbanspoon

Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Holidays from Inland Northwest Business Watch!

Happy Holidays from Inland Northwest Business Watch!!!
News on the latest new business coming to Spokane, will return after Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2014

A couple of new chain restaurant locations coming

Looks like a couple of large national restaurant chains are going to be investing in Spokane by opening new locations in the coming months.

Because they are only in the permitting phases ( actually, as of typing this, neither has a issued permit ) we don't know when they will open, or how many they will employ. But the city's records show these 2 new restaurants coming....

Denny's on the Division St. hill.

This one is interesting because of it being only a few blocks north of Gonzaga and the University District. It also is in a very heavy traffic area, with the address to be 3525 N. Division St , at the corner of N. Division and Gordon.

Current plans for the new Denny's to be built on a vacant site directly at the corner with a portion of the building to the south to be demolished to make way for parking spaces to service the Denny's.

The new building is purposed to be about 4,500 square feet, with construction beginning in June. Interestingly enough the record also notes construction is planned to take about 90 days. Really is amazing how fast building can be built.

Jack in the Box on Northwest Blvd.

Planned to be built at 1511 W. Northwest Blvd is a new Jack in the Box fast food restaurant.

While the address of this new Jack in the Box is on Northwest Blvd. plans show it to actually be built on the corner of Northwest and Maple. Current plans show a 3,000 square foot restaurant building with drive through and parking area.

If it goes as planned construction on this new restaurant will also start in June, with a completion date about 90 days out from then.

The site is currently vacant.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Timber Gastropub to replace the Hot Rod Cafe

Construction work is already underway on the former Hot Rod Café Building on Schneidmiller Dr. in Post Falls. The building is been repainted with a gray, almost black paint and the iconic hot rod that once spun over top of the entry way has been removed.

We actually mentioned this plan some time back, but are just now getting the full details. Turns out the former Hot Rod Café is being converted into a gastropub style bar and restaurant. The new business name will be Timber Gastropub and it is currently scheduled to open in March.

Timber Gastropub is being designed by HDG Hissong + Hurtado Design Group of Spokane and is a business venture of Bill Miller and Randy Ingraham who are also the owners of Longhorn BBQ in Spokane. In fact, a new Longhorn location was once rumored to be what was going into the old Hot Rod building.

Timber, will have a new interior look in addition to a full bar. A food menu will also be included that consists of burgers, pizzas, wood oven apps and much more for lunch and dinner. We expect to see a full menu as the opening date nears.

The new restaurant will employ about 40. Renderings of what Timber will look like once completed can be found on HDG's Facebook page ( postings are back in Oct. ) -

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Building purposed for " the hole" at 3rd & Division

It looks like travelers coming into Spokane via the I-90/ Division St. may soon have something to greet them other then the big hole on the northwest side of the 3rd and Division St intersection.

The City of Spokane's building permit portal reveals that, this week a "pre-development conference" was held for a new building at that exact site. The plan is being brought forward by John & Rita Santillanes, who list an address on Geiger Blvd. which is also the address of the Best Western Peppertree Inn on the West Plains. This is interesting because the owner of that hotel was the same who started the construction project a few years ago that resulted in the pit there today.

That project was to be a new hotel, but the project abandoned for good after the massive Grand Hotel Spokane construction project began to the north. Making the need for new hotel rooms Downtown almost nill ( for now... )

The paperwork attached to the conference indicates a new 2 story building would rise from the site. There is no rendering attached, but a site plan shows the building will be commercial with retail, restaurant and office (office space on the second floor ) uses.

The information included shows a purposed construction start date of May 2015, along with a logo from Baker Construction. It may cost about $2 million with about 10,000 square feet of retail on the main floor and 6,000 square feet of office space above. Surrounding the new building will be a surface parking lot.

We expect to be hearing more on this soon. And will surely post renderings, names and tenants as we get them.

Aerospace manufacturing facility planned for Post Falls

The City of Post Falls has taken a few hard hits job wise recently, with the pending closure of Kimball Office and Unitech backing out of their plan to move there large manufacturing operations to a site near Cabela's.

But, all is not lost on " Idaho's River City" with the plans, announced a couple of months ago to construct a new aerospace manufacturing plant for a company currently in Spokane Valley. Ironically this new factory will be almost next door to the large Kimball Office plant which will soon be empty.

This new aerospace manufacturing facility will be operated by ATC Manufacturing,Inc. and will be a relocation by the company from their current, smaller plant to this new site. The company chose to move to Idaho because of a new tool from the local government, called IDC or Industrial Development Corporation which allows for tax free financing to attract businesses to cross the border into Idaho.

ATC, which stands for Advanced Thermoplastic Composites and creates composites and carbon fiber parts for their clients in the aerospace industry. ATC will also relocate their corporate offices to this site in Post Falls. Currently ATC operates at 10310 E. Buckeye Lane, Spokane Valley.

ATC Manufacturing,Inc. employs about 70 today and plans to hire about 45 more during the next year.

Construction is already beginning at the company's Post Falls site which will be off of Lean Ave. in the Treaty Rock Corporate Park. The company will be the first tenant of the Treaty Rock park which is imminently west of Kimball Office and visible from Seltice Way.  ATC Manufacturing's new building will be about 65,000 square feet and is currently scheduled to open during the fall of 2015.

For more information on ATC Manufacturing,Inc. visit their web site at-

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Liquor License Watch- Dec 10th 2014

Here is a look at the most recently filed liquor license applications around Spokane County. Because they are only license applications that means these may not be new businesses. Although it can be a pretty reliable source.

All are acquired from the Washington State Liquor Control Board-

One Tree Hard Cider
An already open hard cider business may be moving(?) . This based on their application to relocate their liquor license from 9608 E. Montgomery Ave. #3 to 9514 E. Montgomery Ave. #25 , Spokane Valley.

New Boundary Brewing Co.
This new microbrewery has a license application in Cheney at 505 1st Ave.

