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Monday, December 26, 2016

A few new restaurants in the works in Downtown Spokane

As we look forward to the new year, we're seeing a few new restaurants that will likely be coming to Downtown Spokane in the first half of 2017. Because most these are still being planned all the details are not yet available, this post is mostly intended to give readers an overview. Here is what to watch for-

Inland Pacific Kitchen and it's partner bar Hogwash Whiskey Den

Both of these new Downtown restaurants are new ventures of Jeremy & Kate Hansen, who are already well established in the growing Spokane culinary scene with their popular Sante' restaurant in the Liberty Building also Downtown and others. Hogwash Whiskey Den is actually already open and can be found in the basement of the historic Washington Cracker Building at 304 W. Pacific.

As the name implies Hogwash Whiskey Den is a whiskey driven bar with many amazing craft cocktails and fine whiskeys. Hogwash does also have a medium sized food menu of mostly small bites and sandwiches but a few dessert items also. An exciting side note on the menu it mentions bacon and / or a fried egg can be added to any item on the menu, including the sweets!

Above, Hogwash Whiskey Den will very soon be Inland Pacific Kitchen , this new more upscale restaurant will also be within the Washington Cracker Building and is currently undergoing a series of test kitchen events before officially opening. Inland Pacific Kitchen will push the envelope of dining for Spokane. They are described as a progressive , food minded, chef driven open kitchen. And, they may even have some guest chefs in the future!

Inland Pacific Kitchen's menus will be based on world cultures, stories , seasons and all types of food that fully change about every four to eight weeks. Inland will also have a full liquor license for unique cocktails , wine and beers featured from around the world.

We'll probably post more about both Inland Pacific Kitchen and Hogwash Whiskey Den in the future once they get going.

Texas True BBQ coming to S. Monroe, Downtown

In case you haven't heard Brooklyn Deli relocated recently just down the street to a newly renovated space on the ground floor of the Montvale Hotel . That left their former storefront empty, but looks like not for long.

That's because a new locally owned and operated restaurant has already started renovating that space ( 122 S. Monroe #100 ) for their new restaurant. They are a BBQ establishment called Texas True BBQ which will be operated by a Texan who moved to Spokane to be closer to family. They'll be open from the lunch rush thru the late night crowd.

Texas True BBQ should be opening sometime in January and we might post about them then too, also watch our Facebook page as we regularly share businesses posts.

Sushi Sakai to come to Downtown Spokane?

Looks like it! This however we know very little about yet and don't have a way to contact their management just yet.

Sushi Sakai started sometime ago in Spokane Valley before moving to the Clementine Square building at Boone & Hamilton nearby Gonzaga's campus. Since then they have also re-opened a second location back in Spokane Valley at 11420 E. Sprague. This looks to be a third location in the works but due to it's proximity to the location on Boone it could be a move too.

The information we have is that Sushi Sakai has filed for a liquor license for an address in the heart of Downtown Spokane only a couple of blocks away from both River Park Square and the STA Plaza at 818 W. Riverside. Which on the surface makes it appear like Sushi Sakai will be in the former Mackenzie River Pizza space, until you notice the suite number listed is on the third floor exactly where Goodale & Barbari's real estate office is?

So even though I haven't deciphered their plans yet it does look like Sushi Sakai will probably be in the former pizza space's site and likely within a couple or so months. Keep watching for more....

Time to get excited... The Viking is returning!

Not technically Downtown Spokane but still close enough, The Viking a popular bar at 1221 N. Stevens is being renovated to be re-opened. We don't have the details on the re-opening other then they are shooting for a mid-February opening and will be mostly like the former Viking. But we hope to have more soon and keep an eye on our Facebook page as we intend to share their updates as well.

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