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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Coeur d Alene Resort's new lobby photos

The Coeur d Alene Resort in Downtown Coeur d Alene offically opened their new remodeled lobby,fitness center,Whispers cocktail bar(which is now 3 times the size of the orginal Whispers bar) and Dockside Resturant last week.Unfortunatly my schedule wouldn't allow me to post any photos on here till now so I apoligize for the delay.Speaking as a 3rd party outsider the new look is very nice and much more modern then before,here's a look....

The above photo is looking towards the newly redesigned lobby coffee stand also in the shot is the new large fish tank.

2.In the lobby near the fireplace and by the hallway leading to the Dockside Resturant.

3.The new Whispers bar

4.The new look for the Dockside Resturant,Dockside has also made some changes to their menu and added a new confernce room space called the shore room next door to the resturant where the Shore Lounge night club once was.