Le Brothers
A new liquor license application has been filed for a business called Le Brothers in Spokane Valley. However, the application is for 12012 E. Sprague Ave Suite 1 which is already a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Thinh.

Perhaps some changes are coming?

Cat-House Partners
Listed as a tavern for beer and wine Cat House Partners' application is for 1517 W. Jackson Ave. , Spokane.

Guessing by the name, this may be a parent company for a future bar and/or restaurant. Also, the address is in a residential neighborhood so this will probably be someplace else?

FBL Arts & Wine Studio
FBL is filing for 3111 N. Monroe St in Spokane. This business will be going in with a business called The Bag Lady, which is a thrift store near N. Monroe and Euclid.

The FBL stands for Fancy Bad Lady, and other then that there isn't much info yet other then this will probably be a similar business concept to Pinot's Palette in Downtown Spokane.

Savage Boar Spirits
A new craft distillery is in the works and has filed their liquor license recently for their new space in Airway Heights. Savage Boar Spirits plans to open at 11902 W. 21st Ave.

This one is a defiantly confirmed new business as they already have a Facebook page. Which, can be found here-

El Ixtapa Restaurant
This new license application is in Medical Lake in a space that is already occupied by a another Mexican restaurant. This license is located at 116 S. Lefevre St.

Sip 'n Paint Studio
This new liquor license application is for another new wine and painting studio opening soon in North Spokane. The business will be located at 7704 N. Division.

This one is also confirmed as a new business, with a page on Facebook. Here is their page-

Steam House
This new license appears to be for a new restaurant coming to Spokane. However the application is within a residential neighborhood.

Steam House's license location is 1227 E. 39th Ave.

Stash Restaurant
This is a new application for what appears to be a restaurant. However, the license is filed for a nightclub. This one, similar to listing above, falls in a residential neighborhood.

Stash Restaurant is filed for 2728 E. 31st Ave in Spokane.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

New shopping center planned near Post Falls Wal Mart

New development and shopping choices are coming soon to Post Falls. This, with recent news of a new strip mall style shopping center to be built in coming months directly across Mullan Ave. from the Post Falls Wal Mart supercenter store.

The center, which is currently being called Mullan & Cecil Retail Complex will actually be two buildings one directly on Mullan Ave. and another directly behind it facing Mullan but closer to Cecil Rd. . The development is being designed by Eric Headlund Design,LLC of Coeur d' Alene.

No construction has started at the site as of today but construction should start soon, as the project is scheduled to be complete and open for business by June 2015.

The Mullan & Cecil Retail Complex will feature 17,000 square feet of new retail space across both buildings. Dependent upon how much space the stores at the center need, the development may be home to as many as 14 different new businesses and the one space will include a drive up window. Currently there are no confirmed tenants for the center however.

The center will connect through the parking lot to the neighboring Potlatch Credit Union. Also, the home and garage directly at the corner of Mullan and Cecil will be removed at some point with that site being sold as a commercial pad site connected to the new development.

Leasing of the Mullan & Cecil Retail Complex is being done by Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty's commercial team.

For more information, contact Coldwell Banker at 208-765-4300 or online at-

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

#ABRoadEatsSpokane , Alton Brown wants to know where to eat in Spokane

Other then with your own money, I can't think of a better way to support Spokane's local restaurant's then to send a famous celebrity to one. And everyone's chance for just that has arrived.

On March 1st , 2015 Celebrity Host / Chef Alton Brown will be in Spokane for his tour- Alton Brown, The Editable Inevitable Tour, and he is asking us, the people of Spokane to suggest where he should eat while he is in the Lilac City.

To suggest local restaurants to Alton comment to him on Twitter via hashtag  #ABRoadEatsSpokane    ( @altonbrown )

Or via Facebook using the same hashtag, or on his page -

Already a few suggestions have been made ( i.e. The Onion, Veraci Pizza, Sante , etc... ) but compared to some the other cities on the tour, Spokane is somewhat behind on tweets.

Alton Brown's Tour show will play the INB Perfoming Arts Center in Spokane on Mar 1st. 2015 . Show tickets are on sale now via the link below. Currently tickets start at $31.50 and go up to $97.50 . The $97.50 ticket level is for orchestra pit seats with a meet and greet with Alton Brown before the night's show.

Here is the info on the show directly from -

"ALTON BROWN LIVE! The Edible Inevitable Tour
With his upcoming tour, Alton Brown Live! The Edible Inevitable Tour, Alton Brown brings his brand of quirky humor and culinary-science antics to the stage.  The two hour show is a unique blend of stand up comedy, food experimentation, talk show antics, multimedia lecture, and, for the first music. 

Audience interaction is strictly enforced throughout the evening though; if you’re called upon as a culinary assistant, you’ll definitely want to take the lab coat Brown offers as things tend to get messy.  Brown has worked his weird magic on live audiences across the nation for over a decade but this is the first time he’s actually hit the road with a live tour. 
The entire family will have a blast, especially as you sing along with Brown’s soon to be hits “Airport Shrimp Blues” and “TV Cookin Ain’t Like No Other Cookin”. "

For show tickets visit TicketsWest at-|utmccn=(referral)|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/&__utmv=-&__utmk=64240879

South Hill's Regal Plaza almost full with recent batch of new businesses announced

A couple of times on this blog I've given credit for the hard work of Kimele & Hagood Real Estate for successfully filling a couple of spaces in Coeur d' Alene. But I'm non-bias and must also give the old " way to go " to Spokane's NAI Black.

NAI Black has helped take the Regal Plaza Shopping Center at the corner of S. Regal and Palouse Hwy from a controversial empty commercial lot to what is already becoming one of Spokane's prime spots for retail and restaurants.

Today, the center is already home to a few businesses including the Target and Petsmart anchors. But in the coming months many more are scheduled to open. And now we've heard of a couple more, meaning that now Regal Plaza has only one more un-leased space yet to go.

The latest new businesses announced to be opening there include- Numerica Credit Union and Ezell's Chicken .

