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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Selkirk Pharma planning new manufacturing plant near Spokane International Airport

More growth is coming to the West Plains, with the news of another new manufacturing plant coming soon to land nearby Spokane International Airport. The new facility will be for Selkirk Pharma which is a newer company that is based out of offices in Downtown Spokane.

Selkirk Pharma's plant will be a 65,000 square foot building at 9110 W. Granite Ave. , just off of Flint Rd. in the Pacific Northwest Technology Park. They estimate the new building will have an approximate $30 million dollar price tag, no exact construction time line has been announced but it has been indicated that " initial client fills " would likely happen in late 2020.

The new facility will also create jobs but there isn't news on exactly how many just yet. For more info on Selkirk Pharma, visit their website at-