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Monday, August 28, 2017

Eyemart Express to open first Spokane location

Eyemart Express, a Texas based chain of vision clinics is heading our way and will open in the coming months at 7808 N. Division. This is the former Apollo Spas store building that has since been remodeled into a small shopping center. The same shopping center that also recently became the home of the Spokane area's first Firehouse Subs as well.

The company has been around since the early 90's when they we're founded in Appleton,Wi.  At some time in their history they relocated their HQ to Farmers Branch,TX where today the home office oversees 162 stores in 34 states and an ecommerce website. And, while this will Eyemart Express' first Spokane location, it's not the first in this part of the country as the company already has a store in the Tri-Cities.

Eyemart Express sells contacts and many different glasses options in addition to their locations offering eye exams via an indpendant Doctor of Optometry that practices on site. The chain also offers several deals like a second pair of glasses free with insurance and lower then average pricing.

Building permits have been pulled to build out the new Eyemart Express store but no official opening date has been announced just yet. For more information on Eyemart Express visit their website at-

Redevelopment Opportunity- Al's Motel hits the market

First of all, as of my writing this there are no actual re-development plans actually in the works for the Al's Motel building. This is simply a post to promote " what could be " to some of the readers of this site that may have a few more dollars in bank then I.

With that said Al's Motel at 1417 N. Division is not be the top of the line. And although I'm sure it's mostly perfectly fine guests coming and going from the business, we all have likely hear it mentioned on the news at least once. So, it's not really too big of surpirise when I found it going up for sale on the CRE website this week. But, this in itself is actually big news!

That's because if you haven't noticed, many changes have been happening in the neighborhood around it. People are taking note of this stretch of Division and Ruby's closeness to both Gonzaga and Downtown. Many more people have moved in with the opening of 940 North apartments and a couple of other projects and business owners are investing in their sites as well. Including a new modern apartment building that will likely rise soon behind the Starbucks at Mission & Ruby ( more on that yet to come... )

So, the saying location, location , location is really ringing true for Al's Motel right now which is now available for sale from SVN Cornerstone for just $500,000. The motel offer 18 rooms, with 4 of those rooms being full apartments and an office area. For a reasonable price a developer could easily convert it into a boutique hotel or apartment complex or who knows?

With projects like the re-development of the Wonder Bread factory building underway there is likely not a better time to start a project like this. I don't claim to be an expert at real estate by any means but a change to the building would likely be welcomed in the neighborhood and the community.

What other Spokane area buildings / lots would you like to see be rehabbed into something new?
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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Breaking- Chef Chad White to open new oyster bar in Downtown Spokane

Monday night a fellow Spokane blogger Spokaneeats ( ) broke some exciting news. Here is what we already know from Spokaneeats -

Chef Chad White who owns Zona Blanca ceviche bar on Madison Downtown will open a new oyster bar on W. Main also in Downtown Spokane. The new oyster bar will be called Tide and Tonic and will occupy the space next door to Durkin's Liquor Bar in the 400 block of W. Main across from Auntie's Bookstore.

Spokaneeats says Tide and Tonic will be a " West Coast whimsical Oyster Bar " .

Keep watching for more on Tide and Tonic as I hope to get more info soon....

Brothers Office Pizza / Specialty Training to join new shopping center in Spokane Valley

Construction of the building shell is complete for a new neighborhood style shopping center at 12930 E. Mansfield Ave. in Spokane Valley. And, now that the building is up construction can now get underway for the tenants that will occupy the new 7000 square foot structure. The center is along Mansfield , by the Granite Point Apartment complex and walking distance from Centerplace Event Center and the YMCA.

Here is a look at the building as it appears today-

The businesses opening in the building will be-

Brothers Office Pizzeria
This will be the third location of Brothers Office Pizzeria which also operates locations in Liberty Lake and further south in the Valley.

Brothers Office Pizzeria says they are a family ran business with handcrafted pizzas, sandwiches and more. Their locationS also have beer, wine and spirits.

