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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

New housing projects in the works for Spokane's University District

 Housing seems to be a hot topic right now, with prices soaring and bidding wars being prevalent. Even local renters are seeing significant increases as developers build and build to keep with demand. I don't have the answer to this "crisis", but I am glad to see some new infill / urban housing projects popping up as I do my blog topic sleuthing. 

One such area that many more people might call home in the coming years is the Spokane University District, to the East and Northeast of Downtown Spokane. This is because several new apartment projects are in the works for this area, meaning hundreds of new places to live. 

Here's the projects we're watching for this area-

The District 

Located along E. Martin Luther King Dr. and alongside the Hamilton St. Bridge (on either side of the bridge actually) is a new development called The District. This project was originally purposed back in 2020 by developer and current landowner Sagamore Spokane,LLC , which is division of Phoenix based Sagamore Capital. 

While it did take a minute for this project to begin, just in the last couple of months we are now seeing some active site work. With dirt moved around and some equipment/signage on the site from Spokane based Garco Construction. 

Once completed The District will be home 296 apartments in four multi-level buildings. The complex is even included on a couple of apartment rental websites, but no rental rate has been shown as of yet. We're keeping an eye on this project and hope to do another post, just about The District alone after they move more along in their construction process.

Iron Bridge Residences 

Spectrum Development Solutions of Seattle is in the planning phases of a new housing project called Iron Bridge Residences. Plans call for a large four story building with 170 apartments to be built at 811 N. Iron Bridge Way. The project would take up vacant land on the north side of the established Iron Bridge Office Campus development. 

Although things can always change / be modified, paperwork filed with the City of Spokane shows they intend to begin this $25 million dollar construction project as soon as April of 2023. Although signs do point to this project coming to fruition, maybe wait a bit before you start packing if you intend to make Iron Bridge Residences your new home.

We will also likely do a separate post about this project as it progresses.

Boxcar Apartments

Previously mentioned on this site is the Boxcar Apartment complex. The new mid-rise apartment building is now open and leasing, with plans still in the works to add a cafe on the ground floor.

This new building is home to 136 new apartments and is located at 15 N. Grant, just off of E. Sprague Ave.

For more information, visit-

Sherman Flats

Developer Rad Space,LLC is taking the historic building at 131 S. Sherman Ave. and turning it into one "rad space". They plan on re-purposing it's space from commercial uses into 9 apartment units. The 6400 SF building will house 8 one-bedroom units and 1 two-bedroom unit, under the name Sherman Flats. 

For more information, visit-

430 E. Sprague " Peabody on Sherman,LLC"

According to the Spokane University District website, a local development firm recently closed on 430 E. Sprague, at the corner of Sprague and Sherman. The building on the site was last used by automotive shop Downtown Automotive Specialists and Ray's Computers.

Per that brief mention they plan to develop the site into a new construction, mixed use building. Using public tax records, we we're able to figure out the parent behind the new owner ( present property owner is Peabody on Sherman,LLC , which is an cleaver name if you're a fan of older cartoons ). However, that company didn't return my request.

We assume they are very early in the progress of this development and like always we respect our local businesses and hope to find out more on this project in due time. Although it seems like a great location for such a project, so finger crossed.