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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

High Voltage Ice Creamery to open in Spokane Valley

 Gage Lang and his crew have been "killing it" for years with Spokane Valley based Breauxdoo Bakery. It all began awhile ago as a small delivery only business and in October of last year they expanded into their first retail storefront at 14109 E. Sprague #7a in Spokane Valley. Now they're growing once more with a new ice cream shop planned to open soon at another location also in the Valley.

The company has leased space at 15310 E. Marietta Ave. #4 , next to Jump For Joy and nearby the intersection of Marietta & Sullivan. The new space is 3000 square feet and will actually be shared by two businesses, the main being High Voltage Ice Creamery and the other Hells Bakery. Hells will be a wholesale baking space for Breauxdoo's production and commercial kitchen use for food entrepreneurs to produce their products. The name they say is a homage to Chef Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen.

The ice cream shop, High Voltage Ice Creamery will be open to the public and set to open in early May. The business will create their own small batch ice creams and offer about 20 seats for indoor dining. Also, we're even hearing that popular local artist Godfitti is adding a mural or similar within the space.

We'll be sure to check in again on High Voltage Ice Creamery in the coming weeks, until then follow their progress via their social media pages- Facebook / Instagram