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Friday, January 18, 2013

Jacklin Seed to leave Post Falls

Jacklin Seed a Post Falls company that processes and markets seed for Bluegrass growers has made the announcement that they plan to close their Post Falls plant and move operations to Scooteny Springs Seed operation outside of Othello,Wa . The Scooteney Springs plant will switch to the Jacklin Seed name once the move is made.

Jacklin Seed while not the largest employer is the Inland Northwest has had a huge presence in the local community both business wise and on a community involvement level. Jacklin was acquired in 1997 by a larger firm, Boise based Simplot. Simplot want to relocate it's Jacklin Seed branch to be better positioned to the bluegrass seed market in Central Washington. Due to aggressive development in the last several years Bluegrass fields have turned quite rare in Post Falls / Rathdrum Prairie area.

25 employees of the Post Falls Jacklin Seed operation will not be transitioned to the new plant and an additional 40 employees will stay on but will be transitioned into a new office somewhere in the Spokane area.

Jacklin Seed has operated in Post Falls since 1936 and at it's current location at the end of Riversbend Ave. since 1977. Jacklin / Simplot's site will likely go up for sale after the closure due to it site being in high demand,along the Spokane River and by the new I-90 / Beck Rd/ W. Pointe Pkwy interchange that provides tourists and locals a more direct connection into the Cabela's store area.

The closure is not expected for sometime however as the company wanted to notify workers of the closure with enough time to fine a new job. No date has been set yet however it will be over a year.

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