Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Trader Joe's to open store in North Spokane

Local social media pages and the local media itself has been a buzz for most of the day today over a huge, an yet un-expected announcement of a large chain grocery business expanding here.

That announcement is, that, Trader Joe's is planning to open a second location here. The chain, which is a national grocery retailer with a large and passionate following, opened there first local location a couple of years ago. That location can still be found on the South Hill in the Lincoln Heights Shopping Center ( 2975 E. 29th Ave. ) .

The new Trader Joe's will be in North Spokane this time, only a few blocks north of Northtown Mall. The store will occupy about 12,000 square feet of space in the Franklin Park Commons shopping center ( 5520 N. Division ) and will have a similar size, and likely look to the current store on the South Hill.

There is no mention as of today about how many will employed by the new North Spokane Trader Joe's, but once time gets closer some of those jobs may be filled via this, the Trader Joe's employment web site-

The new Trader Joe's at Franklin Park Mall will open sometime in third or fourth quarter of 2015. It will take over a portion of the space now used by a Rite Aid store, that is vacating the shopping center for a stand alone site along Division, still on the Franklin Park Commons property

This may also be sign of improvements to come as well to the Franklin Park Commons site . As a re-construction project would make cense given the increase in traffic / interest a store like Trader Joe's usually brings ,but this is only my speculation.

For more information on Trader Joe's find them online at-


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