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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Resturant Round-Up: March 15th 2012

Over the last few months of writing the Inland Northwest Business Watch blog (I started it in Sept of 2011) I've come to notice that resturants and food realted business news is one of the more popular topics on here so with that I'm creating this new feature,starting today and in a similar format to my update post will be resturant round-up's with all the restuaunt news I know going on in the Inland Northwest.And just as before if you know something I don't or just want to add your 2 cents e-mail me anytime at or post to the Inland Northwest Business Watch Facebook page.

Opening in mid-april will be a new second location of the Coeur d Alene favorite Roger's Ice Cream and Burgers which is now and will remain at 1224 E. Sherman Ave just a few blocks east of Downtown Coeur d Alene.The new Roger's will go by the name Roger's Burgers and will be open at 155 W. Neider Ave in the former site of Cafe Chulo which closed only earlyer this year.Roger's Burgers will be mostly the same as the Sherman Ave store but will not have Ice Cream,but they will serve ice cream shakes.Hours for the new Roger's Burgers will be...Sun-Thurs.-10:30 to 9:30 and Fri -Sat. 10:30 to 10:30 the new resturant will hire on between 18-24 new employees as well as some additonal help at the first location

Another local favorite eatery,David's Pizza of Spokane has found it's new permenant home in a neat old building near Downtown Spokane.David's Pizza had been near the Gonzaga campus until last year when they we're forced out for their building to be torn down and replaced with a strip mall.Since the move David's has been serving up their pizza pies inside Famous Ed's 2911 E. 57th on the South Hill, still in Spokane but some distance from Downtown.Now David's Pizza has found it's new perminant home at 803 N Post which is in the old hostess factory only a stone's throw away from the Spokane Arena.The new location will take some time to get build but once done it will have some meeting space,outside seating and convinent parking.David's Pizza plans to keep their menu the same at the new location but will add some of the items from their partner restuaunt,Famous Ed's .

Another Downtown Spokane resturant, The Steam Plant Grill has been renovated and is now open with a new brand and name,The resturant is now known as Stacks at Steam Plant and Steam Plant Brewing Co. and Pub. The resturants take up the space inside of an historic steam plant which up until 1986 provided steam heat for most of Downtown Spokane.The building and resturants located are found at 159 S Lincoln and offer an updated menu as well beers made on site by the brewery which had been a part of the Coeur d Alene Brewing Co.