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Friday, May 29, 2020

New neighborhood commercial building to rise in Liberty Lake's River District

Photo credit- Matt Behringer, Inland Northwest Business Watch 

Photo credit- Greenstone Homes ( posted to their Facebook page )

Despite some delays from the Covid-19 pandemic, we checked and workers are on site working on the framing for a new commercial building that will soon be in the heart of Liberty Lake's River District development.

Developer Greenstone Homes is planning the new building to be at 1950 N. Harvest Pkwy, at the corner of Harvest Pkwy and Indiana and directly across from the recently constructed Orchard Park. The building will be approximately 2800 square feet with enough space for two tenants. Greenstone says one of the important components of their plan is to mix small commercial uses within the residential areas.  Similar to Rockwood Bakery near Manito Park. For the River District building, no tenants have been announced just yet, although a coffee shop and an ice cream shop are both among what is rumored to be opening there.

Kilgore Construction will act as the contractor for the new building, it is actually one of several projects under construction in the immediate area with new townhomes and single-family residences rising quickly around the development, including several directly to the south of the new building.

We will continue to watch this project for more news, and for more info on River District check out their page on