Specialty Training, Inc.

Specialty Training, Inc. a fitness center / personal training business will relocate their Valley location to two of the bays within the new shopping center. They also plan to keep their original location in the Downtown's Paulsen Center building open for business.

Specialty Training,Inc. is planning to be open there by Oct. 1st . With full facilities and classes.

The for lease sign also remains out front of the building implying that the two businesses won't occupy the whole building. Leaving some space likely still available for another business to open there. SDS Realty,Inc. is the listing agent of the center and with over 1000 residential units now within a half a mile of the building this space is perfect for many different types of neighborhood businesses.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tuesday Morning opening soon in Spokane Valley

It's Tuesday morning, so there really is no better time to break the news that the Tuesday Morning chain will open a new store in Spokane Valley soon. This will be their second store in the Spokane area and the third in the Inland Northwest.

Building permits have yet to be pulled, but a sign has appeared in the last few days out front of the site. The store will be in a newly built 12,500 square foot building nearby Spokane Valley Mall. The store will join the in-line spaces of the Evergreen Crossing shopping center at E. Indiana and Evergreen Rd., which is also home to Hobby Lobby, Total Wine & More and a handful of other businesses.

Tuesday Morning is a Dallas,TX based chain that primarily focuses on closeout home goods, gifts and home d├ęcor items with many popular brand names. The company has been adding locations and in all has a few hundred locations nation-wide.

No opening date has been announced as my writing this. Tuesday Morning's other area stores can be found at 9316 N. Division in the Heritage Village shopping center and at 227 W. Appleway in Coeur d' Alene both of which are to remain open for business after the new store opens.

More information about Tuesday Morning can be found at their website-

Thursday, August 17, 2017

New gaming bar called Geeksnglory coming to Spokane Valley

Calling all my gamers, it is finally happening, a new gaming bar is setting up shop and should be open for business sometime within the next few months in Spokane Valley.

It is to be called Geeksnglory and will be a locally owned and operated bar with gaming theme. The owners are working on getting everything together and just recently applied for a state liquor license. The bar will be located in a leased space at 6710 E. Sprague Ave, just to the east of the intersection of Sprague and Thierman Rd .

Geeksnglory will boast both and indoor bar and a seasonal outside patio area. They also tell me they will have both retro and current consoles , virtual reality and a huge library of games. Beer, wine , liquor and some snacks will be served.

Once open Geeksnglory plans to also host game tournaments, cosplay contests, streamed game tournaments, video game giveaways and much more. Although not official yet, they hope to open around the first part of October.

We'll keep a close eye on it. They will have a website set up soon at -

And, they can be found on Facebook at-

Planning underway for another hotel at Spokane International Airport

Most are aware that two franchised hotels sit just a short walk east of the main baggage claim at Spokane International Airport ( Ramada and Wingate Inn ). While most every airport with commercial flight service has a hotel close by, Spokane is one of only a few with hotels being close enough for guest to walk to and from via a safe sidewalk from the terminal right up to the lobby.

And, if the planning continues to work out a third hotel, will soon join that same area. This time the new hotel will likely be closer yet then the others. This is due to a land lease setup being ironed out between the Airport and an Illinois based hotel developer. Decatur,Ill based Tharaldson Hospitality Management is purposing building their new hotel on land that is currently used as an surface parking lot for the Airport. This would be located in the gap in-between outbound Airport Dr. and the exit booths for the parking areas.

The hotel is purposed to be a franchised location of the Staybridge Suites chain, which is modern suite like hotel branding. The Spokane Airport Staybridge Suites would be a 4 story building with about 110 hotel rooms and most amenities common of mid range chain hotels.

Because planning is still on going as of my writing this, there is no set opening date just yet. It should be noted however that Tharaldson Hospitality Management is also planning to be construction another Staybridge Suites in Coeur d' Alene near the entrance to Riverstone development. That hotel is supposed to open sometime early next year, so we can guess that they are hoping to also open at Spokane International Airport sometime in 2018.

