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Rumor Mill

On this page I address rumors of new businesses coming to the Spokane area.

Last update- 07/17/2018 3:13pm

Is Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen still coming to Spokane?

Popeyes opened their first location in our area recently on Hwy 41 in Post Falls, it was delayed by a few months but is now open. However shortly after that location was announced, another location was announced to be coming in Spokane at the corner of N. Division & Lyons.

Many have noticed no construction has come to that site however. We've asked around and yes it does appear that this Popeyes will get built someday as no one has been told they are not coming but it is rather obviously a stalled project so it could come next week or next year. I'm sorry to the Popeyes fans out there I wish I had better news for you....

Is Chick-fil-a coming to Spokane?

There is not a confirmed plan for a Chick fil a in Spokane. Some sources have indicated a store is coming near the new Starbucks by the Newport Hwy / Nevada intersection in North Spokane and we are watching for permits around there but so far nothing.

Based on my knowledge this could become true at some point soon but no there is nothing official yet. And, if your really needing a Chick fil a fix they do have a location on the campus of the University of Idaho at 1080 W. 6th St in Moscow.... road trip time?

Is Cracker Barrel coming to Spokane?

Here is one I can say is true... sort of. Cracker Barrel has filed pre-development meeting documents for a site just north of the Y on Newport Hwy at Newport and Hoerner Ave.

There the new restaurant / country store would be a 9170 square foot building with large attached front porch and on site parking. This plan is still in the works however so exact timelines for construction and opening aren't set just yet.

Is Texas Roadhouse coming to Spokane?

This one also is probably true as there name has appeared on a couple of planning documents for the re-development of the North Spokane Costco site , Costco as you may know is moving to a site on Newport Hwy. on July 20th.

The opening of this location is probably several months away but the rumors seem to be true. Watch the main blog for news on this as we expect a more official announcement in the coming weeks.

Is Cheesecake Factory coming to Spokane?

There are no plans for a Cheesecake Factory to open here in Spokane. It could happen as they have locations elsewhere in Washington state but there has been a few times where available spaces have meet their criteria locally and yet we still don't have any info on a new location. So, at least we don't expect a Spokane Cheesecake Factory to come very soon.

Is Whole Foods coming to Spokane?

We have been able to confirm that Whole Foods corporate staff has scouted sites in the Spokane area. There has even been rumors of potential sites but we have checked with the company and there isn't a store site to announce right now. If and when a store will come to Spokane is still anyone's guess at this time.

Is IKEA coming to Spokane?

Sadly the answer to this rumor is no. I've heard several accounts of places IKEA was looking at in the Spokane area. And, while I'm sure they are aware of our region it's not likely they'll move here right now as the Spokane / Coeur d' Alene market does not meet IKEA's current requirements for a location. As it stands right now we are too small for a store, IKEA needs 2 million people to be living in a market area and we are around 650,000.

However IKEA has been expanding more and more in the United States so they could ease their requirements at some time but probably not for awhile yet.

Current chains we know are looking to come to Spokane, but have yet to secure a location-
Tropical Smoothie Café, Woodspring Suites

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