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Friday, September 14, 2012

New book shares local businessman's life and history of Silverwood

The Silverwood Theme Park located along US 95 north of Coeur d' Alene draws in thousands of visitors every year. But as many long time locals will tell you the large Theme Park with all the attractions and roller coasters hasn't always been there. In fact Silverwood got it's start a few decades back as a private airport that was known to host air shows.That was until the 1980's when now local businessman and Silverwood owner Gary Norton  purchased the airport and turned the large site into the park you see today.

With all that transition one can only guess that Mr. Norton has a few stories to tell,and he has done just that in a new self-published book called American Theme Park : The Creation of Silverwood . The new book tells the story of how Silverwood came to be and some personal comments on his own life. The book is now on sale at the stores within the theme park. Sales of the book, including an e-book for Kindle users are also available online at this web site...