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Monday, November 10, 2014

New skyscraper planned for Downtown Spokane

With Walt Worthy's massive Grand Hotel Spokane project going up rapidly nearby the Convention Center, Downtown's skyline is already changing. But, another new large project is also in the works , not far from the Grand Hotel. And, this project would change the look of the skyline perhaps more drastically then the hotel itself.

That project is a yet to be named high rise currently in the planning phase for the eastern edge of Downtown. The building would rise from the lot at the corner of Spokane Falls Blvd. and N. Division, on the Southeast side of the intersection. Currently an abandoned auto repair shop stands on the corner, it will be removed to make way for the project.

There is no construction start date or estimated opening date as of yet but we do know some info. The main news about the project will be it's shear size. The high rise will become Spokane's tallest building with 35 floors planned. In fact, this building eclipses the current tallest building in Spokane, The Bank of America Tower by 17 floors.

The new building will be developed by local developer / dentist Dr. Phillip Rudy, this is by far his largest project ever undertaken, should it come to fruition.

Plans on the 35 story high rise call for multiple uses, with retail and restaurant uses and residential uses included. Likely apartments geared towards students of the nearby Washington State University-Spokane and others looking to live where they work and play, Downtown Spokane.

We will be keeping an eye and ear out for more info and possible renderings of this potentially major project.