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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Rex & Relax indoor dog park with beer & wine coming soon on Division

 It's a trend that's proved wildly successful in cities around the country, a business that's part indoor dog park and part bar for their human owners. And now it's coming to the Spokane area with the recent announcement of Rex & Relax, planned to open in the coming months at 1711 N. Division.

Rex & Relax is a locally owned and operated business that will open within a currently vacant former bike shop. The owners tell us they hope to open for business in the early summer, but no date has been set yet as the building will need to some renovations first, but one good sign is they have already applied for a liquor license at the site.

They plan to have a "snack bar" type set up with canned sodas, beers and wines and limited food offerings of pre-packaged snacks. They tell me they are working with many other dog parks in other states to get the best "tips and tricks" in creating Rex & Relax. They also will not have a separated small dog area at the time of opening due to extra work being needed in that section of the building but are listening to recommendations and may add that and maybe more features in the future.

The owners say via email that "the main reason we are opening this dog park is to really create an extraordinary experience for our beloved dogs". We plan to keep an eye on their progress but for even more info check them out on social media Facebook or Instagram