Numerica of course is far from new to Spokane but this will however be the first Spokane location of Ezell's Chicken. That chain which goes by the name Ezell's Famous Chicken is a small but growing group of fried chicken restaurants from Western Washington.

So, now after posting about new business at Regal Plaza on and off for the last few months. Here is what appears to be the final business roster for the development. Minus, the one empty space on "Pad A " ( 2 doors north of the new Target )-

(Note: not all are open, in fact some may not open till the spring / summer of 2015 )




Mod Pizza

Ezell's Famous Chicken

Sally Beauty

Café Rio


Jersey Mike's Subs

Spa Nails

Slick Rock Tanning and Spa

Numerica Credit Union 

Anthony's Beach Café

For more information on Regal Plaza, directly from NAI Black visit their web site at-

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New restaurant openings & closings - Dec. 2nd 2014

And, now for some highlights of the many new restaurants ( and similar... ) coming soon to the Spokane and Coeur d' Alene area....

Dueling Irons Restaurant , Post Falls

Opening for the first time just last week, is the new Dueling Irons Restaurant at 1780 Schniedmiller Ave. in Post Falls. This new business takes over the building that last housed, Side Street Place, a breakfast and lunch eatery.

Dueling Irons will also have breakfast and lunch for sale as well as free wifi.

Tacos Reynoso, Post Falls / State Line

A new Mexican dining option has come to the tiny Town of State Line, Idaho , with the recent opening of Tacos Reynoso.

Tacos Reynoso is a casual, quick service style restaurant that claims to have the best tacos in Idaho.

The business can be found in the same building as the El Patio Bar and the Liberty Gas Station in State Line. Their address is 6902 Seltice Way Suite 2 Post Falls.

Bubbadogz Hot Dog Company, Liberty Lake

Bubbadogz is probably already a name that is recognized by many in the region. That's because they have operated a hot dog cart / trailer type business at many local events.

But now, Bubbadogz has opened a new year round permanent home location. This new business location is still in Liberty Lake where the business was being operated out of.

Bubbadogz Hot Dog Company, which is now the official name of the business is located inside the Liberty Lake Chevron Gas Station at 1109 N. Liberty Lake Rd.

The Backyard , Spokane

With a fitting name of The Backyard , this new bar is basically almost in the backyard of Kendall Yards, the West Central Neighborhood and Downtown Spokane.

The Backyard is a revamp of a former older bar, and the new look and comes with new drinks, burgers and a good looking food menu. The business is now described as a " five star dive bar"

The Backyard can be found at 1811 W. Broadway Ave.

Blissful Blends, North Spokane

Coffee / espresso stand Blissful Blends has expanded with the recent opening of new stand at the corner of Magnesium and Nevada in North Spokane.

Blissful Blends also continues to operate at their original location at 3118 E. Mission, Spokane.

Oh My Burgers Shakes and Fries, Cheney

Construction is now underway for an exciting new burger restaurant in Cheney.

That new restaurant is cleverly called Oh My Burgers Shakes and Fries and will open in the coming months ( no date yet... ) at 313 N. 1st St .

Lantern Pub, Spokane

The new Lantern Pub opened recently in the Hillyard neighborhood. The business is a bar and restaurant and is located at 5209 N. Market .

The Clubhouse at Painted Hills

New owners are planning to re-open the former clubhouse of the Painted Hills Golf Course in Spokane Valley into a new sports bar.

The golf course itself was closed and sold at auction after the previous owners had to file bankruptcy. Both the clubhouse and the golf course have now been sold with the course itself planned to be developed into a new residential subdivision.

The clubhouse portion was acquired by these new owners, who are also the same people behind the Sullivan Scoreboard Sports Bar near Sprague and Sullivan in Spokane Valley.

The business will have a bar and a food menu. There is still a lot of work to be done before the new business will open, but the opening right now is planned for January.

Monday, December 1, 2014

New business opening and closings - Dec 1st 2014

The latest new local business openings and closings, for Dec. 1st 2014 -

Bird and Roo Photography

A new photography studio called Bird and Roo Photography is now open in Spokane Valley Mall. The business is in the former spa space next door to Macy's on the first floor of the mall.

Rare and Retro Vintage

A new antique and vintage goods store called Rare and Retro Vintage has opened for business in Spokane at 27 W. Indiana Ave.


The non profit CHAS health care offices is planning a new clinic is Spokane Valley. The clinic will be located at 15812 E. Indiana Ave. in a office building nearby the River View Corporate Center.

Core Pilates and Wellness Center

The newest tenant in the Kendall Yards development is now open. The business is a Pilates gym / wellness center called Core Pilates and Wellness Center.

Core is located directly on W. Summit Pkwy at 1230 W. Summit.

Living Skin Tattoo

Living Skin Tattoo, a tattoo shop in Spokane Valley has relocated to a new and improved studio. The space is also easy to find as it's only a couple of doors down from their old location.

Living Skin is located 9118 E. Sprague Ave.

Apricot Lane

Clothing boutique , Apricot Lane has closed it's Spokane location. They had been on the second floor of River Park Square.

Movemore Spokane

New Pilates studio, Movemore Spokane has opened for business in the S. Perry neighborhood. Movemore is located at 731 S. Garfield Ave.

Prairie Dog Mercantile

Prairie Dog Mercantile, a locally owned and operated pet supply store is relocating. The business can now be found at 5608 S. Regal Ave.

Artworks Garland

"Transforming ordinary surfaces into works of art " is the concept behind the local Artworks business which has been growing, even adding a location in Coeur d' Alene last year.

And now Artworks is expanding again, just back in Spokane this time. Artworks will soon open Artworks Garland at 600 W. Garland.

The store on Garland will feature Chalk Paint , hand painted furniture and much more.


Reflecting it's phone number, 765TECH ( 208 area code ) is a locally owned and operated computer sales and service business is moving and expanding.

The business will occupy a larger location, now at 2946 N. Government Way in Coeur d' Alene.

