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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Spokane liquor licence watch-Dec 8th 2012

One sure way to tell what new restaurants,  liquor stores, wineries and breweries are opening in the Spokane area is by a quick scan of the new Washington State liquor / beer & wine licences . Here are some of the newest in our area,and please keep in mind,I cannot remember every businesses name and address so some of these that are new may just be a new licence and not a new business. Ether way a fun way to look and see what may be opening soon in the Spokane area...

Beignets Event House .... 121 N. Wall St. Spokane .... New application

Zagz Liquor Store .... moving location from 1601 N. Division to 1101 N. Division Suite A Spokane

Somewhere.... 5620 S. Regal St Spokane ....New application

Hot Rods Bar and BBQ .....6520 E. Trent Ave Spokane.... New application

Digatron.... 120 N. Wall Suite 300 Spokane ..... New application

Cafe Italiano .... 4334 S. Regal Ave. Spokane ..... New application

Wine Store ..... 906 W. 2nd Ave Suite B Spokane ..... New application

Patit Creek Cellars ..... 822 W Sprague Ave. Spokane ..... New application...Winery

Smoke& Mart.....  4109 N. Market St. Spokane ..... New application

Bigelow's Top Hat Grill ..... moving location from 6412 N. Division to 415 W. Hastings Rd. Spokane

Hopped Up Brewing Company .... 10421 E. Sprague Ave. Spokane Valley.... New application

La Belle Vie.... 18507 E. Appleway Blvd Spokane Valley.... New application

Zythum Brewing Company.... 15120 E. 26th Ave Spokane Valley .... New application

T&T Grills ..... 2915 E. 29th Ave Spokane.... New application

Oriental Food Store.... moving location from 1312 N. Division to 1403 N. Division Suite A Spokane

Fire Artisan Pizza ..... 816 W. Sprague Ave. Spokane.... New application

That's a Wrap.... 2611 W. Northwest Blvd. Spokane... New application

Source: Washington State Liquor Control Board's website

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