This is just one phase of some big plans coming in the near future to Spokane International Airport. The Airport plans to build a gas station / c-store not far to the east of this new hotel site in the coming months, big changes are coming soon to the shops/restaurants in the rotunda area and we're hearing about some new plans for the C concourse gates.

For more information about Spokane International Airport, visit-

And, for more information on Tharaldson Hospitality Management, visit-

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Facebook edition- local new business openings & closings - Aug. 16th 2017

Ok, it's time again to look at what new businesses are opening , expanding or sadly closing in the Spokane and Coeur d' Alene area. This is the Facebook edition because almost everyday I share new business updates on this blog's Facebook page that never get mentioned on this main site. So, this is to keep you up on what you've been missing by not liking us on Facebook.

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Here is the details-

Eyes for Life a vision clinic on the South Hill is moving to a new much larger home at 412 E. 30th, still on the South Hill.

Slice & Grind coffee and sandwich shop at 2103 E. Diamond is going out of business. The will close September 1st.

Geeks N' Glory is a new gaming themed bar coming soon near the corner Sprague & Theirman in Spokane Valley. I hope to have more on this soon.

After sometime of work on both the STA Plaza remodel and some damage to their suite the Subway location inside the STA bus plaza Downtown is now back open for business.

Philly Express in Coeur d' Alene has finally opened their second location. Also, in Coeur d' Alene they can now be found in the former Subway store on Northwest Blvd by US 95.

Wright Way Beauty Supply a beauty supply retail store specializing in African American hair products is coming soon at 2103 N. Division

Extreme Nutrition is now open for business at 11305 E. Sprague Ave. in Spokane Valley.

Shameless Salon & Spa has also recently opened for business at 14 E. Mission Ave suite 5 in Spokane.

Bene's a locally owned and operated breakfast place is setting up and will open for business soon at 24 W. 1st Ave in Cheney.

Dutch Bros. Coffee has opened another new location. This time at 9208 E. 1st Ave in Spokane Valley .

The Gyro Shack is now open for business in Coeur d' Alene's Ironwood Square Shopping Center at 212 E. Ironwood .

Vintage Rabbit Antique Mall a bit of Spokane staple in the antiques world, with 23 years of operation has announced they will close their doors at the end of September. They had been at 2801 N. Monroe St. several of their vendors are also having sales due to the pending closure.

Moments in Cake has opened their new drive up cupcake and sweets place at 6110 E. Seltice Way in-between Post Falls and Coeur d' Alene.

Go Records & Music Equipment opened for business recently at 635 W. Garland Ave. in the Garland District.

The Regal Barber is a new barber shop that recently opened at 2926 S. Regal Suite F on the South Hill.

Replay Music is closing their doors and they have a liquidation sale going on now. They can be found at 1927 W. Northwest Blvd. in Spokane.

Coeur d' Alene Coffee Company is a new coffee shop that is now open at 418 E. Lakeside in the newly revamped Innovation Collective building.

Spokane Dance Boutique is a new dance apparel and supply store now open at 323 W. Hastings Rd.

Studio Beauty School is relocating to a new location. After some work they will open at 10001 E. Sprague Ave in Spokane Valley.

Also, not mentioned on our Facebook page just yet because we're gathering more information-

A new Jamba Juice is coming soon by Auntie Anne's on the second floor of Spokane Valley Mall

Freedom Burrito from Post Falls is expanding into Spokane. They will open soon where a Mexican restaurant once was at 3115 E. Mission near SCC.

A new local dollar store called Dollar Cents is coming soon to the same shopping center as Adam & Eve at 3609 N. Division.

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Where to find Spirit Halloween this year in Spokane / Coeur d' Alene

The hot and smoky summer of 2017 will come to a close soon. And, all that is Fall will be here soon... including Halloween!

And each Halloween season Spokane and Coeur d' Alene receive several locations of the Spirit Halloween chain . Spirit Halloween is actually a year round company online but in most US cities they open retail stores in vacant mid / big box stores.