Nana Macs Boutique

With an already established and apparently successful e commerce web site, Nana Mac's Boutique has opened an official brick and mortar retail shop in Coeur d' Alene.

The new Nana Macs Boutique is located in the heart of Riverstone at 2018 N. Main near the Regal Cinemas movie theater.

Scuba Fish

Scuba diving specialty shop, Scuba Fish Scuba Diving Center is now open in the Ash Street Plaza near the corner of Ash St and Northwest Blvd. in Spokane.

Scuba Fish's address is 2323 N. Ash St Suite A . In addition the business also sells some scuba diving trips.

Monkey Boy Books

After sometime of struggling, Monkey Boy Books in Downtown Spokane will be closing it's doors for the last time soon.

Monkey Boy has yet to announce their official last day but it will be before the end of Dec. as they tell us that their lease expires at the end of December.

Monkey Boy Books is located at 123 S. Wall St in a space that has been a bookstore for many years. Although under a couple of different names and owners.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

New Rosauers now open in Suncrest

The community of Suncrest, just a few miles northwest of Spokane now has a new option for groceries. This with the opening of a new Rosauers Supermarket on the town's South side. The grand opening will happen soon but I'm hearing the store is already open for business.

Below is a press release from Rosauers re: this new store:

SPOKANE, WA November 26, 2014 -- Rosauers Supermarkets will celebrate the grand opening of its newest store at the corner of Highway 291 and Swensen Road in Suncrest, Washington on Wednesday, December 3. Ribbon Cutting is slated for 9:00am. 

"We're excited about our new concept store designed to serve smaller communities" said Jeff Philipps, President of Rosauers. "While smaller, there is an incredible offering of traditional, specialty, ethnic, natural and organic products throughout the store," Philipps added.

Also featured will be a full service meat and seafood counter, bakery and large service-deli featuring a seating area with a fireplace and free Wi-Fi. The store will offer an extensive wine, beer and spirits department. Something new for the company is the addition of a fuel center which will be included in the Commercial Fueling Network (CFN).  

The store has hired 50 employees, mostly from the Suncrest/Nine Mile Falls area.

Rosauers is headquartered in Spokane and operates stores in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Rosauers is a wholly owned subsidiary of URM Stores, a wholesale cooperative located in Spokane. The addition of the Suncrest store will bring the total number of Rosauers company locations to 22.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Building permit watch - Nov. 25th 2014

It's time once again for a Building Permit Watch post. I haven't posted this in awhile so as a reminder, these are posts of interesting tidbits that can be found in the public record building permit searches.

These items are not confirmed but are almost sure things. So, here is what may be coming to the Spokane area soon-

( Note : Based on what I've found I'm not usually allowed the share the full permits publicly like this. So, I share the name and address only. If you'd like to know more please contact The City of Spokane or the appropriate planning office directly )

Iron Goat Brewing - Already a Spokane based microbrewery appears to be look to relocate / expand (?) at 1302 W. Second .

Bennidito's Pizza  While listed as Bennidito's Brewery we can only assume this would be a branch off of the Bennidito's Pizza business. They are looking at 1907 E. Sprague Ave.

Interestingly enough The South Perry Neighborhood Twitter feed  ( )also says Bennidito's Pizza is opening at 1901 E. Sprague so it's clear they are planning something.

An art gallery in Kendall Yards? It doesn't have a business name but there is a permit for some kind of art gallery at 1206 W. Summit Pkwy in the Kendall Yards development.

Wollnick's General Store coming to Downtown Spokane?

Wollnick's is a relatively new retail shop down in the South Perry Neighborhood. And, now they have a permit filed for a building in Downtown Spokane.

The permit is for 421 W. Main which would make them a tenant in the newly renovated row of storefronts across from Auntie's Bookstore Downtown.

"Hole Shot" in River Park Square?

I'm not sure if this will be the final business name but a permit has been filed in the River Park Sqaure Food Court ( Space FC-3 ) for something called Hole Shot.

Rizzuto's Wide Shoes

This one is already confirmed, tenant improvements are underway for a move by Rizzuto's Wide Shoes to a new space at 6208 N. Division. Currently that store is just south of the Northtown Mall, also on N. Division.

Free standing Deaconess ER planned

Deaconess Hospital / Rockwood Health System appear to be bringing the free standing ER concept to Spokane with a planned new building at 8202 N. Division.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Tiki Lodge returns to Downtown Spokane

Having only lived in the Spokane area for a little under 10 years now, I'll admit I don't have memories of the Tiki Lodge in Downtown Spokane. But many Spokanites  do and now I'm happy to report that, that piece of the city's history is back.

While I haven't been able to get any pictures or much info yet. The former Select Inn motel has been re-named / re-branded back under the building's original name of the Tiki Lodge.

The Tiki Lodge is located at 1420 W. Second next door to Jenny's Diner and across Maple St. from Frank's Diner . The new owner has already put up the new signs identifying the motel as the Tiki Lodge and does have plans to restore the property back to state when the original Tiki Lodge was open back in the 60's and 70's.

I'm told the rooms will be redone in a retro style, even with rotary phones in each room and the front awnings will be re-painted the original orange. Much of this work however is planned to happen next year.

Currently the business has no web site or social media pages. We will continue to keep an eye on this exciting Spokane flash back project.

Kitchen Spokane relocates to much larger facility

Kitchen Spokane, truth is not everyone has heard of this amazing new local business. But everyone, especially those in the local food service industry should. Kitchen Spokane is Spokane's first commercial kitchen incubator space, designed for use by food service start ups. The business opened earlier this year in a small space just east of Downtown Spokane ( More here -  )

And, now after only a few short months the kitchen space has outgrown it's current location on E. Third and is relocating to a new much larger facility, that was custom built just for Kitchen Spokane. The new space , which is now about 2,500 square feet is located at 1014 N. Pines Suite 120  and is now in Spokane Valley. The new space will boast even more equipment and food storage space. A loading dock will also be offered at this new site which should open early next month.

