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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Building permit watch - Nov. 25th 2014

It's time once again for a Building Permit Watch post. I haven't posted this in awhile so as a reminder, these are posts of interesting tidbits that can be found in the public record building permit searches.

These items are not confirmed but are almost sure things. So, here is what may be coming to the Spokane area soon-

( Note : Based on what I've found I'm not usually allowed the share the full permits publicly like this. So, I share the name and address only. If you'd like to know more please contact The City of Spokane or the appropriate planning office directly )

Iron Goat Brewing - Already a Spokane based microbrewery appears to be look to relocate / expand (?) at 1302 W. Second .

Bennidito's Pizza  While listed as Bennidito's Brewery we can only assume this would be a branch off of the Bennidito's Pizza business. They are looking at 1907 E. Sprague Ave.

Interestingly enough The South Perry Neighborhood Twitter feed  ( )also says Bennidito's Pizza is opening at 1901 E. Sprague so it's clear they are planning something.

An art gallery in Kendall Yards? It doesn't have a business name but there is a permit for some kind of art gallery at 1206 W. Summit Pkwy in the Kendall Yards development.

Wollnick's General Store coming to Downtown Spokane?

Wollnick's is a relatively new retail shop down in the South Perry Neighborhood. And, now they have a permit filed for a building in Downtown Spokane.

The permit is for 421 W. Main which would make them a tenant in the newly renovated row of storefronts across from Auntie's Bookstore Downtown.

"Hole Shot" in River Park Square?

I'm not sure if this will be the final business name but a permit has been filed in the River Park Sqaure Food Court ( Space FC-3 ) for something called Hole Shot.

Rizzuto's Wide Shoes

This one is already confirmed, tenant improvements are underway for a move by Rizzuto's Wide Shoes to a new space at 6208 N. Division. Currently that store is just south of the Northtown Mall, also on N. Division.

Free standing Deaconess ER planned

Deaconess Hospital / Rockwood Health System appear to be bringing the free standing ER concept to Spokane with a planned new building at 8202 N. Division.