So, where will there stores open this year, here are the details-

Spirit Halloween South Hill
In the former Hastings store at 2512 E. 29th

Spirit Halloween Wandermere
In the former Albertson's grocery store at 12312 N. Division

Spirit Halloween Spokane Valley
In the Fred Meyer Shopping Center at 212 N Sullivan Rd suite A

Spirit Halloween Coeur d' Alene
In the former Apollo Spas at 350 W. Bosanko Ave. ( by US 95 )

This is all that is listed as of now, if any more stores are added I will add them here. Although this is likely the entire list. The opening dates for each store are also not listed but will probably be in the next couple of weeks or so. The stores usually stay open for a little over 2 months, closing a day or two after Halloween.

Spirit Halloween is also now hiring to fill an array of temporary retail jobs that include positions from sales associate up to store managers. Information on jobs with Spirit Halloween and to make purchases online, visit their website at-

* Spirit Halloween is also joined in Spokane each year but the un-affiliated Halloween Express. They have yet to say where they will open their store ( just one location ). The space they occupied last year is becoming a fitness center so they will likely be somewhere new. Keep watching here and out Facebook page for more from them...

Friday, August 11, 2017

Spokane Overstock to take on Idaho, to open Overstocked Mattress & Furniture in Hayden

Spokane Overstock is a local small business success stories. The deeply discounted furniture and mattress retailer has gone from one small warehouse like shop in the Valley, to 2 full stores in Spokane in just a few short years. In fact I still remember mentioning both of the them on this site. Those stores can be found at 9818 E. Montgomery in Spokane Valley and 2915 N. Division at the base of the Division St. Hill.

And now, while technically under a slightly different name, they are taking their recipe for marketing furniture to North Idaho. This with the about to open Overstocked Mattress & Furniture coming soon to the Prairie Shopping Center, by the US 95 / Prairie Ave intersection in Hayden.

Overstocked Mattress & Furniture will occupy much of the space that was last used by a Hancock Fabrics store. From what I've heard another portion of the space will also become a Idaho State Liquor Store but more on that later.

The new store will open for business as a soft opening today ( Fri. Aug. 11th ) . They will also have a grand opening celebration on Aug. 18th . The store carries a bit of everything from couches , sectionals, full beds , recliners and of course mattresses. And largely because of their overstock business concept their merchandise is discounted and usually marked significantly less then the other furniture stores. And, on top of all of that Overstocked Mattress & Furniture is a locally owned and operated business.

Overstocked Mattress & Furniture will be open Mon-Sat. 10-7 and Sunday 12-5 . For more information about they're store find them on Facebook or visit their website at-

Large self storage operation to be built across from Valley Wal-Mart on Broadway

I'll admit there isn't too much exciting about self storage places. Sure they are a necessity for many and probably make a good profit for the business owner, but when it comes to getting posted on this site I tend to shy away as they're not big attention getters.

But this one I figured I should mention ahead of time as it will be quite large and built in an area with several big box retailers. This way we can hopefully curtail the rumors of other big businesses opening on the site....

Local developer Lanze Douglass is currently in the SEPA application phase to develop another location of his company's Secure It Self Storage at 15702-15722 E. Broadway Ave in Spokane Valley. This would be the site behind Numerica Credit Union and facing the shopping center with Wal-Mart / Dress Barn / Toys R Us, etc... .

This is the second new Secure-It Self Storage location currently under development as another in also in the works in North Spokane near the corner of Nevada & Magnesium . The new Spokane Valley location will be large and offer both indoor and outdoor storage spaces. In all the site will offer 600 storage units , a rental office and paved areas for RV storage.

The developer hopes to begin construction at the site as early as this fall or whenever he is able to pull permits for the land. The storage units would then likely open for business early in 2018, currently the comment period for SEPA application is open till the end of the business day on Aug 22nd.

