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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Biscuit Wizard is now open in Downtown Spokane

Back in early June we we're one of the first to announce the plans for a new eatery called Biscuit Wizard then coming to Downtown Spokane. Well now we can happily report the highly anticipated biscuit place is now open for business.

Biscuit Wizard is the latest venture of Chef Jeremy Hansen who many already know from his other restaurants like Sante and the Common Crumb Bakery ( which is actually in the same building as Biscuit Wizard ) .

Biscuit Wizard offers several biscuit sandwich options with fresh made buttermilk biscuits. There is also a limited selection egg dishes served between 7a-11a and some salads and snacks including something called Vladimir Poutine ( I for one am intrigued... )

Since Biscuit Wizard just opened this week I have not yet made it down there to check it out ( but you better believe I will... ) . So, I'll turn over the coverage of exactly what to expect to fellow local Spokane blogger SpokaneEats , who while un-related to this site posts about some pretty cool and delicious looking Spokane restaurants. Here is their news on Biscuit Wizard-

And, just for reference Biscuit Wizard can be found in the Saranac Commons market building at 19 W. Main in Downtown Spokane. They are in the same space as where Medditerrano once was.