Like before the new Kitchen Spokane will continue to be open to tenants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A recent article in The Inlander boasts just some of the exciting new food service start ups already calling Kitchen Spokane home. They include-

Scoe's BBQ , Creative Catering , Sweetbox Delivery ( a new cinnamon roll delivery service, new to Spokane. Be sure to check them out at- ) , Malted Mutt , Somkhit's Authentic Thai and several more.

For more information on Kitchen Spokane find them via-


Hey, what's going in there? Nov. 24th 2014

Today I'm starting a new feature called " hey, what's going in there ? " based on the motto of this blog. This article will hopefully answer what is happening at some of the unmarked construction sites around Spokane.

If you have a project you'd like me to look into, contact me anytime!

Here are today's projects-

9th and Perry , Spokane

After hearing about this project for sometime construction is actually now underway for new building coming soon to the heart of one of Spokane's hottest neighborhoods, the South Perry Neighborhood.

The building will be built out with 2 floors, first floor being commercial with bay(s) for either restaurants or retail. The second floor will be used as a medical office.

Apartments we're also once included in the plans but appear to have been pulled out of the plans.

Construction by Newport Hwy. and Holland , near The Y.

A reader alerted me to this project because there is a rumor that this site would be a new Texas Roadhouse. And, although I too have heard of Texas Roadhouse coming to Spokane, this will not be the site it comes too.

However the construction you see today is for a new retail development to be anchored by a Sherwin Williams Paint store.

Tenants other the Sherwin Williams Paint are coming, but the paint retailer is the only store confirmed at the site right now. The new building's address will be 9412 N. Newport Hwy.

North Spokane Ramada becoming Laquinta Inn

Also in the 9000 block of N. Newport Hwy is the former North Spokane Ramada Inn hotel.

The business has been closed for a time and extensive remodeling is underway to convert the property to an all new LaQunita Inn.

The new North Spokane LaQunita Inn is located at 9601 N. Newport Hwy.

Construction next to Chuck E. Cheese in North Spokane.

The same reader who alerted me to the Sherwin Williams site also alerted me to a project next to Chuck E. Cheese. ( Thanks, reader !!! ) .

The site which is along N. Nevada will become and office building constructed by Silvey Construction, also of Spokane.  Plans call for a little over 14,000 square feet of office space on two floors with basement. No tenants however are known yet for this new building.

Tentatively the building is called the Nevada Professional Building.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Community news briefs- Nov. 20th 2014

Ok, so I have been a bit behind on posting to this site lately . So, to keep everyone as up to date as possible while they wait on me, here are a few local happenings from my e-mails / contacts -

Spokane Winter Glow Spectacular 2014 , a holiday lights event coming to Riverfront Park.

Spokane's new "Winter Glow" event kicks off with a lighting ceremony at 6:30 PM on November 28th, just after Thanksgiving. The event which intends to become an annual event of holiday lights around Riverfront Park will be on display from 5-9pm nightly through Jan 1st with longer hours on weekends.

The nightly event is free and open to the public, with carriage and wagon rides also available for a small fee.

The Spokane Winter Glow Spectacular is mainly sponsored by Avista , Washington Trust Bank and Coordinated Care.

For more information on this event, visit-

Darigold and Dairy Farmers of Washington to donate 11,000 half gallons of milk to KREM 2 News' Tom's Turkey Drive.

Here is the press release-

Darigold and the Dairy Farmers of Washington have joined the 15th Annual ‘Tom’s Turkey Drive’ to provide complete turkey dinners to Inland families for a $20 donation this weekend at all Rosauers stores. Third generation dairy farmer, Stephanie Littrel, says last year’s event provided 11,000 dinners so the dairy farmers will donate 11,000 half gallons of milk to go with each turkey dinner donation this year.  Tom's Turkey Drive relies on hundreds of volunteers each year. Visit the 2nd Harvest website to learn more about specific volunteer opportunities.  Tom’s Turkey Thanksgiving meal bags including a half gallon of 2% milk will be distributed at the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena, 720 W. Mallon Ave., on Tuesday, November 25, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Darigold, Dairy Farmers of Washington have joined KREM TV’s Tom Sherry, 2nd Harvest and the Salvation Army to fight hunger this holiday season with support from Numerican Credit Union, Rockwood Health Systems, Franz Bakery and Itron – all working together to provide holiday meals to area families in need during the holiday season.  

West Plains Petro Truck Stop collecting food and coats / blankets for the less fortunate.

From Facebook-

"We" are doing a food and coat/blanket drive for our less fortunate in Spokane. We are accepting money (will be used to purchase food), food,... bottle water, coats, gloves, socks and blankets. ANY THING you would be willing to donate we will definitely get it to people who need them. We are trying to collect everything by Wed.12/10. We will be handing these items out on Saturday 12/13.

You can drop it off at Petro 10506 W. Aero Road Spokane, WA. 99224

Landmark Plantation Restaurant in Spokane Valley demolished-

Demolition work is wrapping up with the building now down at the vacant building that once housed Spokane Valley's Plantation Restaurant .

Last year, the news came in that the building would soon be renovated and turned into a new restaurant by the same name. That plan never came to fruition and clearly is now dead, that story here from the Journal of Business-

It is very unfortunate these plans apparently got cancelled. The building was located at 8122 E. Sprague Ave. and appears to now be for sale as commercial land. There are currently no plans for the site that we know of yet. But, are continuing to keep and eye on this one.

INBW takes YOUR stories-

We will share you event and any tips on new business in the Spokane / Coeur d' Alene area. Contact me, Matt Behringer anytime at-

Or share to the Inland Northwest Business Watch Facebook page at-

Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Place Hotel now open in Spokane Valley

There is a new option of places to stay in Spokane Valley with last week's official opening of the My Place Hotel - Spokane Valley.

