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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Take our survey and help shape the future of Inland Northwest Business Watch

Inland Northwest Business Watch is my passion. I know it's just a blog covering business & development news in a mid sized city, but I obsess over it, probably more then I should.

I want to help new businesses get the word out so that they can succeed. It's been a sort of a hobby of mine for most of my life, growing up in small town in Ohio I was the weird kid who would get excited over a new small store or even the hint of where the next big box store was going to open. I remember when I was a teenager and a factory was built near my house, I would take my dog over and just watch the construction workers work ( from a distance, not creepily of course ) . So it only makes sense that one day I would create this.

I am now going on 8 years of running this blog and it's time to start taking the next step so to speak. Similar sites like in Boise are full time operations, Instagrammer and blogger Spokane Eats' owner has become successful enough to have interns working under her. Needless to say we're still the little guys on the block.

I'm not making any announcements, but do want to see where to go from here. I have lots and lots of ideas and have created a survey to see what people are thinking. Because at the end of the day I want this site to be what the readers want.

Please take this quick 10 question survey, and at the end of it, leave your name and email address because on 6/14/19 I'll draw a random name to win a $10 gift card to Indaba Coffee Roasters!

The survey will be up if you are reading this after 6/14/19 but that is the end of the give away.

Matt Behringer
Blogger/ owner of Inland Northwest Business Watch