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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Many renovations and new buildings coming for Spokane Schools

Spokane Public Schools continue to a hot spot for new construction projects in the area. This is due to a bond passed in 2009,as of now Spokane Schools is about 50% done with the projects that the bond is to finance. Here is a look at some of the school construction projects underway (to varying extends,however) now...

Ferris High School
With a price tag just shy of 100 million dollars one would expect a lot of work to be done. And that surely is the case with Ferris High on Regal St & 37th on the South Hill area of Spokane.

Renovations and improvements to Farris will in the end include: Replacement of the commons,all offices, all classrooms and a full remodel of the Auditorium and Performing Arts Department's space.

Jefferson Elementary School
The Jefferson Elementary construction project is one of the most controversial project funded by the bond. That is because the project is to move the school and build a new building. Construction is well underway now for the new school at the corner of 37 and Manito Blvd also on the South Hill. The school was (and until the fall of 2013 still is) at 37th and Grand Ave.

This project will cost an estimated 24.8 million to build.

Finch Elementary School
This elementary school,located north of Downtown Spokane nearby the Garland District will undergo a full remodel and update of the existing school building. Also new classrooms and new wings will be added onto the original main building.

This project will cost and estimated 26.9 million and construction on this school will get underway in the spring.

Hart Field
Although with a price tag of only 2.5 million the renovations to Hart Field may not be as huge as the ones done to to schools mentioned in this post. But make no mistake they won't be small. Hart Field which is located on the South Hill also off of Manito Blvd will recive new tennis courts,athletic fields and a new paved parking area.

A few other projects have also been recently completed,if you'd like to get more info on Spokane Public Schools visit them on their website at...