The hotel's opening marks the rapidly growing chain expansion further into the Northwest. The chain is based in Aberdeen,SD and already has locations all around the United States after only being in business since 2012. The company was founded by the same person who founded the Super 8 Hotel chain, Ron Rivett . The hotels in the My Place system are geared towards extended stay travel, however booking for just one night is offered.

The hotel is located at 16106 E. Indiana Ave. across from the Riverview Corporate Center and a very short drive / walk east of the I-90 Sullivan exit and the Spokane Valley Mall.

The hotel features 64 guest rooms spread out though-out the 3 story building. Rooms feature something called "my kitchen" with small cook top, microwave and refrigerator. On site laundry facilities, high speed internet access , and a small convenience store are all also offered. Room discounts are available to AAA/CAA members , AARP members and government employee's.

Room rates will vary, for more information, including hotel room booking visit the My Place Hotel web site at-

A look at the new hotel, now open-

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nut Factory to close store, relocate and re-focus

This business downsizing / closure will effect a local landmark business that thousands of commuters pass by each day on I-90 . That business is, The Nut Factory, and it has operated out of that highly visible building at 19425 E. Broadway in Spokane Valley since the late 90's and other locations dating back many years before that.

But, now news has come in that The Nut Factory will soon undergo a big change which will mean leaving that site along I-90. The business will actually fully close down their retail storefront and will re-focus the business to a new web based sales format via the company's web site, which can be found at the bottom of this article.

In addition, The Nut Factory hopes to increase wholesale sales and their sales outside of the United States.

The business will actually vacate the building at 19425 E. Broadway entirely with the production and warehousing moving to a yet to confirmed industrial building elsewhere in the Spokane area. The building will be put up for sale soon and the store's closure is expected to happen sometime this month.

The Nut Factory's Spokane Valley store featured many different types of nuts, candies and other snacks produced and/ or processed by The Nut Factory within the same building as the store. The retail store also offered many other snack and gift items. Many of the items sold there will likely continue to be sold via the companies web site, which can be found at-

Or via Facebook at-

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Trader Joe's to open store in North Spokane

Local social media pages and the local media itself has been a buzz for most of the day today over a huge, an yet un-expected announcement of a large chain grocery business expanding here.

That announcement is, that, Trader Joe's is planning to open a second location here. The chain, which is a national grocery retailer with a large and passionate following, opened there first local location a couple of years ago. That location can still be found on the South Hill in the Lincoln Heights Shopping Center ( 2975 E. 29th Ave. ) .

The new Trader Joe's will be in North Spokane this time, only a few blocks north of Northtown Mall. The store will occupy about 12,000 square feet of space in the Franklin Park Commons shopping center ( 5520 N. Division ) and will have a similar size, and likely look to the current store on the South Hill.

There is no mention as of today about how many will employed by the new North Spokane Trader Joe's, but once time gets closer some of those jobs may be filled via this, the Trader Joe's employment web site-

The new Trader Joe's at Franklin Park Mall will open sometime in third or fourth quarter of 2015. It will take over a portion of the space now used by a Rite Aid store, that is vacating the shopping center for a stand alone site along Division, still on the Franklin Park Commons property

This may also be sign of improvements to come as well to the Franklin Park Commons site . As a re-construction project would make cense given the increase in traffic / interest a store like Trader Joe's usually brings ,but this is only my speculation.

For more information on Trader Joe's find them online at-

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Onion to open Area 51 Taphouse at North Spokane location

The crew here at Inland Northwest Business Watch has uncovered news of a major change coming soon to a local favorite restaurant.

The Onion is currently in the construction phase to convert the restaurant's bar into an exciting new tap house style bar with a huge focus on beer. The space is being extensively remodeled behind a temporary curtain, and will have a completely different look. Here is an example rendering of what this new bar might look like once open-

In addition to the new look, a new name is also in store. The space will be called Area 51 Taphouse at The Onion. Currently it appears the new taphouse is only planned to open inside the North Spokane location of The Onion and not the Downtown location, although this has yet to be confirmed. The North Spokane Onion / Area 51 is located at 7522 N. Division.

Area 51 Taphouse, while it will likely have a full bar will put a large focus on the beers and craft beers, a huge portion of today's economy. Per the businesses page on Facebook Area 51 will offer 51 beer tasp and 50 bottled beers for a total of 101 beers. And, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but to my knowledge this will be the largest beer selection of any restaurant in Spokane. Although, Manito Tap House on the South Hill comes close to these numbers.

Area 51 Taphouse will also do growler fills, brewer's dinners , brew gear and even a mug club. Plus even with all the new drinks, a food menu will also remain.

No opening date has been set as of yet but it appears the new space will likely open sometime within the next month.

For more information on Area 51 Taphouse at the North Spokane location of The Onion find them on Facebook at-

Kimball Office to close Post Falls operations

One of the region's larger employer's, and perhaps the largest employer in Post Falls will soon close it's doors. The closure will be of the Post Falls Kimball Office manufacturing facility, which has operated along Seltice Way west of Chase Rd. since the mid 1990's ( originally called Harper's ).

The company plans to relocate all production for the local plant to the companies other exsisting facilities in Indiana. In all, the Post Falls Kimball Office plant employ's about 260 and most, if not all employees will be laid off. Many employees will also be offered a severance package.

The plant closure will not be immediate, with lay offs starting as early as January and a full closure coming in about 2 years.

Also, the Kimball Office manufacturing facility has been placed up for sale with a potential buyer  already found for a portion of the building. That buyer has yet to be named but it appears that buyer will occupy between 100,000 and 150,000 square feet of space including the buildings front office space. Given that it's unclear as to who this buyer is, it's also unclear if as to whether or not this new business might hire some of the former Kimball employee's.

It is also noteworthy that a aerospace manufacturing facility is also planning to build next door to Kimball. That project is still planned and will be a new location of a company that's currently in Spokane Valley. More on that soon...

New skyscraper planned for Downtown Spokane

With Walt Worthy's massive Grand Hotel Spokane project going up rapidly nearby the Convention Center, Downtown's skyline is already changing. But, another new large project is also in the works , not far from the Grand Hotel. And, this project would change the look of the skyline perhaps more drastically then the hotel itself.

