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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Project Update- Cambria Hotel

 It's time to start following up on some of the construction projects that have already been reported on. It's something I really do mean to do a lot more of. 

So today when I found myself in the area, I stopped by the future Cambria Hotel project off of Geiger Rd just south of Spokane International Airport. And, by stop by I mean parked on the street out front and took pictures because I'm sure no one on that work site wanted to deal with a construction nerd and his 7 lb dog getting in the way of an actual work schedule.

The project is progressing quickly now with a small army of people at the site this afternoon. The four story 91 room hotel is due to open sometime later this year at 4611 S. Dowdy Rd, just off of Geiger Rd on the West Plains. The new hotel is a development of Brar Hotels Group, who also own the Best Western Plus Lakefront Inn in Moses Lake. As of today no landscaping or parking lot has been installed but the building is enclosed, and interior work is progressing.

The pace of work makes sense as commercial real estate website The Registry reported in May that the project had successfully secured $7.1 million in financing from Seattle based private money lender, Jupiter Capital. That article indicates that this financing will be enough to see the development to completion. That article can be found here-

What other projects would you like me to follow up on? 

And, if anyone has the power to allow it, I'm also more than willing to take tours of area construction projects also, hint hint (