Secure It Self Storage is actually a small local chain of self storage facilities. They already have 5 locations in the Spokane area and one in Tacoma. For more information on Secure It Self Storage visit their web site at-

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Menchies Frozen Yogurt is coming to Spokane

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt is coming to our area! The chain which has been growing quickly since it's inception in 2007 is working on opening their first location in Spokane. They will occupy a space at the North Pointe Shopping Center, in what appears to be the spaces in-between Total Wine & More and Safeway.

This new location will be a franchise of the Encino,CA based chain of frozen yogurt stores. While it will be Spokane's first , it's far from the first. Menchie's operates over 540 locations with locations around the United States and far off lands like England, Kuwait, UAE and more. All of this expansion has come since the company's first store opened in California just a little more then 10 years ago. The company has even been highlighted on a past episode of the TV show Undercover Boss.

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt isn't too much different that all of the other frozen yogurt stores that now dot the landscape with a self service concept and plenty of toppings. However they do have a large selection of flavors that even includes low fat, low carb , sorbet and no sugar added options, check with the store however to see what flavors are currently available. They also sell custom frozen yogurt cakes great for birthdays and most any special occasion.

The Spokane Menchie's will be located at 9986 N. Newport Hwy. . Watch our Facebook page for more news on when this location will open as we don't have the opening date just yet.

For more information Menchie's Frozen Yogurt, visit-


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Two new Burger King locations to take over a couple of less traditional restaurant sites

Regardless of how you fell about it fast food chains like Burger King can be found everywhere. And it looks like Burger King is trying to increase their chain's presence in the Spokane market as 2 new building permit filings showing new locations coming soon.

Burger King also recently opened a new location on N. Division just south of Northtown Mall a couple of years ago now. And, they also purposed a location on the site of the former Shari's restaurant on N. Monroe but have since abandoned the plans for that store due to a confliction with their planned drive through and the City of Spokane rules and regulations in the part of the city.

What's interesting about these 2 new planned Burger King's is they both will not be in traditional stand alone locations and both are already occupied by other restaurants.

The 2 new planned Spokane Burger King's are at-

- The front entrance of the Spokane Valley Wal Mart at 15727 E. Broadway. Here the new Burger King will replace the existing McDonald's.

- Inside the rotunda food court of Spokane International Airport ( after security ) . The permit just says it's for demo and build out of the new Burger King so it's unclear which of the 5 restaurants the new Airport Burger King will replace. It may replace more then one? possibly...
( My guess is the Quizno's as that store is actually the last Quizno's open in Spokane )

Burger King is well Burger King, a fast food burger chain based in Miami,FL . The chain operates stores ( mostly as franchises ) all over the world, today there is more then 15,000 Burger King restaurants. They have come along way since launching as " Insta-Burger King " in 1950's Jacksonville,FL.

For more information on Burger King, visit their website at-

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

New Spokane Valley Sportsman's Warehouse to host grand opening tomorrow!

Announced back in March, the area's newest Sportsman's Warehouse store is now open for business with a grand opening celebration planned for tomorrow morning ( Aug. 3rd, 2017 ) . The new store occupies what once was a Sports Authority store at 15118 E. Indiana Ave, just a short trip to the east of Spokane Valley Mall.

The new store occupies the entire 32,000 square foot space next door to a Home Goods and a Joann Fabrics. It sells all of the sporting goods and outdoors merchandise items one expects from the Utah based Sportsman's Warehouse chain. They offer departments for hunting ( including firearm sales ) , fishing/marine, camping, clothing, shoes/waders and more.

This is the chain's second location in Spokane but they are not new to the area, the chain once had 3 stores in the Inland Northwest. All of those closed however to reorganize the company a few years back. Their first store to return the companies presence to the Inland Northwest is the store at 6720 N. Division which will also remain open.

With the opening of this store Sportsman's Warehouse will operate 84 retail locations in 22 states, it will be the 11th store in Washington State. The grand opening will begin at 8:30am Thursday morning with the first 200 shoppers to though the door to receive a $20 gift card and a free Sportsman's Warehouse hat. A large celebration will also kick off the morning with members of the community like Rod Higgins, Mayor of Spokane Valley and many more on hand to speak and welcome the company back to Spokane Valley. If you can't make it for the morning celebrations sales will continue sales, give away's and factory representatives on site for some time after.