That project is a yet to be named high rise currently in the planning phase for the eastern edge of Downtown. The building would rise from the lot at the corner of Spokane Falls Blvd. and N. Division, on the Southeast side of the intersection. Currently an abandoned auto repair shop stands on the corner, it will be removed to make way for the project.

There is no construction start date or estimated opening date as of yet but we do know some info. The main news about the project will be it's shear size. The high rise will become Spokane's tallest building with 35 floors planned. In fact, this building eclipses the current tallest building in Spokane, The Bank of America Tower by 17 floors.

The new building will be developed by local developer / dentist Dr. Phillip Rudy, this is by far his largest project ever undertaken, should it come to fruition.

Plans on the 35 story high rise call for multiple uses, with retail and restaurant uses and residential uses included. Likely apartments geared towards students of the nearby Washington State University-Spokane and others looking to live where they work and play, Downtown Spokane.

We will be keeping an eye and ear out for more info and possible renderings of this potentially major project.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

New business openings & closings - Nov. 6th 2014

I'm a little busier this week then some, so I apologize for the shorter then normal opening and closing business post this week. But here are some of the highlights-

Division Thrift

Division Thrift, a second hand store located at 2915 N. Division, at the base of the Division St. hill has gone out of business.

Groove Merchants

Groove Merchants is a record store that's actually opening for business in Spokane. The shop is a locally owned and operated retail store that celebrated their grand opening at the beginning of November.

Groove Merchants is located by Book Traders in the heart of the Garland District at 905 W. Garland Ave.

The store also sells turntables and other vintage audio equipment.

Cleone's Closet Thrift Store

Cleone's Closet, a locally owned and operated thrift store has relocated to a new location in Airway Heights . The business can now be found at 1515 S. Lyons Rd.

Thompson's Service Station

After operating in Downtown Spokane for 40 plus years, Thompson's went out of business last month.

The shop was a gas station with deli, espresso and car wash at the corner of Third and Monroe, by I-90 on the southern edge of Downtown.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

More new businesses planning to open at Regal Plaza

Late last week we got the news from the Southgate District Center's Facebook page that a handful of new permits have been issued for even more new tenants coming to the Regal Plaza shopping center.
For those who may not know, Regal Plaza is the new Target anchored shopping center at Regal and Palouse Hwy on the South Hill.

While, I think I confirmed a couple of these in a earlier post on here it doesn't hurt to remind everyone. Here is their posting....

"New businesses coming to the Target site:

Jersey Mike's Subs (1st in Spokane/CdA)

 Sally Beauty Supply


 Slick Rock Tanning and Spa (2 existing locations in ID)"

In addition to these four new businesses, T-Mobile is also planning a store at the center.

We'll be looking for more information on all of these new businesses. But, especially on Jersey Mike's Subs as this will be their first location in Spokane. Jersey Mike's is a chain of sub sandwich restaurants based in Manasquan,NJ.

Several businesses in addition to Target are already opening at Regal Plaza and it's exciting to see this development fill up so fast.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

CVS ,Chick-fil-A and Bass Pro Shops coming to Spokane?

Some big national chains are starting to expand more aggressively with the new improving economy. Three of those, CVS Pharmacy, Chick-fil-A and Bass Pro Shops are now on our radar as possibly coming soon to the Spokane area.

We don't have any confirmations yet but all three chains have recently or will soon open their first locations in Washington State. Only thing is they are all, for now, are in Western Washington. But Spokane might be their next logical step in expanding further into the state.

Here are the news stories from these new business openings on the other side of the Cascades-

Chick-fil-A  -

CVS Pharmacy -

Bass Pro Shops-

We have also confirmed that Chipolte Mexican Grill and Cracker Barrel will be opening in Coeur d' Alene and are also tracking a lot of rumors in our area.

If you ever can confirm a new chain coming to the Spokane / Coeur d' Alene area please contact me , Matt at

Monday, November 3, 2014

Knife Burger Bar to open in Downtown Spokane

Downtown Spokane's new " restaurant row " along continues to grow with a new restaurant opening next Spring in the former Agave Latin Bistro space at the corner of Lincoln and Sprague. The new restaurant was originally announced as a business called Burger Lab. But, we now know this new space will still be a burger restaurant with bar to instead be called Knife Burger Bar.

Knife Burger Bar is too open sometime in the Spring of 2015 and will create about 20 new local jobs. The new restaurant is headed up by a well known team of local restaurateurs, including Matt Goodwin, Armando Hurtado, Jon Wells, Joshua Hissong and Skip Hissong. Collectively this group owns 14 companies in the Spokane area.

Design work will be done locally by HDG Hissong + Hurtado Design Group. This is the same group that designed the other restaurants in the new Restaurant Row which currently also include Nudo Ramen House and Fire Artisan Pizza. We're also hearing a rumbling of another new restaurant around the corner in the old Deleon's and a coffee shop in the same block as Knife. Neither of those have been confirmed as of yet.

Knife Burger Bar is described as Spokane's first philanthropic restaurant with a portion of a upcoming Kickstarter campaign being donated, another portion of their sales will also be donated. More info on this is available on their web site which can be found below.

Knife's menu will consist of a selection of specialty burger with several side options. Also, their web site mentions that bacon can be added at no charge, sign me up!

Continue to watch for more on this, and for more now on Knife Burger Bar find them online. And also take a look at the rendering on the page at-

Social media pages coming soon.

Hop Jack's now open at Spokane Valley Mall

The day has come, Hop Jack's official opening to the public in Spokane Valley. This is grand opening of it's second location in the Spokane area. This new restaurant is located within the Spokane Valley Mall near the Regal Cinema's entry to the mall.

Hop Jack's takes the space formerly occupied by the Tilt Arcade and the Spokane County Sheriff's Dept. sub-station ( the Sheriff's Dept. is now on the second floor of mall ).  As mentioned in the first part of this article, this is the chain's second location in the Spokane market as they also continue to operate a location in North Spokane at 9265 N. Nevada near the Winco Foods grocery store.

