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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

New restaurant, Chowderhead heading to N. Monroe

 A uniquely named restaurant is coming to a space on N. Monroe, just north of Downtown Spokane. Chef Travis Tveit who formerly spent some time as the head chef at Iron Goat Brewing has decided to launch is his own restaurant here, called Chowderhead.

Staff photo- The new location of Chowderhead and N. Monroe & Mallon, unfortunately partially blocked by some unrelated utility construction. Don't they know there is blog writer trying to get a good photo?!?

Chowderhead will take the place of Ruins at 825 N. Monroe, corner of Monroe and Mallon. The menu at Chowderhead will highlight soups and sandwiches, and yes of course there will be chowder, multiple kinds it looks like. The menu is presently being perfected with an opening day not yet announced but planned to be within the next few weeks.

Beers are also planned to be available. To keep an eye on their progress, check them out of social media- or