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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Spokane hit with rash of restaurant closures, but it's not all doom & gloom

 Over the last few weeks, Spokane has lost a few more than normal restaurants. It's hard to say exactly why, some speculate its high food costs, local crime/homelessness issues, the cost of labor, etc. which I'm sure are all factors. In this post we'll look at what's gone and why it's not all bad news as some places look to be being replaced and some new places are still coming up soon.

Up first Zola (22 W. Main, Spokane) is not closing. Rumors have swirled around social media recently that Zola was gone and on short notice too. Although it's not clear of the reason why this started and what issues the business might have going on behind the scenes but they did post to their own social media page that they are not closing and have a number of live music events still planned for this week.

Suki Yaki Inn (119 N. Bernard, Spokane) will close after over 70 years in Spokane. The closure is due to the owner Emiko Collett's retirement.

Lost Boys Garage (6325 N. Wall, Spokane) a northside favorite, Lost Boys closed down near the end of November. It's sister restaurant The Summit Kitchen & Canteen remains open however on the South Hill at 1235 S. Grand Ave.

Red Lion Pub (126 N. Division, Spokane) closed just last weekend. However, a post of the restaurant's social media pages mentions "stay tuned for updates on the new spot coming" implying that a new restaurant might be in store for the Downtown space.

Lucky You Lounge (1801 W. Sunset Blvd, Spokane) closed down a little bit ago, but noteworthy is that a new place called The Chameleon is apparently planning to open in the space. We reached out for more information but have not heard back yet. Watch for separate post on this as we're able to gather info.

BRGR House (411 N. Nettleton, Spokane) although its time was on the shorter side the burger restaurant on the western edge of Kendall Yards had a few fans. It closed down at the end of November with no announced plans for what could replace it.

3 Ninjas (1198 E. Summit Pkwy, Spokane) also in Kendall Yards, 3 Ninjas shut down with their last day being Nov 22nd. Important to note is that the 3 Ninjas location on Indiana in Liberty Lake does remain open for business.

Uno Mas Taco Shop (11205 E. Dishman-Mica Rd, Spokane Valley) has closed down it's Spokane Valley location. The shop's location in the Wonder Building in Downtown Spokane does still remain open for business. It also does look like Uno Mas does plan to replace this location as a post on their Instagram says "we're excited about the new possibilities our new location will bring"

And, while this is quite the list there is some positive news:

After many delays with permitting / equipment backlogs it looks like Weinerschinzel (10220 N. Newport Hwy, Spokane) is nearing the finish line as sign permits for the new restaurant we're applied for this week. 

Also, we're hearing the new Hot Pot & Pho (11110 E. Sprague, Spokane Valley) is also planning to open in the near future. We'll have more on that soon in a separate post.

After significant delays Emrys Beer & Mead Works (21850 E. Wellington Pkwy, Liberty Lake) has been posting their progress lately to social media, even hinting that they might have launch announcements coming in January.

And, both the new Airway Heights/Spokane Chipotle Mexican Grill and the new Spokane Valley Dutch Bros. Coffee at the corner of Broadway & Sullivan are now open for business.

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