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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Homesick Candles introduces a candle that smells like Spokane?!? #notsponsored

It sounds like a joke, but yes, you can now make your home smell like Spokane. I mean you could also just open your window if you still live here but fresh air is overrated anyways.

But, judging by the candle companies name it's somewhat geared towards those who have left and are "homesick" . The Spokane candle is made by Homesick Candles, a growing company that's made a name for themselves selling candles that have scents of many different cities, states and even countries. There are even some that are supposed to have scents that bring back memories of holidays, special places and even special occasion's.

Homesick Candles are sold at $29.99 and are made in the US from all natural soy wax meant to burn for 60-80 hours.

So, according to Homesick Candles what does Spokane smell like? They describe it as...
" herbs and honeysuckle reminiscent of Centennial Trail hikes through the sunny side of the state. Home of 3 on 3 basketball. Notes of carnation to celebrate fathers around the world " .

If your interesting in smelling Spokane ( or Austin or France or one of dozens of other locations ) check them out at-

This is not sponsored, and I do not get anything off of the sales of their products. Just wanted to share...