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Friday, December 26, 2014

Frontier Airlines to pull out of Spokane International Airport

Early this week the announcement was made that Frontier Airlines will soon end all flight service to Spokane International Airport.

Frontier, is a lower fare airline based out of Denver,Co. that has struggled financially in the last couple of years. Spokane is not the only city Frontier Airlines has recently left with service being pulled from Fresno and Bakersfield,Ca.  Locally service will end on Jan. 6th 2015.

Frontier Airlines was not a major player for Spokane International with only one morning departure and one evening arrival both coming and going to Denver. Direct flight service to Denver from Spokane will still continue with a couple of other airlines providing daily service.

The departure of Frontier Airlines from Spokane will leave the airport with service six passenger airlines.  Frontier had only a limited amount of locally based staff meaning layoffs will happen but will be minimal.

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