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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SCRAPS shelter to relocate

The Spokane regional animal shelter SCRAPS ( note: SCRAPS stands for Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service) has located a new larger shelter building to house the agency's stray dog's and cat's and will move to the new location in the coming months. The new location the is the former Harley Davidson dealership space at 6815 E. Trent Ave in Spokane. For the transition from a vacant former motorcycle dealership to the shelter will require an extensive remodel.

The remodel is scheduled to take about 11 months to complete and will cost, in all, about 4 million to construct which includes the initial 1.7 million to purchase the Trent Ave. commercial structure and land.

The new SCRAPS home will have over 30,000 square feet of space to house 140 dog kennels and 98 cat cages.SCRAPS also hopes to attract more city and town governments to begin using SCRAPS for their animal shelter needs since the new building will be much larger then their current home.  SCRAPS currently has agreements in place with several of Spokane Counties municipalites to provide services.

SCRAPS has been pressing for a new, larger regional animal shelter space for some time as the exsisting shelter in North Spokane has become outdated and simply too small for the local needs. Funding for a new animal shelter has been placed before voter twice before,both times it was rejected.Funding for this new shelter will be much lower however then the amounts that we're placed on the ballot.

With the new shelter location The City of Spokane will also join SCRAPS for it's animal sheltering services. The city had priorly used another group called SpokAnimal, the city will continue incur no lease increase in the switch from SpokAnimal however it is expected some jobs with SpokAnimal will be lost,no word however as to how many.