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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

KTEC is now open to students

It's been several years in the making and now the Kootenai Techincal Education Campus or KTEC for short is now offically open and completely full with students from all of the 3 area districts the newly built Vocational High School represents.

KTEC is a large new school with a convenient location for all of Kootenai County, The school which is located at 6838 W. Lancaster Road near Rathdrum has approximately 500 students although some 900 plus put in applications to attend a vocational program at the new school. The programs offered by KTEC include...

-Automotive Technology
-Computer Repair and Networking
-Construction Trades
-Diesel Technology
-Engineering Design and Automation
-Health Care and CNA
-Industrial Welding and Fabrication
And the Resort Academy program which is a lodging and hospitality management program which works directly with the Coeur d' Alene Resort.

KTEC which was built using funds from a 9 plus million dollar voter approved levy that was approved back in 2010. The school covers about 54,000 square feet of space and serves the Post Falls School District, Coeur d' Alene School District and the Lakeland School District in the northern half of Kootenai County. Plans have already been thought up for some of the land around the new school as well, Those plans include a possible new High School for the Lakeland School District and a future center/campus for North Idaho College.

For more info on KTEC visit their website at...