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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nut Factory to close store, relocate and re-focus

This business downsizing / closure will effect a local landmark business that thousands of commuters pass by each day on I-90 . That business is, The Nut Factory, and it has operated out of that highly visible building at 19425 E. Broadway in Spokane Valley since the late 90's and other locations dating back many years before that.

But, now news has come in that The Nut Factory will soon undergo a big change which will mean leaving that site along I-90. The business will actually fully close down their retail storefront and will re-focus the business to a new web based sales format via the company's web site, which can be found at the bottom of this article.

In addition, The Nut Factory hopes to increase wholesale sales and their sales outside of the United States.

The business will actually vacate the building at 19425 E. Broadway entirely with the production and warehousing moving to a yet to confirmed industrial building elsewhere in the Spokane area. The building will be put up for sale soon and the store's closure is expected to happen sometime this month.

The Nut Factory's Spokane Valley store featured many different types of nuts, candies and other snacks produced and/ or processed by The Nut Factory within the same building as the store. The retail store also offered many other snack and gift items. Many of the items sold there will likely continue to be sold via the companies web site, which can be found at-

Or via Facebook at-