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Rumor Mill

After a brief hiatus the Rumor Mill page is back, complete with new rumors! This page addresses some of the many rumors of new businesses opening in the Spokane / Coeur d' Alene area. If you've heard a rumor I didn't address here let me know ( contact us link above) and I'll do some digging.

And, if you can prove a rumor to be true also let me know asap, you can remain anonymous.

Now, here's the details-

Is IKEA coming to Spokane?

Probably not just yet, the Spokane market's population is actually smaller then what the company requires to open a store. Perhaps these requirements will change someday but as of now no.

I've have however even heard of a local Uber driver picking up an IKEA employee to scout land here and many times heard they already own a parcel in Post Falls' The Pointe at Post Falls. They do not own land here but it's true they may have checked the area out before. So, we'll just see what the future holds.

Is Trader Joe's coming to Coeur d' Alene?

Trader Joe's is unfortunately one of the most secretive companies in their planning processes. But as of now it does look like they have no plans to open a store in Coeur d' Alene. Actually I've been told they may even be scouting a location in Spokane Valley first for their 3rd store in the Inland Northwest instead .

Just because Trader Joe's hasn't announced plans for a Coeur d' Alene store doesn't mean there isn't support for the idea in the Lake City. There is an active Bring Trader Joe's to Coeur d' Alene Facebook page and I get asked about them from time to time. History has shown that Trader Joe's follows where there is support for their stores so time will tell.

Is Whole Foods coming to Spokane?

No, yes, maybe ?  Maybe is probably the safest answer for this question because the chain of healthy option grocery stores has told me they are looking for a location in Spokane. But, so far they have yet to say where and we've been waiting for several months now.

This is likely because Whole Foods can be somewhat picky about where they open their stores. They we're rumored to be going to Kendall Yards but now another grocery store is going there. They also we're rumored to be a tenant of the Commons on Regal development on the South Hill but i'm starting to lean toward that not being true too.

Actually it looks like Whole Foods wants to be in Downtown Spokane but there isn't a space big enough for them right now Downtown. Maybe with the remodel of the old Macy's building? I also even heard once they might be interested in a site near the Ridpath if the apartment project there can get completed.

Is Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen coming to the area?

Yes, yes , yes... In case you haven't heard the news Popeye's has plans to build not one but two new locations in our area. One will be in Post Falls ( more info on that here- ) and another in North Spokane ( at N. Division & Lyons ). Sources say both will be open in the Spring and with an about 90 day build time we expect construction within the month of my writing this ( or now in case I forget to delete this part ). Both will be 3149 sq. feet restaurants with a indoor dining area and a drive though.

Is Chick-fil-a coming to Spokane?

The sometimes controversial fast food restaurant has never announced that they are planning to come to Spokane. But, it does look like they might be considering it actually.

In 2014 a Eater Seattle article mentions the company is hoping to rapidly expand in the Northwest with 20 new locations in the works in Washington & Oregon . The article never mentions Spokane but with 20 locations we can only assume 1 might be here.

Chick-fil-a has been rumored to be a part of the Commons at Regal development on the South Hill ( now under construction ), but this is probably only because the developer placed what resembles a Chick-fil-a logo on one of the buildings in the marketing materials. That developer even said in a Spokane Journal of Business article that they would most likely want a spot in someplace like North Spokane ( or is he just trying to cover it up more... ) .

So for now, now Chick-fil-a is not coming to Spokane but we expect them too in the next couple of years.

Is CVS Pharmacy coming to Spokane?

Actually, on a technicality they are already here, that's because CVS recently acquired Target store's pharmacy division and have opened CVS branded stores inside Target's that had pharmacies. Those are open in Spokane at the South Hill & Northpointe Target locations. Also a CVS partner company called Coram has a facility just off of Sprague Ave. in Spokane Valley.

But, is a stand alone CVS coming to Spokane? The answer is a strong maybe. The pharmacy chain recently started opening locations in the Seattle area and appears to be heading this way. In fact a few people now have told me that CVS is the reason why the former Albertson's store at Pines & Sprague got demolished. That rumor is that Denny's will build where the Albertson's was and a new CVS will take over the Denny's parcel directly at the corner. This would be mean 3 big pharmacy chains at one intersection which may seem obsessive until you notice things like this have become more and more common all around the country.

We're keeping a close eye on this because it we're in a way expecting an announcement on this in the coming months.

Is Cheesecake Factory coming to Spokane?

There is no denying that Spokane wants to have a Cheesecake Factory location. When Northtown Mall renovated many people said they we're hoping a Cheesecake Factory would go in there and now that we're seeing work starting to renovate the former Downtown Macy's building once again I'm hearing people wishing for a Cheesecake Factory. Which is understandable.. I mean come on, it's cheesecake!

But as of right now the Cheesecake Factory simply acknowledges that they have " yet to lease " a place in Spokane for one of their restaurants. The way they say " yet to lease " does make one wonder if they aren't looking for a place to lease here, but then again most of the emails I get back from company's corporate offices are usually from people who don't actually have the knowledge of what sites the company is or isn't looking at.

Spokane does seem like a logical choice for a Cheesecake Factory though with locations on the Western side of the side that have been open for sometime now and they surely would be successful here. But by my best guestimation it will probably be a little while before they open here.

However, it is important to note that while it's not the full restaurant by any means some of the Cheesecake Factory's cheesecakes and bakery items are for sale at the Starbucks location inside the Northtown Mall Barnes & Noble store.

That's all for now, thanks for reading! To contact me, Matt send me an email at

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