This looks to be the only new Sportsman's Warehouse store planned to open in our area at this point in time. The chain however will also open 1 other location for sure this year down in Stockton,CA . The company is a publicly traded firm that employs thousands and despite tough times in the past the company seems to be back in expansion mode.

For more information on Sportsman's Warehouse, visit their website at-

Incrediburger IS coming to Downtown Spokane

Not long ago I posted a mention that building permits had been applied for to build out / open a place called Incrediburger in Downtown Spokane. At that time I knew basically nothing of what Incrediburger was or if it even was the official name for this new restaurant.

Now, we are learning some more about what this new restaurant will be. It will in fact be called Incrediburger and is to open by the end of the year. The burger restaurant will be a quick casual concept from local chef Adam Hegsted. It will have a menu of gourmet burgers along with a selection of beer's.

Incrediburger will the first floor of the former Dempsey's Brass Rail bar building, which is about 3900 square feet. The building is at 909 W. 1st Ave in Spokane's Entertainment District, which will like also be perk for the restaurant. The building was purchased by GVD Commercial Properties who moved their offices into the second floor going on two years ago.

Keep watching as we'll likely hear more soon...

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Movie & Dinner concept / Apartments coming to expansion at Northern Quest Resort & Casino

Earlier this year the Kalispel Tribe announced their plans to expand Northern Quest Resort & Casino. And, today the Tribe hosted a ground breaking ceremony which will expand the resort and add a number of new family friendly features to the sprawling campus on Hayford Rd. in Airway Heights.

But, while it's exciting to know construction will be getting underway on the expansion, it's even more exciting that officials announced a couple of new places that will be added to the expansion area. Items announced we're-

- A new apartment complex, to be built behind the new RV Resort.


- A Movie & Dinner cinema complex

The apartment complex will have 216 apartments that are described as market rate units. It will be built as a partnership between the Kalispel Tribe and TWG Development,LLC of Indianapolis,IN. . The complex will be pet friendly with an on site dog park , clubhouse, outdoor pool , sand volleyball court and basketball court. Some garages will also be available for tenant use.

The yet to be named apartment complex will be built on a little over 10 acres directly the west of Northern Quest's new RV Park. The RV Park will be directly behind the Tribal owned Chevron at Legacy Landing on Hayford Rd. Construction on the apartments starts likely in the fall with leasing coming sometime in 2018.

Also, perhaps the more exciting news is they are planning a Movie & Dinner movie theater. The new theater will feature first run films in a newly constructed 25,000 square foot building that will offer six " boutique screening room auditoriums " . It will also have a Brut-Gourmet style restaurant and bar all located across the street from the existing Casino entrance by Epic Sports Bar.

The restaurant with the complex will feature a menu of what they describe as simple foods and bold flavors led by Chef Mark Desmet. The restaurant will seat about 130 and all food include movie theater staples like popcorn and soft drinks can be delivered straight to your reclining movie seat.

The complex will use the Movie & Dinner branding which was created and is operated by CeneGenesis who has a long history of exciting movie theater innovations. The new Movie & Theater complex will also open for business in 2018 and will create around 50 to 75 jobs. It will also offer a full bar.

And, for those not familiar with the large expansion coming to Northern Quest Resort & Casino. Here is what else they are planning to build-

- Family friendly arcade called Cyber Quest

- Retail store called Windfall

-Expansion of the Casino's food court, featuring at least 2 more restaurants, they have yet to be named however.

- Kids Quest an hourly children's entertainment center

- A luxury RV resort

In all, this expansion will create hundreds of new jobs. There is no expansions for the main casino floor or hotel although they are calling this " phase 1 " so we expect more announcements in the coming months and years. Keep watching this site for more on the progress...

For more information on Northern Quest Resort & Casino, check their website at-

Construction project map

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