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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Crepes, Boba and NOLA inspired dishes all coming soon with several new restaurants opening in Kendall Yards

 Kendall Yards is already home to several restaurants, from one of our favorite breakfast hangouts Yards Brucheon to couple of Indaba Coffee locations to Baba, a Mediterrian inspired restaurant that Chef Adam Hegsted recently opened in the former Wandering Table space and more.

But, three more places are planned to be opening in the near future in the Kendall Yards area, so be sure to mark your calendars. Here's what to be watching for....

Crepe Cafe Sisters

After spending the last couple of years operating out of food trucks and dashing around to all kinds of events, Crepe Cafe Sisters is taking the leap later this week into a new brick & mortar restaurant. With both sweet and savory crepes on the menu this new restaurant is planning their grand opening of Friday, May 14th from 8am-4pm in their newly created space 441 N. Nettleton, next to Indaba Coffee / Hello Sugar

The Tea Boba Bar

While we don't know the exact day they plan to open just yet, signage is up and it looks like we likely won't have to wait too much longer to get delicious boba tea's in Kendall Yards. Opening in the small space out front of The Inlander's offices will be The Tea Boba Bar and honestly we can't wait to check it out.

Vieux Carre NOLA Kitchen

While technically outside of the proper boundaries of Kendall Yards will be Vieux Carre NOLA Kitchen, but who cares where they are we're simply to excited not to mention this new restaurant coming soon to 1403 W. Broadway in West Central Spokane.

After months of renovating a large building that was last used as office space, Vieux Carre is now getting close to bringing a NOLA inspired menu to Spokane. They have started hiring and we're now hearing opening day will be June 1st! 

The building will also be home to Gamers Haven, which is relocating here from Spokane Valley and a location of Maverick's Men's Hair.

But wait, could there be more?!?

If you haven't been though the Kendall Yards area lately then your missing one of the largest construction projects to come to the development. Crews are hard at work on two more large mixed use buildings in-between My Fresh Basket grocery store and the existing business district. 

The ground floor of these buildings, which is a new development named Jefferson Alley, will be leased out for commercial uses. While we haven't heard anything official opening there yet I'd be willing to bet we'll get at least one new restaurant in there. Maybe even a food hall with some ethnic cuisines that hard to find in Spokane... Now I don't have remotely any info about that being a possibility, I just would like to see it happen so I thought maybe I'd drop a hint if someone reading this has more power then I... 

Kendall Yards Night Market starts May 20th!

Also, we are now only one week away from the first weekly 2021 Kendall Yards Night Market which is held in the Kendall Yards Business District every Wed. ( May 20th - Sept 30th ) from 5-8pm. 

While the Market is always packed full of local vendors, many food trucks also frequent this market, which will likely be a bit more open this year then last.