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Monday, October 29, 2018

Brandywine Bar & Bottle Shop opening soon on Northwest Blvd.

Residents of Spokane's Northwest side will soon have a new place to gather and grab an adult beverage and maybe even one to bring home too. That's because work is now underway to open the exciting new Brandywine Bar & Bottle Shop at 2408 W. Northwest Blvd.

Brandywine Bar & Bottle Shop is locally owned and operated and will feature a small bar area serving beer, wine, ciders and a menu of small, sharable plate of globally inspired but locally sourced foods along with a dessert menu. Also, watch for some wine and beer based cocktails, music from local musicians and even some local art as well.

As the name implies Brandywine Bar & Bottle Shop will also offer a retail selection wine, beer, cider and a few necessary accessories like wine tags, gift bags, etc. . Customers will also able to join beer or wine clubs as well. Wine and beer club members will feature tastings and unique options for the discerning mind to mix and match and as they say " choose your own adventure " .

Watch for even more to come from this small but mighyt new business in the spring as they plan more events. Likely even brunch on the weekends! For now, though plans are for Brandywine to open sometime in Mid-November.

For more info on Brandywine Bar & Bottle Shop, check ( soon ) and