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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Food trucks start opening at Post Falls Pavilion

 Nearly a year after it was once planned to open, food trucks are now beginning to open in the new Post Falls Pavilion food truck court located at 3758 E. Horsehaven . Currently the pavilion is in "soft opening" mode with only a few options open, but some others are actively setting up and even more have yet to move in but will in the near future. An official grand opening will be held at the site in the coming months. 

The development consists of two rows of food trucks on either side of a building that also houses a few other new eateries, with restrooms and indoor dining planned. A newly opened Jitterz Coffee drive up stand is also on the site, along the front of the lot next to Horsehaven Ave.

The new development is located on Post Falls' northeast side, approximately a quarter mile west of Hwy 41 and directly next door to The Courts at Real Life, an athletic facility connected with the Real Life Ministries Church. This new food truck project is a sister site of sorts to the Prairie Pavilion food truck court that has operated for a few years now at the corner of Prairie and Heartland in Hayden.

Recently the owner of Post Falls Pavilion shared via social media all the new dining options that will be coming soon to the project. They include-

Sugar Fix (Cookies, Dirty sodas,etc.,already open)

The Local Cone

Bobalicious by Jitterz

Benzo Box / Benzo Box Too

Grasso's Fine Foods

Puzo's Pelmini

Piumarta's Family Kitchen (Italian menu, already open)

Zach's Smoke Shack

Friendly Island Grill

The North Spork

The Fixx

Las Brasas (Mexican menu, already open)

Taco Works

Epicurean Appetite

Carnival Eats

Jitterz Espresso

Several of the food trucks are new businesses, like Grasso's Fine Foods who will bring a menu of delicious sounding sandwiches. Others are trucks that have already opened elsewhere but are relocating to the new Post Falls site, like The Fixx who's been serving some amazing looking burgers at a couple of venues recently. Additionally, Las Brasas and Taco Works are established businesses that will have new locations within the new development.

To keep track of the new openings and events at Post Falls Pavilion, follow them on social media at Facebook or Instagram