Hop Jack's is a chain of restaurant and bar combinations featuring some TV's for sports and many beers ( hence the hop in the business name ) served in mugs at 34 degrees, with a good selection of local beers on tap. Hop Jack's menu is rather large with many burgers, sandwiches and some other entrees. A variety of side dishes are also made available as are appetizers . In addition, they also serve breakfast from a smaller menu on weekend mornings.

The Valley Mall Hop Jack's employs a little less then 100 and is operated by their parent company, Rock Solid Restaurants. The Hop Jack's chain began only a few years ago in Western Washington where the corporate offices remain.

A view of the outside of this new restaurant-

In addition to the opening today ( Nov. 3rd ) , Hop Jack's also has trial dinner late last week in which this blogger got had the pleasure of taking part in.
I won't be writing a review based on a trial meal, but will say this will be welcome addition to the dining choices in this part of the area. Here is a look at my food from this meal, to give an idea of what Hop Jack's has-
For more information on Hop Jack's including a look at their menu, other locations and even job info find them online at-

Flip Flop Shops coming to River Park Square?

Last week while out and about in Downtown Spokane I noticed a sign for franchise opportunities for chain of stores called Flip Flop Shops in River Park Square.

Some quick research on this company has identified that Flip Flop Shops actually identifies River Park Square mall as not only a open territory for a franchise but as what they call an " Immediate franchise opportunity" which means they plan to have store at the mall within the next few months but don't have a local business owner sign on to run it as of yet.

Here is that sign with the chain's information should you be interested in bringing Flip Flop Shops to Spokane-

Naturally, since this new Flip Flop Shop store isn't sold to a owner yet there is no opening date, employment info or even which space they would be at in the mall. In fact it can't even be confirmed officially yet but looks way more promising then some of the other plans and rumors.

Flip Flop Shops is a INC. 500 company and considered the " hot retailer of the year " by the International Center of Shopping Centers.

The company is a retailer of flip flops and casual footwear, selling numerous big brand names. The company is expanding very rapidly with a long list of stores either opening soon or now open.

Watch for more soon, for more information on Flip Flop Shops find them online at-

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kitchen Spokane- Commerical kitchen incubator opens

There are places already to rent commercial kitchen space in Spokane, but a new business called Kitchen Spokane is taking that business concept to an all new level.

Kitchen Spokane is a business incubator of sorts that allows small business owners in and around Spokane to rent their fully licensed and health dept. approved commercial kitchen space to grow their business. And in the case of this new business, Kitchen Spokane's space will be available to rent by the hour.

The Kitchen Spokane commercial kitchen space is fully stocked with equipment and has the potential to save small businesses thousands of dollars.

Kitchen Spokane is a locally owned and operated business conveniently located only a few blocks east of Downtown at 923 E. Third Ave.

The facility is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offers quite affordable rental rates that can even be booked online via their web site.

In addition to the commercial kitchen rental service, the business also offers on site storage space for foods, etc...

For more information on Kitchen Spokane find them online at-

And, find them on Facebook at-

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Organic market & deli opening in Liberty Lake

Ok, so no, Liberty Lake will not be home to a chain like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's anytime soon but instead one better, a new locally owned and operated organic grocery store.

The new market will be called Liberty Lake Organic Market and is supposed to open sometime within the next couple of weeks, although no official grand opening date is known as of right now. The business will occupy a end cap space in the strip mall at 21980 E. Country Vista Blvd. just west of Liberty Lake Rd.

Liberty Lake Organic Market will be a full grocery store selling many locally sourced foods in addition to hard to find gourmet food items. The store will run specials and promises to have a good organic produce selection and a selection of gluten free items. And per their web site the market will offer these items at affordable prices with a friendly, helpful staff.

For more on this new business, find them online at-

And be sure to like them on Facebook at-

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New mixed-use building coming to Kendall Yards

Looks like the business district of Spokane's Kendall Yards neighborhood will soon be progressing a bit more eastward towards Monroe Street and Downtown soon.

This will happen with the addition of a brand-new mixed-use building proposed to be built at 1104 W. Summit Pkwy in the heart of Kendall Yards.

The new building will be called Highline II and will likely be very similar to the existing mixed-use building currently on the North side of Summit. The building will consist of ground floor retail space and two floors of residential apartments above.

Plans call for 9000 square feet of commercial space and 18000 square feet of apartment space ( 24 new apartments) .Construction is expected to begin very soon at the site with a completion date is tentatively scheduled for sometime early next year.

There is no word of any new businesses planning to open in this building as of yet. And we will be watching for any renderings of this building to be released soon.

For more information on Kendall Yards, visit them at

Monday, October 27, 2014

Mod Pizza coming to Spokane

With aggressive expansion plans that includes new locations as far away as Austin and Houston,Texas, the Seattle based Mod Pizza chain will be coming to Spokane soon.

Mod Pizza will be one of the new businesses opening at the Regal Plaza shopping center on Spokane's South Hill. This is the only confirmed location coming to Spokane as of now and it will open around April of 2015.

The new Spokane Mod Pizza's address will be 1304 E. Palouse Hwy. Suite A and will create about 30 - 40 new jobs in all positions. The restaurant will occupy about 2,500 square feet of space there with an additional 600 square feet of space on a outdoor patio.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mod Pizza, here's the info about their company via it's Facebook page-

MOD Pizza serves up individual artisan-style pizzas and salads made on demand. Customers can design their own pizzas and salads or select from a menu of MOD classics. All are the same price regardless of toppings. The handcrafted pizzas are then fired in our 800 degree display oven and ready to eat in less than 5 minutes. MOD also offers milkshakes, house-made iced teas and lemonades, locally sourced draft beer and wine.

And, a couple sample pictures of their restaurants and pizza's-

For more information on Mod Pizza find them at-

Or via Facebook at-